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cipher 2015-06-05 12:57 PM

So they build functionality for watching TV on a 2 inch Apple Watch and ignore the entire Windows ecosystem? I really hope they are building a Universal App and it will be released soon. To ignore the entire Windows hardware community is ridiculous.

Dr.Dave 2015-06-05 01:41 PM

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@cipher , I think you misread the press release. All they did was port the remote control portion of the iPhone app to the Apple Watch. You can't actually watch TV on the 2 inch screen.

Bell customers can use the Fibe TV app on the Apple Watch to control their television, navigating the menu, selecting a channel from the favourites list, or calling up the on-demand store, guide or PVR. Fibe TV customers can also start, pause and record a program, skip back and skip forward, and change channels, all from their Apple Watch.

ticky 2015-06-06 11:24 AM

Most people aren't stupid enough to watch hours of streaming on a cellphone data plan.

I've been using the new app either to watch live programming on my iPad at home when the TV is otherwise in use or at work on their wifi.

control 2015-06-07 04:29 PM

Works great with my galaxy s4 with lollipop android version 5.0.1 but my Asus Trio (combo windows 8.1 and android jelly bean 4.2.2) it doesn't install the new version and old the version of Fibe TV app stays in effect... So it looks like those who have kitkat or lollipop are set. Don't understand the limitation of older android versions.

dsspredator 2015-06-07 05:38 PM

Fibe only?

Or for BELL SAT people too?

KyL416 2015-06-09 09:03 PM

Bell Sat people will continue to use the Bell TV app.

The Bell Fibe app uses the mediaroom platform that powers Fibe TV, satellite is on a different system.

coffenk 2015-07-17 04:45 PM

Can't get this to play any shows on my Samsung Galaxy S4(Mini), running CyanogenMod, as keep getting error message 1033 that my phone is rooted (which of course it is).
Strange thing is that the Bell TV app does allow me to play shows but unfortunately does not include all my subscribed channels.
Any suggestions as to get the Fibe TV app to work ?
Thanks in advance !

Laf4sens 2015-12-05 10:20 AM

Bell Fibe App

Is there a way, or workaround, to display the content of the Bell Fibe App from Ipad to a TV. I've tried with Apple TV, but I got a message saying that it can not be done!!!

I've got Bell Fibe in town and I wanted to watch it at my cottage using the Bell fibe app, my Ipad and Apple TV to redirect the content to my cottage TV... NO LUCK!

Please help

Marc L

bev fan 2015-12-05 11:45 AM

No it can not be done. I guess to prevent account splitting.

Dr.Dave 2015-12-05 02:32 PM

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I thought using an Apple AV adapter and HDMI cable might work, but it probably won't. I couldn't find anything specifically on the Fibe TV app, but I did find this on the Bell TV app:

Q: Can I connect my smartphone or tablet to a television or another external display to watch my content?

A: No. The Bell TV app is not authorized to transmit and view content over displays other than a smartphone or tablet. This includes trying to connect to devices such as Apple AirPlay, Chromecast or using HDMI output cables.

As an alternative, you may be able to use individual TV apps to watch those channels and programs for free, using your Fibe TV login. I know that CTV GO supports Apple Airplay and Chromecast, but I don't know about others like Global GO.

Other alternatives that support Apple TV include CraveTV, (which is included in certain Bell TV subscriptions) shomi or Netflix.

nitra 2015-12-06 10:56 PM

With Apple devices.. No, won't work.
With other devices, (Android) some forms of mirroring does in fact work, but that's for another forum and isn't overly easy to achieve.
It should be noted, there's more content available on the Android App vs IOS apps.

Hauger 2016-05-01 03:10 PM

Bell Fibe App

I have and pay for Bell Fibe in my house and am very happy with the service. I'm in the military, and have bought a cheap-ish android tv box (Quad Core MX3 with 2 GB Ram). My hope is when I travel (happens often) I can plug this box into the TV where I am and log into the Bell Fibe TV app to watch some television.

I know Bell Fibe App will not work on a rooted device which most android boxes are. I've Unrooted the box, and then installed the app.

The problem now is, it starts, but it's forever stuck on a black screen saying "Configuring Application, Please Wait".

Waiting hours does nothing. Obviously it's hung up on something.

Anyone have any advice?? Thanks.

Hauger 2016-05-01 03:31 PM

Apparently this has been moved to an existing thread.

In any event, I can now get the regular Bell TV app running which would be good enough except it comes up with Error (3903) every time I try and watch live TV. Google searching returns that this is a catch-all error that's prevalent enough that there's actually a 3903-fix utility for windows installs. Unfortunately, that's not much help for android boxes.

So again....any help would be super.

Dr.Dave 2016-05-01 03:45 PM

See post 25 above. I doubt it will work on an android TV box.

ndggirl 2016-10-17 01:18 PM

Connecting additional TVs without a receiver
Hi to everyone. I just got Bell Fibe installed for one TV. I now have access to the Bell app and can watch TV on my iphone. I'm wondering if I can do the same thing through an additional Smart TV- i.e. without a receiver and just connecting through the internet to watch. I'd be looking to save $7/month for an additional receiver. Does anyone have any tips?

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