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Sibica 2015-08-08 05:25 PM

Moving to Winnipeg - lost for intenet options
As far as I can gather, there only really appear to be two ISP's with regards to high speed:
Shaw and MTS
I don't really mind using either but want more options. Anyone else???

I'm moving to Winnipeg from elsewhere in Canada.


DSgamby 2015-08-08 05:31 PM

Moving to Winnipeg - lost for intenet options
A reddit thread lists just those 2. Are you just getting internet or planning on getting phone or TV as well?

Sibica 2015-08-08 11:05 PM

I would like TV but not home phone.

tux 2015-08-09 12:22 AM

Winnipeg TV: Satellite (Bell, Shaw Direct), Shaw, MTS, streaming (Netflix et al).
Winnipeg Internet: MTS, Shaw, cellular data plans
Winnipeg phone: MTS, Shaw, cellular, a number of VoIP options

Basically the big players are MTS and Shaw.

With respect to internet, Shaw is more popular, has more hotspots, and offers higher top speeds, but MTS is cheaper, has faster uploads, no data caps, and fewer rate hikes. Both offer modems with integrated wireless routers.

With respect to TV, both Shaw and MTS are similar. With Shaw, you typically purchase your equipment up front (or on a payment plan) whereas MTS rents it to you. Both also have multi-room PVR systems. I haven't recently done a head-to-head price comparison, but I think that MTS packages are a little more expensive that with Shaw, but recently Shaw has been having rapid price increases.

The underlying technologies for Shaw are digital cable and DOCSIS 2/3 internet. For MTS, it's IPTV and VDSL.

Mozza 2015-08-15 12:34 PM

From experience with both providers, MTS is a better value and a more consistent experience, both in terms of internet speed and TV quality.

gzink 2015-08-15 07:27 PM

From what I understand you do Shaw or vice versa and then when the time is up and you can get the intro deal you do the other. :)

winnipeg305 2015-08-15 10:29 PM

MTS is the best of all options. I've had clients with numerous "rental" expenses on their bills from Shaw and it was ridiculous. MTS only charges for PVRs.

Macman 2015-08-16 01:39 PM

And by charges, you mean rental charges. Only $3/mo per TV box. Also the PVR feature was $6/mo last I saw.

tux 2015-08-16 11:27 PM

Shaw and MTS both have equipment fees, in some form or another.

With MTS, you pay a monthly rental fee for PVR & equipment, typically $3-$6 per additional box plus $6 for PVR service.

With Shaw, equipment is typically purchased up front, at a cost of up to $500 for a whole home PVR. While less popular, equipment rental is also offered, at $25/mo for the whole home PVR.

BrownBullhead 2015-09-05 11:45 AM

MTS all, the, way! I have their 50mbps down/5mbps up plan. I actually get about 10% more than that when using.

I pay about $90 per month for just the net (no bundle discounts we dont use other services) and we love this plan.

I moved to Winnipeg from Toronto in year 2000. You're probably already taking trash talk and heat from people about moving here, but it really is a nice place to live. The winter can be a bit of a shock depending where you are coming from, but all else i have no regrets.

Do you know what area you are going to be living in?

cslusarc 2015-09-06 12:27 AM

hi, I wanted to ask the group if there are currently any Third Party Internet Access providers serving the Winnipeg area. I'm moving to Narol (the southern-most Postal District in the RM of St Clements that is immediately north of East St Paul). We will be serviceable by both Shaw and MTS. I've been quite satisfied by MTS's Lightning 10 plan, but out new home will unfortunately be outside of their Enchanced Copper or FiON network. And I won't be satisfied with MTS's legacy Lightning service if its just $2 cheaper than the 10 Mbps plan.

We were lucky to grab Shaw's latest $60/month promo, but it lasts only six months. I just couldn't say no to Popular TV, Internet 30 and Home Phone with a bunch of free extras like a 6 month free preview of the Movies Theme, a free rental for 2 years (if necessary) of a Whole Home Gateway and 3 portals, 500 free domestic long distance minutes plus Call Waiting and Voice Mail and access to the Shaw Go Wifi network because my smartphone lacks a Data Plan at the moment.

tux 2015-09-06 06:07 PM

Nothing to speak of, at least in the residential market. Since MTS only offers 7 Mbps in Narol, you're options are probably either Shaw or cellular.

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