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17671 2016-06-08 01:35 PM

Post bell email migration, safe to close microsoft account?
I am now post email migration, my bell email was migrated to bell's server so when I sign in I am NOT directed to the outlook web interface I'm now on Bell's own interface. but I noticed something interesting, I had an old Email bookmark and clicked it and it took me to the sign in and my credentials worked and I was signed into what I believe is my Microsoft Account. since no more emails are coming in to this inbox is it safe to delete my microsoft account for this ID completely without affecting my emails?

tux 2016-06-10 03:07 AM

You can safely delete the Microsoft Account (MSA) without affecting your Bell email account.

However, if you have any MS services connected to the MSA, those services could be interrupted if you delete the MSA. For example, Windows 8-10 user accounts, Windows parental controls, Office 365 subscriptions, OneDrive storage, Skype logins, and more all make use of your MSA.

I would recommend keeping your MSA active until you have a chance to make absolutely certain that nothing critical relies on it. At that point, if you still wish to delete the MSA, you should do so.

17671 2016-06-10 10:12 AM

I could not delete the microsoft account for some reason, it says because its part of a domain or something. I already have a seperate microsoft windows account, its my hotmail email address.

ExDilbert 2016-06-10 11:26 AM

I've got to wonder why someone would use a Bell email account. If internet providers are changed, Bell (and Rogers) will terminate the account immediately, possibly resulting in a very disorderly transition. It's probably best to use a reliable, independent Canadian service. If you don't mind the privacy issues, Gmail is by far the best email service.

17671 2016-06-10 12:09 PM

My reasoning for having an ISP email is I have a side business with my wife and the side business is only slated to be a short term project. Since we distrobuted our e-mail address as part of this side business project we expected that we would get spam, junk mail and other non-wanted solicitations, and once the short term project is over we will no longer require the e-mail and it can safely be de-commissioned. It was much easier to set up a e-mail with our ISP for short term use rather than the big guys like Hotmail, Yahoo or G-mail. Btw, I really DISLIKE the G-Mail interface. I find hotmail to be the cleanest and nicest interface of them all.

17671 2019-01-30 02:57 PM

The microsoft account was eventually closed due to inactivity and I received a notice informing me about that and im happy to hear. I want to reduce my digital footprint as much as possible with data breaches and identity theft being more common and such

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