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hazeyu 2017-05-04 09:20 PM

This has been a runaround the last few days and I don't have many answers to show, and I really need help with a couple questions.

I'm interested in the Redmi Note 4/4x Global version.
The frequency check website I went to said the Redmi Note 4 doesn't support Bell frequencies but the Note 4x would, then the other said both will work for 3G and both may or may not work on some bands for 4G. But I talked to geekbuying and they said they can only send the Global version to 28 EU countries. I've looked on Bell and I can't find out anything until I have the phone, which I can't get unless it's compatible.

I also got told from geekbuying on chat that the 4x Global and 4x Chinese version have different bodies so cases won't be interchangable, then I chatted with and they had said they are physically the same and cases will work...but THEN on Reddit, I get told that the Indian and Global version are physically the same, but the Chinese version is different. Oh my gosh. This is confusing for someone who has no idea what they're doing.

So my questions are:

1. Will the Redmi Note 4 or 4x (ANY version, but please specify :grin ) work with Bell Canada network? I'm in southern British Columbia if that makes a difference.

2. What is the actual difference between Chinese, Indian, and Global versions, other than the specs? What would you recommend for Bell Canada? (I'm not good with knowing frequencies or bands)

Any help and info, even answers to questions I haven't asked, are all welcome. I just really want to make sure these phones will work before I spend the money to get them here. Thanks a lot!

majortom 2017-05-05 06:52 AM


Originally Posted by hazeyu (Post 2913793)
This is confusing for someone who has no idea what they're doing.

You said it, not me. Therefore, just go to the the Bell store and buy something from them,
Pretty simple.

BGY11 2017-05-05 09:00 AM

Both appear to support Bell's 3G network (HSPA) as even GSMArena lists 850/1900MHz support. As for LTE, consider it a no go on either model. Neither support the main LTE bands that Bell uses, and while the 4x supports the 2600MHz band, I wouldn't rely on that for widespread LTE coverage.

In summary, I'd advise against these for use here.

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ExDilbert 2017-05-05 10:44 AM

I'd highly recommend purchasing from a Canadian supplier. I recently purchased an "Unlocked-LG-G4-H810-32GB-Smartphone-with-Warranty" from Toronto Cellular on eBay and am very happy with the purchase. The specs and price are comparable to the XIAOMI NOTE 4 and it's guaranteed to work with almost all Canadian networks. The charger and cable must be purchased separately and are about $10 on eBay.

I also found a XIAOMI NOTE 4 on eBay located in Canada. You could contact them to see which networks it works on.

You might want to check out or to compare phone frequencies and specs. Find a Canadian specific model (such as the LG G4 H812) to see which bands are required for Canadian networks.

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