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otown47 2017-02-13 12:40 PM

Wireless TVs
Hi, I have been asked to look into wireless TVs for a community centre. There will be 3 or 4 TVs wall mounted and I would like to be able to access them wirelessly. They will all show the same picture.

I was wondering if this was at all possible. Ideally any computer or smart phone in the room would be able to send a signal to them via WIFI.

Stepping back from that, would be to have them all wired together and to have some kind of box that would be on the network and that box be accessible via WIFI from any divice in the room. If this were the case could the TVs be wired in a daisy chain or would they have to be wired directly to that box.


Dr.Dave 2017-02-13 02:58 PM

What is the source of the TV signal? If you plan to watch a TV broadcast through a Set-top Box, then are you talking about controlling the STB to change channels, etc. from a smartphone?

otown47 2017-02-13 03:21 PM

The source will be whatever is playing on the laptop or smartphone. For instance, I might be playing a video on a computer and would want to see and hear the video on the TVs.

ExDilbert 2017-02-14 12:28 PM

Check out Miracast devices. Not sure if it will handle simulcast on 4 TVs but it's probably the closest thing to what is needed.

Another thing that might work is a wireless HDMI sender/receiver such as the IOGear Wireless HD Digital Kit. This would be more expensive and require more equipment. It says it supports 2 TVs so it, or another make, may be extensible to 4 TVs (or a HDMI splitter and second sender could be used.) One limitation is that the sender requires a HDMI input.

17671 2019-01-30 02:55 PM

Chromecast might also work. But I have not experimented with casting one source to multiple screens, maybe you can look into it or put the hdmi splitter after the chrome cast into the multiple screens

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