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awebber 2017-09-14 10:27 PM

Kanopy adds Chromecast support
Kanopy is a streaming service free to members of various public libraries (and educational institutions). It's been available for a while (e.g. Ottawa Public Library) added it in late Jun or early Jul 2017. On Tuesday (Sep 12) there was an update to their Android app that added Chromecast support.

I don't know what limitations there might be, but they told me in Jul that they support 1080p if your connection can accommodate it. I suspect the image is being distorted, both A Hard Day's Night and Monsieur Hulot's Holiday both filled my TV, but according to IMDB they are 1.75:1 and 1.37:1, respectively (the latter does look a bit like a stretched SD image on TV). Obviously not really a problem for anything shot in 16:9 or thereabouts.


magnet 2017-09-15 01:27 PM

Not available for Calgary Public Library users.

ExDilbert 2017-09-15 03:09 PM

Our local library uses Hoopla. ( Don't know how the services compare or if Hoopla supports Chromecast.

Dr.Dave 2018-12-07 08:29 PM

I came across Hoopla when I was looking for something else at, which shows they have over 6500 titles available for streaming to library members in Canada.

Help at Hoopla shows the participating libraries and the various devices they support including Chromecast.

Winnipeg Library offers both and here's what they say:

Q. How are Kanopy and Hoopla different?

Kanopy and Hoopla both offer streaming video through libraries. They both operate on a credit per month system to help libraries control costs (as of February 2018, both services allow 5 credits per month per WPL cardholder). However, there are some differences:
  • Hoopla also offers music albums.
  • Hoopla also offers a download for offline viewing option but Kanopy only streams video, so you will always need an Internet connection to use Kanopy.
  • Hoopla is aimed more at popular entertainment, where Kanopy focuses more on documentaries and independent and classic films. However both are great sources of entertainment.
  • Kanopy has more online learning content than Hoopla.

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