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Titanium48 2016-01-15 03:36 PM


Now if they include first run or exclusive series and newer HBO shows then that is a different story.
First run would be nice, but I would settle for 1 season behind instead of 3 for series Bell Media shows on its own channels.

Photocyborg 2016-01-15 10:10 PM

I can't even sign up
Guys, I can't even sign up for an account. The password never gets accepted. I followed the rules that they mention but it is never accepted! I've tried so many kinds of passwords. Just doesn't work. Has anyone really signed up successfully yet without having a tv provider?

andyk 2016-01-16 12:27 AM

I had password problems too. I changed it completely to 11 characters with exactly one Capital and exactly one special character and nine randomly selected lower case characters. That one worked.

Photocyborg 2016-01-16 06:05 PM

Thanks. You didn't use a number? I just tried what you said, no dice. Web services are so broken sometimes man. I tried on 3 different browsers, 3 different machines 3 different email addresses and dozens of various rule-following passwords. It's just simply broken.

thegiffer 2016-01-16 09:37 PM

Signed up yesterday. Like the catalog for $8/month. What I had really been waiting to see was the stream quality. I run Netflix though a variety of devices to my 65 in Bravia and get a spectacular solid high quality stream. Crave so far is very poor in comparison. E.g. I tried to watch the Billions preview last night and at best (when it wasn't buffering) I was getting a soft 480p image. Actually the ads for Billions on my Shaw cable feed were much higher quality than the actual program on Crave. We'll see if it gets better, but if it doesn't, I'm gone.

andyk 2016-01-17 03:53 AM

Sorry - I did use one number so one less lower case character. The special character was an & . Sounds like I was lucky to get them to take it. Hope you can get in.

Acer77 2016-01-17 12:56 PM

Would have tried Crave but no Roku support. Strange as Roku is still the most used streaming device
out there. No Crave...

DonR 2016-01-17 04:44 PM

I managed to login, after a few trials, trying different passwords. Something is definitely wrong with their system.

Also, when I tried to subscribe, I realized that their subscription page is not secure, so I decided not to go for it yet. They'd better fix these things, if they want to attract more customers.

TorontoColin 2016-01-18 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by thegiffer (Post 2687089)
Crave so far is very poor in comparison. E.g. I tried to watch the Billions preview last night and at best (when it wasn't buffering) I was getting a soft 480p image.

This is what's keeping me from subscribing. I'd love to rewatch the Sopranos and the Wire, and I'd happily pay the $8 for at least a couple of months to do so, but not if the streaming is bad. I don't need it to be blu-ray quality, but at least roughly the same as a cable TV image, to my untrained eye. Bad interfaces and especially bad quality streams will keep me far away. There are just too many other options and it's not essential content for me.

We'll see if it gets better, but having used many of their websites/apps over the years, I don't have much faith it'll ever be outstanding. I don't think many of the Canadian media companies (or, to be fair, many of the old guard media companies in the US too) really get how important subtleties like interface design are to uptake of their products.

chuckchef 2016-01-18 09:27 PM

im a cable cutter with netflix, now shomi(free with my rogers cell) now trying Crave. Great content, but same issues as Roku App, less than stellar interface, android apps are also soso


Dr.Dave 2016-01-20 01:47 PM

4 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by buckycat (Post 2684593)
I'll wait for PS3/PS4 support before trying it.

I noticed the new CraveTV boilerplate at the end of this press release says:

CraveTV will soon be available via select game consoles.
whereas the CraveTV FAQ said "Coming Soon: Xbox ONE and more." There may be hope.

snorlax 2016-01-20 09:27 PM

Crave TV on a Minix Neo 8H
Just signed up for Crave TV. I have a Playstation 3, WDLive, Minix Neo 8H Android box and a Rogers 8300HD PVR. The only device compatible currently is the Minix Neo 8H. I downloaded the app from Google Play and did the install and signup. Tried Smallville Season 1 Episode 1. Picture was full 16X9 but was soft and exhibited a stutter constantly. Like it would freeze for an instant once per second. Anyone else using an android TV box and getting similar results? The Faq states the quality is based on my internet speed and display device. I have 250 down/10 up internet and the Minix is 4K enabled. So why stretched SD with a stutter?

Dr.Dave 2016-01-21 11:44 AM

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CraveTV doesn't support Android TV boxes directly. Here are a couple of excerpts from their FAQ that apply:

Which devices does CraveTV support?
Android tablets and smartphones running version 4.0+

How much bandwidth will I use while streaming video on CraveTV?
This will depend on the device you are accessing CraveTV with. If on a mobile device, then it can range from 0.2GB to 0.9 GB per hour. However, on many connected devices (AppleTV, Chromecast, etc.), the range of HD streaming rates are between 0.9GB to 2.4 GB per hour.
My guess is that your Android box is being treated like a mobile device and not getting an HD stream. Do you still get a stutter if you stream CraveTV on your PC?

Blackloz 2016-01-21 05:23 PM

I want to see a CraveTV button on my next TV remote & UHD - BD Player remote.

snorlax 2016-01-23 04:10 PM

Just tried it on my PC at work. Windows 7 on a 1 gig/sec connection. Still 16 x 9 SD but the stutter is less noticeable. Does anyone know anyway to convince a streaming source that my android TV box isn't a smartphone? An app perhaps?

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