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liverpool 2016-07-28 06:26 PM

Soccer on Canadian TV
It's that time of year again to see who's got the right to soccer leagues.

EPL seems to be divided between TSN and Sportsnet just like last year. The 3 year contract was over by end of 2015/16 season.

La Liga seems to remain on Bein Sports Canada.

Here is the list, please correct me if I am wrong or add the contract length if you know:

EPL ------------------- 50/50 TSN and Sportsnet
Bundesliga ----------- Sportsnet (mainly on sportsnet world)
La Liga --------------- BEIN
Serie A --------------- BEIN
Ligue 1 --------------- BEIN (some games on TV5)
MLS ------------------- TSN (Sportsnet and TSN have TFC rights shared)
Champions League ------ TSN / BEIN (mostly TSN)
Europa League --------- TSN / BEIN (mostly TSN)
SPL -------------------- Sportsnet World
FA Cup ----------------- Sportsnet World
Cpa Del Ray ----------- BEIN and the Final is on TSN
Copa Italia ----------- BEIN and RAI International
Englan Championship --- BEIN

Concacaf Champions league ---- (??? ) Vancouver game next week is not on TV schedule yet.

TSN seems to be buying a lot more soccer, they added International Champions Cup.

frenchophile 2016-07-28 10:55 PM

not only is the vancouver game in trinidad aug 2 not on the schedule, but the whitecaps website lists no broadcast info either

ticky 2016-07-29 11:48 AM

Looking forward to another season!!

Somewhat strange that I didn't see any article anywhere online about TSN and/or Sportsnet signing a new broadcast contract with the EPL. While I prefer TSN, at least having the rights split between the two means we have more games on TV and have to rely less on TSN's lousy streaming service.

Some notes/additions to your list: Fox shows the occasional Bundesliga match during the season; TSN has all Whitecaps MLS matches, TSN the occasion Montreal game; beIN also shows a couple NASL games each week; I don't remember the Copa del Rey final being on TSN last season unless that is something new you found for this year.

Sportsnet has had the rights for CONCACAF CL previously and I haven't seen anything to say that has changed. The matches are usually on SN World, even when a Canadian team is playing.

liverpool 2016-07-29 12:48 PM

I saw the Copa Del Ray Final only on TSN2 (May 2016).

SN World did have a lot of rights but they keep losing it to TSN. One example is International Champions Cup. Concacaf is not listed on either TSN or Sportsnet/World schedule. Hopefully someone will pick it up but I have a feeling it'll be online stream just like Whitecaps vs Crystal Palace.

FOX is trying to compete with NBC's EPL games, so they're going to show more Bundesliga and MLS this season for free. I always watch FOX for UEFA and FA cup final. I have to admit that compare to 10 years ago, we get a lot more soccer for free (over the air).

PFD 2018-08-14 09:39 AM

Soccer viewing in Canada TV
So rather than have these posts all over the place, thought I'd open a general one.

So this is what we know so far

EPL: TSN/Sportsnet
Serie A: Telelatino and Mediaset subsidiary
La Liga 1: Bein Canada (is this confirmed?)
Bundisliga: Sportsnet (?)
Ligue 1. BeinCanada + TV5

Nations League ??

ottvee 2018-08-14 09:46 AM

TV5 has Ligue 1 matches as well (mostly just PSG)

liverpool 2018-08-14 07:19 PM

Serie A : DAZN for All the games online and select games on Telelatino and Mediaset every weekend (big move for Serie A)
La Liga 1 : Bein Canada (Confirmed)
MLS : TSN for Canadian teams and DAZN for the rest.
Bundisliga: Sportsnet World and Sportsnet for select games
Ligue 1. :BeinCanada + TV5

"DAZN help" keeps tweeting that they're working to get BEIN live channel with renew of La Liga and Ligue 1

UEFA Nations League: I was hoping Sportsnet but nothing shows on their schedule .

ottvee 2018-08-14 07:43 PM

DAZN will stream tomorrow's UEFA Super Cup match on Twitter.

ticky 2018-08-14 11:06 PM

Don't forget UEFA Champions & Europa Leagues, English Championship & League 1, and J-League all also on DAZN.

PFD 2018-08-15 08:35 AM

How they gonna squeeze that into 140 characters ;-)

frenchophile 2018-08-15 10:09 AM

Don't quote me, but iirc DAZN has the rights to the new UEFA nations league

17671 2018-08-20 10:19 AM


Originally Posted by liverpool (Post 3060593)
Serie A : DAZN for All the games online and select games on Telelatino and Mediaset every weekend (big move for Serie A)

Believe it or not, Telelatino (TLN) has acquired the rights to ALL 380 Serie A Matches per season, however they can't obviously show them all since they have to spread them across 2 channels (TLN and Mediaset Italia Canada) and they have other programming commitments, But they did commit to showing the key game matches, which is good. This is a first for TLN as they have not had the rights to Serie A in a while. But Their Competing network RAI Italia, also has the rights, but will be in Italian language and in Widescreen Anamorphic squeezed SD, where as TLN matches will be in HD (where available). They have the Serie A rights until 2020-21 season, now that's good news.

ottvee 2018-08-20 01:30 PM

So even with two channels, TLN cannot show all of the games they have bought the rights for? Also, is Mediaset available anywhere in HD?

This just goes to show why traditional cable TV's days are numbered. Today's viewer wants the choice to watch what they want and when to watch it. Cable channels choosing for you is not going to cut in the future.

17671 2018-08-20 02:49 PM

I think when they bid they pick entire seasons, then they can sell the rights to some smaller games to other networks. Oh and MediaSet Italia Canada is NOT HD, its SD with widescreen squeezed anamorphically.

In respect to your comment ottvee, it's Soccer man. People who enjoy Soccer and other sports don't really fall into the same categories as cord cutters. The problem is most people when they make these remarks, they only think of the youth and young generations, millennials, there are lots of other people out there much older, established, not so much into playing with their phones and watching videos on their phones or tablets and not into multi tasking and twitter and the whole nine yards and would like to have a simple life and just come home from work or if they're retired come home, sit on the couch, press the Power button on their remote, punch in the channel number and sit down and watch the game and any commercials. People still do these things, and they are less stressed in life than these millennials, and not everyone wants to watch something when they want, sports is more enjoyable when you watch it live. I tried to watch a game once on demand but man it was so hard cus everyone was calling me and texting me back about the game and it ruined the experience

bashung 2018-08-21 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by ottvee (Post 3060563)
TV5 has Ligue 1 matches as well (mostly just PSG)

Actually TV5 shows the 11 am saturday game eastern time slot it may be quite often PSG but not automatic, as an example pretty sure the Classicos (PSG-Marseille) will be shown on the sunday 3 pm slot.

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