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e268 2016-08-24 10:59 AM

8300HD PVR problems
My cable tv channels (all) have pixelation and sound breaks up every few seconds. Called Rogers tech support, got a trouble ticket, but so far no actions. The rep did say it is a problem on their end, not on my 8300HD. I also have a Netbox3 but the picture and sound are ok.
Any of you having this problem (mid-town Toronto) or explanations?

57 2016-08-24 11:09 AM

I just checked my SA8300HD in my office and I'm having no issues. Check your signal and do a reboot. Different boxes can behave differently. I'm near Yonge & Lawrence.

e268 2016-08-24 02:37 PM

Thanks. I did reboot many timers. The signal is -4/5 dbmV (?). Is this too low? The rep did say problem is at their end, but did not disclose what it was.

57 2016-08-24 02:53 PM

That signal should be fine, what's the S/N ratio? See the FAQ for guidelines. I don't know how an issue at their end would only affect the SA8300HD, but hey, it could be... :rolleyes:

What happens when you view an (old, good) recording?

e268 2016-08-25 12:21 PM

Old recordings are ok. New recordings show pixelating and sound broke up.
Here are the signal measurements this morning.
FDC frequency 73.7 MHz, -8 dBmV s/n 35 dB
QAM frequency 279 MHz (on channel 24, but same for other channels), -5 dBmV, s/n 35 dB
RDC 19 MHz, 37 dBmV. delay 611 uSec

e268 2016-08-30 11:45 AM

Rogers technician came yesterday. He said all signals measured and ok. He said my 8300HD is faulty. But I can watch 100 series channels on it. There is a little bit of breakup on one of the channels. So, is this legitimate that my 8300 is gone?

57 2016-08-30 04:51 PM

Did you try the 8300 at the location where you currently have the 9865? It's certainly possible that you have a poor connection inside the 8300 itself. I assume that the RF-coax feeding the 8300 is good and has an appropriate centre conductor properly connected, etc. These 8300s are pretty old now.

e268 2016-08-30 08:12 PM

I did try the 8300 at the location where my 9865 is. 9865 works, but not 8300. Using the same set of cables. I guess I have to accept that electronics do fail eventually.

e268 2017-05-02 10:57 PM

Before I throw this pvr out, I decided to take a peek inside to see if any capacitors have bulged. Opened the case, and there is so much dust in there that it might have shorted the signals. After vacuuming it, plug it in, reauthorized from Rogers, and all is fine. Lucky me.

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