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nicdim 2017-09-29 09:52 PM

WHY don't they make new word processors to print on paper WITHOUT a computer?
WHY don't they make new word processors to print on paper WITHOUT a computer? Honestly it seems nowadays you cant do anything without a computer. You know,I want to write a book and don't have a computer. I get online by using my trust worthy ps3 that cant get viruses, so I dont wish to buy a computer, but I want to write a book, but guess what folks, come 2017, yes come 2017 its still not possible to print words on paper without a computer and a separate printer connected to it. Unless I search for a 1990's electronic typewriter with a built in word processor where I could make edits before its automatically typed on paper. But that has mechanical parts that fail and I bought one on ebay, $150 with shipping but it broke first day. WHAT I WANT FOLKS IS SIMPLE and I believe it is possible for TODAYS word processors to print on paper after you did all the edits and corrections WITHOUT needing to buy a computer and a printer because the technology may exist. CAN THEY MAKE THIS? WHY DON'T THEY? It would sell BIG.

nicdim 2017-09-29 11:51 PM

Yup, come 2017 a 3d printer can print a real house but a word processor still cant print words on paper by its own device, hahaha. I kind of just noticed my ps3 should be able to print a screen of words on paper by pressing triangle then print this screen, but probably just half a page will be printed depending where i type it or theres so many words i could type on the bar thing of my ps3. Think i'll give it a try, hope the printer i buy works on my ps3 by usb. my ps3 saves the day again, i think?? Would still be nice to buy a word processor that does the job on its own, maby come 2200 when 3d printers can build a whole city or something we'll finally be able to print on paper by a word processor on its own??? hahahaha, but im serious.

ExDilbert 2017-09-29 11:59 PM

If it would sell, they wouldn't have stopped making electronic typewriters. They wouldn't be anything other than crippled computers anyway. These days, I'd guess that most authors use a laptop PC. Why not just get a low cost laptop or AIO PC and install MS Word, Libre Writer or your favorite book writing software. Then configure it to run the word processing software when it starts up. Then add a cheap monochrome laser printer for printing. Tiny, portable printers are also available but I would't recommend using one.

Laptops are a lot more practical than an electronic typewriter when it comes to usability and portability. They are a small fraction of the size and weight of any typewriter, have a much better display, store more work and don't waste as much paper. In addition, the word processor can be easily updated or upgraded to something better.

nicdim 2017-09-30 12:18 AM

A word processor with a "large enough easy to read display even in the outside daytime"(like an E ink display) would always be the most compact if it could print on paper by its own device. I notice on amazon they have a compact Alphasmart Word Processor and even, yup, - Freewrite, "worlds first smartest typewriter", "with E ink display", which makes the display of your typed words easy to read even in the outside daytime if i'm correct. When i first saw this item few days ago i thought, "wow the worlds first smart typewriter, it must be a digital typewriter or something that can finally print on paper by itself?" Guess what? Nope, you need a printer connected to a computer to print the pages. They dont make what i and alot of people are looking for i guess, anyone know why? i think it would be a huge seller.Maby theyre trying to push computer and printer sales?......Maby i have to buy a 3d printer to print words on a 2d paper? or is paper 3d, haha. im getting confused.

ExDilbert 2017-09-30 12:33 AM

My experience is that printing on paper is a waste of time, money and resources. It's been so since the electronic display and electronic storage were invented. It's even more of a waste since the internet and portable display devices have become pervasive. Ever hear of electronic publishing or a Kindle? Paper is obsolete.

BGY11 2017-09-30 12:36 AM

If you think something like this would sell, perhaps it's something you could look into trying a Kickstarter campaign for. I'm doubtful there's a large enough market out there for something like this to be worthwhile for a company to invest in.

nicdim 2017-09-30 12:42 AM

2 post up^ I kind of would like to print my whole book on pages of paper and bring the finished work to a copyright office in person in order to get it copyrighted(I feel more assured that it will be protected that way) instead of submitting it online to a site that copyrights it.
1 post up ^ I dont have the know how of making a word processor to print pages totally on its own with a built in printer. Im just surprised "the big gents" who have the knowledge didnt invent this yet. i kind of disagree that it won't be a huge seller.

