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57 2015-12-31 02:37 PM

Rogers Ontario Digital Cable Programming, Pricing and Packages Discussion
This thread is to discuss programming, packages and equipment pricing available from Rogers Ontario for Digital Cable. Here's the thread from 2015:

For Ignite pricing discussions, please use the Rogers Ontario Ignite Programming, Pricing and Packages Discussion

DonR 2016-01-06 02:01 PM

Hi guys,

I am on a non-commitment package (TV, Internet, Cell) and am thinking of possibly upgrading. Couple of questions:

- when did Rogers switch back to 2-year terms? Like I said, currently I do not have any commitment (other than 30-days cancellation).

- do package prices on Rogers website include tax, or is that extra? I wasn't able to figure that out from their website.

- if you go on a 2-year contract, is the price guaranteed for the duration on the term?


gdkitty 2016-01-06 02:52 PM

most discounts have been on Term (1-3) for the last 5+ years as far as I have been aware.. for any term discounts I have been able to receive.
(there may be some rare exceptions)

Tax is always extra ontop of the listed pricing.

As far as I am aware? No, its not guaranteed... at least partially. IE: If say your are on the VIP at that time for TV, and a newer type of VIP comes out which is $10 more, no you wouldn't be switched to that new one and pay more. BUT if there is a yearly $2 increase across the board.. then yes that would generally apply to the pricing.

Generally, the stuff listed on the website, are for NEW customers.. not always available to existing one.
But sometimes are not that super great. Often a discount of X amount on something, for the first X months or year.. but FULL price for the remaining.. while still on the contract.

But call in, there are often OTHER promotions that are sometimes available.. sometimes BETTER than whats listed.
EG: Currently I am on 25% off tv/phone/internet across the board.. ends up being more than vs the other way normally listed.
(and in those cases.. during the 2 year, yes I would have to pay the $2 say yearly increase if it happens, but the 25% would then still apply on the new price.

DonR 2016-01-06 03:26 PM

Thank you, gdkitty. I guess, like you said, I'd better call them and see what is the best they can do.


MarkinOttawa 2016-01-07 09:22 AM

I'm about to change my package ... something I've neglected to do for an embarrassingly long time.
I'm going from Digital VIP for tv ----- 80gb Express for internet ---and middle tier phone) .... all moved to ''Bundle 2" TV ,internet and phone.

My only concerns are with the hardware that I will or might have to get.
IF I am able to choose is there a general consensus about what to get ? Or perhaps more importantly what to stay away from ?
I currently have the DCP3825 and Nextbox 3 with extender.
thanks for any advice and for all the tips that I have been trying to read before I make the visit to Rogers store on Monday.

gdkitty 2016-01-07 03:05 PM

TV wise should be no change at all, same with phone.

Really the only thing would be internet.
For any of the in market plans, you would have to change your modem to the ADVANCED or ROCKET modem.
(practically the same thing for most purposes.. just the rocket has AC wireless, vs only N on the advanced.)

MarkinOttawa 2016-01-07 04:45 PM

thanks gdkitty for your reply here and all of the other information I've learnt from you in that other forum.

I'll phone ahead and make sure that the store I go to has ROCKET modem.

1945 2016-01-20 12:23 PM

I just received the (expected, annual) notice of an increase in fees from Rogers. I guess all that programming cost for enhancing my viewing pleasure has to be passed along.

Molly222 2016-01-20 02:13 PM

Received my letter of increase too...can't imagine it's to pay for programmers...those monkeys are paid with bananas. I think the increase is to pay for psychiatric care for all the tech's and customer support rep's that have to deal with the fallout of this (Navigatr) mess!

coghlan 2016-02-03 11:43 AM

What will $25 basic package look like
Any rumours on what Rogers will be making available in the mandatory $25 package March 1st?

gdkitty 2016-02-25 02:21 PM

Rogers has posted theirs on redboard

timlocke 2016-02-25 02:55 PM

Interesting. I am on Rogers and out of those channels the only ones I EVER watch are: PBS,TVO,City and the Weather channel. So please can I have a really skinny basic for $10 and then there are four or five other channels I'll buy all year plus whatever channels show F1 but just for the season...although as I don't watch ANY other sport I'd be just as happy to pay for F1 as an ip stream as a separate thing.

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Inglewood 2016-02-25 02:56 PM

I like the $0 "Shopping Channel" package Rogers has...guess nobody wants to pay for them, and they have to ask to get them - why not include them for free with the basic package?

I think Shaw has the better packages for me at the moment - the sports packages are expensive ($18 each) on Rogers.

See what Bell and Cogeco have available...

ExDilbert 2016-02-25 03:41 PM

It's just more of the same old ripoff. We must order 6 theme packs at a cost of $50 to get 10 specialty channels that we want. At that price, there are no significant savings to be had. $10/10 channel theme packs are too large, especially when only one channel in them is wanted.

As it stands, the only reason we would want Skinny Basic alone is because CTV and Global do not service London adequately. They never have and, under the currently incorrect technical and coverage guidelines, probably never will. 2-edge coverage for the average core London city home does not cut it but IC and the CRTC seem to think it does.

NeilN 2016-02-25 03:43 PM

Anyone know if a Rogers SA 8300HD will work with Rogers skinny basic (minus the PVR capabilities, I suppose) or is a new box required?

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