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deity 2015-10-20 11:26 PM

SA8300 HD resetting
Hi, my parents have a SA8300 HD, since what seems like the fall season started, their pvr resets itself at 10 pm est every Tuesday. It has also reset itself occasionally Thursday nights at 10 pm est but predominantly Tuesday nights. Anyone every experience this? Any suggestions what might be wrong with their box?

gdkitty 2015-10-24 12:45 PM

Likely nothing wrong I would guess.

Most likely the bi weekly update/reboot..

Just seems to be going on really early (normally after midnight)

deity 2015-10-25 12:11 AM

Thanks, that's kind of what I figured but I don't understand why/how theirs seems to reboot at 10 pm.
It's frustrating for them as they're usually watching tv at that time and also because they're usually recording something then as well.

57 2015-10-25 12:51 AM

Perhaps there is an electrical or signal issue that happens at that time. Is there anything else electrical that comes on or goes off at Tuesday 10PM in the home, especially something with a high current draw? Also, check with your neighbours that have Rogers and see if they have something similar. If they do, then there may be a drop in the signal to your neighbourhood.

It should not be doing that, especially not at 10PM.

The 8300HDs do not have the regular reboot pattern that some 8642 and 9865s do. Even my 9865 goes months between reboots. I have an 8300HD downstairs that hasn't booted since April - I just checked. (it's on a UPS and stays up even during power failures).

deity 2015-11-08 10:34 PM

Thanks for the information. I actually have an 8300 HD upstairs on another tv that never switches off so it doesn't seem to be anything to do with the signal. It seems to be specific to their box and as far as I can tell their isn't anything current wise coming on as it's only their box that is having the issue which is also on a UPS.

LesE 2015-11-11 09:31 AM

I've been away from here for a while but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents since I've been experiencing a similar problem for some time. I still have two 8300HD's but I only see the problem on the one in my living room. I have swapped the two boxes and the problem persisted in the living room despite the fact that the signal level is slightly better there. Like yourself, it always boots at exactly the top of the hour during prime time.

After studying this behavior for a while, I realized that it tends to happen when two recordings end at the same time. So, I began adjusting the end times of my recordings to ensure that two never end at the same time. Since I began doing this a few months ago, I haven't had a top of the hour reboot. Wherever possible, I'll add a minute to one recording but when I have to, I'll shorten a recording since it's better than losing 3 minutes during a reboot.

So why does it only happen on my living room box? It’s because I never record two at once at the other location. I suspect that there firmware bug that causes this to happen.


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