ExDilbert 2017-09-30 12:54 AM

I wouldn't buy a dedicated word processor either. It's kind of like a Kindle vs a tablet. The Kindle may be easier to use at first but, in the long run, the tablet will win out in usability, versatility and longevity. (There is a Kindle app for tablets.) I've used computers with built in dedicated word processors. They were terrible compared to a computer with a third party word processor. Typewriters were even worse.

Typewriters vs personal laser printers are kind of like a horse and buggy vs a Honda. They sound romantic but you eventually end up staring at a horses ass instead of getting to your destination in the best way possible.

Allan B 2017-09-30 01:15 AM

How are you accessing this Forum ?

What "device" are you using ?

Just guessing here but it appears to me that you already have 1 of the 2 items you need.

If it is a Smartphone, there is a story out only last week of someone who wrote a novel on one, had it published and it is now selling in both Hardback and Paperback, so that is a possibility.

If it is a Tablet, all you need is a Printer, connect via WiFi and away you go.

If it is a Laptop, all you need is a Printer, connect via WiFi and away you go.

If it is a Desktop, all you need is a Printer, connect via WiFi and away you go.

Did I miss anything ?

nicdim 2017-09-30 01:20 AM

I hope this is not a silly question since i havent done alot of research. Do any small or very small laptops have a BUILT IN printer that allow you to first type and edit a whole page while viewing it on screen then print onto paper WITHOUT having a seperate printer connected to such laptop? Which model does this or do you have to buy a seperate printer? (Thanks for replies).
^^^im using a ps3 only to get online, i think i could print a screen using my ps3, maby half a page of words would show up on paper??? since theres so many words that fit in a screen/and type bar of ps3. i dont think its popular that everyone prints a book using a ps3. a ps3 does wonders though, its like an all in 1 magic box with no headaches. even could print!! but i have to buy a seperate printer. (this thread kind of turned out to be a bit on the fun or funny side).

Allan B 2017-09-30 01:27 AM

Have you considered installing Linux on the PS3 ?

nicdim 2017-09-30 01:35 AM


Originally Posted by Allan B (Post 2963489)
Have you considered installing Linux on the PS3 ?

i quickly googled, what does it do?(does it help print words onto a whole page using a ps3 and a printer?).
Googled-"Linux is not for begginers. It lets your PS3 do VERY fast number crunching (supercomputer like fast). Good for you if you want to predict the weather or something like that. Try it, it's the best thing you could do with your PS3."----?????

whitbyterry 2017-09-30 02:44 AM

Simple solution. Hire someone to write a word processing app for the PS3 (maybe one exists?). I assume the PS3 has a USB port. Plug in a thumb drive. Copy file to drive. Drive to Staples and have them print it for you. That satisfies your need to not own a printer.

In reality a Chromebook could be used (can't get viruses) and is <$300 or less if used. USB drive could be used, as above. Go to Staples.

Definitely start a Kickstarter if you know what you want will be popular because you can raise the money and pay someone to create what you need. However, unless the Internet goes away, I bet there are only dozens of people who would want this type of device in 2017.

Allan B 2017-09-30 02:46 AM

Linux is an Operating System, with that installed you can run a Word Processing Program and print to whatever medium you require, Standard Printer or the 3D printer you mentioned earlier, although you would need something other than a Word Processing Program for that job.

Allan B 2017-09-30 02:56 AM

I see this idea of bringing back older technology like this is a common theme of yours;


I don't know why in this modern age they still don't make a compact harddrive recorder strictly for what VCR's used to do in the 80's, 90's for like $99. Well, when the modern age with all its changes kind of fails ya, its time to bring back the 80's.

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