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Raven Logics 2016-04-02 11:28 PM

Resume from Pause - Losing Buffered Content
Hey guys, has anyone come across this before? If we pause live TV, then start watching again after a specific time (xx:00 or xx:30) then it skips to that time when pressing play. For example, I pause a show at 7:45pm to kid to bed. At 8:10pm I am ready to watch the last 15 minutes of that show, but when I press play the playback skips to 8:00pm. The buffer has lost everything before 8pm. This is on an XG1 and appears to happen more than half the time, and happens on all portals.

VuMax 2016-04-03 07:19 PM

It's a known bug. Sometimes at the top or bottom of the hour a new program PID causes the buffer to reset. They've claimed to be working on a fix for over a year(at least).

Raven Logics 2016-04-06 01:41 PM

Damn, it's like you get rid of one problem then another occurs. Thanks for the reply.

GamerGuy 2016-04-06 04:25 PM

If you think you are going to step away for a bit, it is best to hit the record button as a back up. A bit of a PITA as you have to deal with deleting it unlike a live stream but better safe than sorry as they say.

This issue bit me in the backside few times when I had the gateway before I learned my lesson.

57 2016-04-06 05:02 PM

It sounds as though the buffer is acting as a "smart buffer" and only recording the "current" programme (the one that is on currently, rather than the one that was on when you left the TV). So, if you hit record, I assume it will also only record the "current" programme (the one on at the time you hit record), unless you extend that recording time, which I assume would take additional steps in the scheduled recordings list.

Over on Rogers, I always recommend hitting the record button instead of pausing live TV - same number of button presses - and if you go away for more than an hour (or whatever the buffer provides), you've got your original programme recorded.

Raven Logics 2016-07-24 11:23 PM

Update: The buffer problem is less persistent after a few firmware upgrades (intermittently catches us out, but to be fair we record anything we really want to watch anyway), but now the channel guide is slow again. LOL. My speculative and uninformed guess is that these boxes just don't have the processing power to do everything well.

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