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cslusarc 2015-06-24 02:29 AM

MTS Launches Total Internet
MTS launches MTS Total Internet

This is a remarkable plan. It combines your Home DSL Internet and Smartphones' Data Packages into one plan.

For as little as $60 per month you could combine a 10 Mbps DSL package with unlimited Data on one smartphone. Each additional SIM Card is $25.00/month extra.

If you are currently paying $58/month for your Lightning 10 DSL service and have a regular priced Voice and Data Plan of $55/month that provides 100 daytime minutes and 5GB of data and currently receive a $10 Bundle discount this may make sense. You're current spend of $103/month would go down to $80 or $90/month depending upon how the Bundle discount is applied and you'd get unlimited data.

tux 2015-06-24 03:40 AM

The bundle discount doesn't apply if you're on the MTS Total Internet plan, as per the fine print. Your cell phone plan must also be a "My Plan", and you get free PVR service if you have Ultimate TV.

Based on your example of Lightning 10, 100 daytime minutes, and 5 GB of data, the equivalent plan under Total Internet would be $60 + $30 Basic Voice Plan = $90 per month. That's pretty good for internet and wireless with unlimited data; many providers charge that just for a wireless plan, these days.

shawguy 2015-06-24 10:08 PM

They keep comparing it to Internet 10.... but if you have Internet 25 and a smartphone your bundle discount is $30.

So I have a my Plan $65 (500 minutes and unlimited* data) + Internet 25 for $100+ tax. Under the new one I would be paying $104.50 + tax... but I did hear you get tethering with this, is that correct? (that might be worth the extra 4.50)

Dr.Dave 2015-06-25 12:24 AM

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@shawguy tethering is included with Total Internet. There are even instructions on how to set up "Personal Mobile Hotspots" right on the Total Internet page.

Don't forget to count the free PVR service and the 2 free STBs in your calculations if you have MTS TV.


Bonus: A special offer just for Total Internet customers

As an MTS Ultimate TV customer you already have 1 wired set-top box rental included with your service. When you add Total Internet, you also receive 2 additional wired set-top box rentals and Whole Home PVR Service free. A current value of up to $12.00 a month.

ertyu 2015-06-25 06:11 PM

It's a pretty confusing setup and when I look at the two services I would/will use I see no discount compared to keeping them separate. The features are bundled differently than I would prefer for each service as well, so I end up getting less of what I want in the Total package than keeping them separate. Add in the loss of flexibility as well.

On the surface it sounds like a great idea and plan, I can bundle my home internet and wireless data, but it's not packaged in a way I can use currently.

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