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stationg 2015-09-15 06:41 PM

Amazon Fire TV stick?
Not sure anyone has an Amazon Fire TV stick. But I'll ask.

Can I use this USB stick running through my Xbox one?

Keeping in mind I have all AV sources running through receiver via HDMI.

Thanks for any help

jschall 2015-09-16 12:09 PM

Maybe if you explained your existing and desired setup a bit better, you'd get some helpful replies.

I'm not a newbie, but I have no idea what "this USB stick running through my Xbox one" means. Does the XBox One have an HDMI INPUT?

And you could explain what "all AV sources" are, and what receiver you have, and how it's setup.

ExDilbert 2015-09-16 01:10 PM

It should be possible to plug the Amazon Fire TV stick into an HDMI input on the A/V receiver. (I do this with a Chromecast, which is similar to the Amazon Fire TV stick.) Don't know about the Xbox. If it has an HDMI input, it should work with the Amazon Fire TV stick as well.

stationg 2015-09-16 03:31 PM

Yeah I just realized what I posted. The Amazon fire is a media streaming stick HDMI. Thus has to connect through HDMI input. I will use the inputs on my pioneer Audio receiver. I think I have one left not used.


Tikker 2015-09-16 09:15 PM


Originally Posted by jschall (Post 2604097)
Does the XBox One have an HDMI INPUT?

yes it does have HDMI pass thru


you can put your STB into the xbox one, import the tv guide (in supported areas) and then watch your STB thru your XBOX

stationg 2015-09-16 10:00 PM

.??? Amazon fire HDMI stick is the post.

But thanks

Seems like maybe I can try

stationg 2015-09-22 04:32 PM

Question about putting kodi etc onto the fire stick.

Is this done via my computer?

Just need to leave the stick in the TV and the rest is done on the computer?

Harpalot 2015-11-20 03:45 PM

Can only an Amazon stick purchased in the USA work or will a Canadian one get the same content?

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stationg 2015-11-20 06:05 PM

You can't buy them in Canada .

Harpalot 2015-11-20 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by stationg (Post 2650402)
You can't buy them in Canada .

Ahhh ok good to know. Is it worth buying one off USA Amazon or is there something else that works just the same?

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stationg 2015-11-20 07:25 PM

Well all of the sticks from each company are a bit different. You can ask the pros in here but the roku stick seems to get high praise. You can get a usb stick or stand alone unit.

nfitz 2019-05-06 09:21 PM


Originally Posted by DonR (Post 3079799)

Originally Posted by nfitz (Post 3079785)
... the Fire Stick issues, other than being a relatively slow, poor, interface ... seems to be a fatal design flaw involving overheating. Generally if the stick is touching anything, and not suspended in mid-air, it overheats after about 30 minutes ... and you have to wait 5 minutes to cool down ... I see reports on the web, about people drilling holes in the casing to increase air circulation ...

...since you mentioned it, I thought it might be useful to share my experience with Fire Stick. Ever since I got it, it has been absolutely fantastic. No overheating, very fast and reliable. Maybe, you've got a lemon; maybe I've got one from a good batch, I don't know, but it has been great so far.

I didn't have any issues for months, while I "temporarily" just left the stick hanging in mid-air out of the HDMI adapter. It was only after I finally tidied up, and had it sitting on something else that the heating issues started. Where do you keep yours?

Though, I've had other random stuff. The occasional crash while scrolling through apps. One day it just magically reset itself, and I had to reload the (dozen) or so apps on it.

Compared to the Roku I have, it just seemed disappointing. A bit slower. Not as good or intuitive menus. The kids won't touch it with a barge pole, and just use the Roku - even before Roku had Prime.

DonR 2019-05-07 03:06 AM Fire Stick is hanging in mid-air. Maybe that's why I don't have any overheating issues. I did not deliberately install it like that, it's just that it was easier that way. I only had it for about 3 months, so we'll see how it goes. I will leave it hanging in mid-air, and hope for the best.

Speaking of resets, mine did it once, on its own. It just rebooted and came back online. Nothing was lost. I guess, another thing to look for.

nfitz 2019-05-07 01:05 PM

The reboot thing, seemed to happen when scrolling through channels, often after having added one. Relatively harmless - it only reset itself once - which was annoying, as it even forgot the login info, but once in, at least knew what channels it used to have, but I had to download them all again.

The Roku has been rock solid, other than one or two silly games that seem to crash it once in a while. But for streaming, I much prefer it! I just wish it had Crave ... and Gem (which only just got added to the Fire Stick).

DonR 2019-05-07 05:12 PM

I have an Apple TV on my main TV, and I got this Fire Stick for my secondary TV. I replaced a Chromecast with Fire Stick, mostly because of the remote control (got tired of using an iPad as a remote for Chromecast). I liked Chromecast too, but I definitely find Fire Stick much more user friendly. So far, very happy with the Fire Stick...I guess as long as I keep it hanging in mid-air. :smile

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