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LONSat 2015-07-15 12:25 AM

New Firmware Version 48.14
Shaw Direct

Just downloaded. It took about 45 minutes to install. Not much to report on yet. Link above shows changes. Moving channel maps to preferences rather than under admin settings should please some users. Not sure if there is a setting to supress the pop messages about recordings starting and stopping. Wasnt in link above and haven't gone through everything yet.

Romany 2015-07-15 12:31 AM

July 14 2015 firmware roll out
Shaw Direct

Looks like quite a few updates for the guide and PVR.
"From July 14 through 24, 2015 we will be updating the software on all HDDSR 600, HDDSR 605 and HDPVR 630 receivers. This update, with current version 48.14 will enhance your HD Guide experience."

CrispyPotato 2015-07-15 09:23 AM

Nice to see they are keeping on top of things and keeping the software updated. One thing I would love (and have suggested to them in the past) is a 'now & next' banner similar to the Shaw Cable 'Quick bar'. These are very common in the UK and automatically appear when you change channels. Or a 'Mini-guide' like they have also. Those would be useful :)

RuralRouter 2015-07-15 10:00 AM

Suggestion: Recording "End Early" Option
I suggest that Shaw change the option of "end time" for scheduled recordings to allow both "end late" (now allowed) or "END EARLY".

Sometimes I would like to record two shows at the same time, but the previous show lasts an extra minute. That extra minute or two is usually just commercials and a teaser for next week's show.

That minutes creates a recording conflict that cannot always be fixed with a new recording time for one of the shows.

kcowan 2015-07-15 06:09 PM

When I find a conflict like that, I start the new show 1 minute late.

adm222 2015-07-15 11:55 PM

I got it also
Not sure what they did to make it worse this time. I just got this and did a check and they still have the recording starting reminders pop up when you do not want them to and no way I can find to disable them.

Wish one could go back to 2 software versions before.

Option to get rid of emergency alerts, I take off for days at a time and have found these have stopped things from being recorded and done nothing to alert me since I am away.

TQ345 2015-07-16 09:46 AM

Downloaded new firmware overnight. This morning, the set-top box just showed "8888" on the face and could not be powered up by remote or the button n the face. Had to unplug it. It rebooted okay, but took a huge amount of time (45 minutes) for the guide to load. Not very encouraging. The guide now features pretty colours when highlighting a show. Pleasant enough, but ultimately unnecessary. I guess we'll see whether the new features really improve the user experience. I'm also curious to see how long it takes for the guide to load after the next STB crash or manual reboot. (but I'm not about to reboot to find out)

ronsnbrd 2015-07-17 04:13 AM


Originally Posted by kcowan (Post 2555442)
When I find a conflict like that, I start the new show 1 minute late.

How do you do that? There is no option "start late". The only way I know of is to create a manual timer, which then leaves out the title and description.

RuralRouter 2015-07-17 09:44 AM

I like the new firmware update.

We use the manual timers on rare occasion when there is no other alternative, but the lack of the title of the recorded show is a big downer. Shaw Direct would have to list the names of all portions of the shows included in the manual timer or just list the show that has the most time. It would be much easier to short time the previous show to make room for two shows that follow the shorted show.

Some shows start right away which has important plot information like the show "Motive". It seems that our recordings always start 6 seconds or more late anyway.

Romany 2015-07-17 04:26 PM

Screen Saver Warning
Warning ! when you pause a PVR recording the screen use to go into screen saving mode,
Now is it's a full bright Shaw Promo screen for Pay per view VOD and other junk.
I'll have to see if I can disable this.
I can't believe Shaw would be so stupid as to disable the screen saver by default.

thundercraft 2015-07-18 09:18 AM

Tried to delete a show from recording on the "Upcoming Recording Events" and it will not delete?? Will have to call SD to see why?

bluestarz 2015-07-18 01:41 PM

Before the update, I had few problems. After the update I can no longer schedule to record a show on the west coast to avoid conflicts with my other shows. I have to do it manually but I can't select record new episodes. I'm trying to record Extant on Wednesdays but to avoid other shows I try to schedule at midnight on the west coast channel. Before the update it would just be set to record at that time each week. Now when I do it, it automatically selects the earlier time instead. It's like it can no longer see the difference between channels just the show. Now I have to remember to set it manually each week. Not happy because I will forget to do it.

jbracing24 2015-07-18 02:11 PM

Yes, same here. I am trying to record new episodes of an HGTV program that is on at the same time as Amazing Race. It is telling me that there is a recording conflict when there isn't. I can't even select the show reaired later that night. Never had issues before.

frenchophile 2015-07-18 02:28 PM

can't you set it to "smart record new episodes" on the specific channel you want?

bluestarz 2015-07-18 02:47 PM

frenchophile, no I can't. That's the problem. I will select to tape Extant (just 1 example) on channel 065 at 12am ( I get the west coast stations from Spokane) and when I go to the upcoming recordings or even just the guide it will state that the show is set to be recorded at 9pm on channel 061. This did not happen before the update. I too am recording Amazing Race at 9 and I want to avoid recording two shows at once if I can help it.

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