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johnb1 2015-05-29 05:38 PM

wireless extender question
I don't know if this falls under HDTV or Computing, so I'm posting it here.
I have a Samsung 64" TV (PNB64E5500) and its built in wireless is lousy. there are a few walls between the wireless tranmitter and the tv set. So, I've bought a DLink 845L to extend the wireless range. I'm used to Apple stuff, but not really used to this (You have to power it up, and hook it up to a computer, and use a web browser to log in to the router and change settings. Kinda inconvenient. I've been messing around with the network settings on the tv, but not much luck. The wireless transmitter I have in an Airport/Time Capsule which I set up and is running fine. So--how do I tap into that wireless signal and extend it?

I hope I'm asking things the right way. I've tried checking the manual and it's sorta helpful. I've tried doing a live chat with DLink and they're sorta helpful
but no dice..

thanks for any help

John B

gdkitty 2015-05-29 07:51 PM

Never used a dlink extender.. but I do have a TP link one.

Much the same, you need to do its initial setup via connecting directly to it.

Usually once you go into its settings via that way.. it SHOULD have an option to find the exisiting wireless in the area... choose it.. enter your key.. and that's it.

17671 2015-05-29 09:39 PM

If the wireless coverage or wireless extender still dont work and running an rj45 cable is not an option ucan try a ethernet over powerline device it uses your hydro wires to extend the hardwired ethernet signal where running wires are not possible

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