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j0dest3r 2015-05-20 02:00 PM

Windows 10 w/ OTA Live + PVR TV Support
With the demise of Media Center not being ported to Windows 10, I am wondering what I should use going forward. I just installed Hauppauge WinTV 8 which seems to be a big step up from 6.4 and 7 but it isn't Media Center. Although it does have WinTV Extend.

I am hoping to continue to run Win8.1 w/ Media Center and dual boot it with the free upgrade to 10 and experiment with replacement recording software.

ExDilbert 2015-05-20 02:15 PM

Some other options are Kodi, MediaPortal and NextPVR. I use Kodi with NextPVR as the TV back end. MediaPortal is a complete solution for TV and media. Both solutions provide about the same functionality. NextPVR by itself is feature limited but works well for TV. Kodi can be combined with a media server, like Plex, for extra functionality. Don't know how they compare to WMC feature by feature. They may not yet be ported to Win10 but I expect they will.

gdkitty 2015-05-20 03:24 PM

Prior to using plex.. I did have a mediaportal setup for a while. never got the tv portion set up, but it looked promising.

tech40 2015-05-20 04:04 PM

This is a real issue for many of us HTPC users.

Personally, I hope to hang onto my W8.1 with Media Center for quite a few years so I don't have to deal with it!

I tried NextPVR a year or two ago but was unable to get it working.

IIRC, mediaportal requires you subscribe to a TV listing service, does it not? I like with WMC that Guide listings are free!

j0dest3r 2015-05-21 11:13 AM

I have Roku as well as Xbox in the house. Either of those streaming devices would be my preference as working into the solution. Kodi is awesome though I use it on a raspberry pi in my office. I am already invested into xbox and roku throughout the house. It has good WAF.

WinTV 8 seems to work ok. It's as clunky as previous versions. The recordings are manual so no metadata. Not the end of the world I suppose, what do I want for free! Lol! They give you a link to titantv to look up the shows to enter into the manual recording. I replaced that shortcut with zap2it since titantv doesn't support Canada. I know NextPVR has all the fancy metadata and a Roku channel for the annual price of a subscription fee. No live TV there though. Then again, the only live tv option for WinTV 8 is the WinTV extend which is not the greatest unless using an iPhone as your watching device.

Also looking at the Roku channel chaneru to see what type of options that might have.

Damn this sucks! I will keep media center going for the short - medium term but long term I want to ditch it. Part of me wants to go SageTV because Google is now somehow associated with it? Stick it to Microsoft for ditching my beloved Media Center LOL!

Perhaps getting the Hauppauge stick for the xbox one so that I can do live tv on the main livingroom tv that doesn't have a cable outlet and do NextPVR for the recording and playback on the Rokus. I would have to get a cable outlet to the Xbox One though. Damn media center just seems to solve all kinds of problems for me. It's going to be hard to let it go!

audacity 2015-05-21 11:36 AM

I used SageTV for a while before Google purchased it and ended new development. Now that it's being open sourced, it's becoming interesting again. Unfortunately, SageTV is built using Java. And Java has been a thorn in the side of many users - just look at their support forum threads!

As to where-to next, I'm taking a wait-and-see approach. But I did back the HDHomeRun kickstarter. And I have high hopes.

The big plus about Windows Media Center is that it has a really smooth user experience, it was free, had solid tuner support, and a free guide. The big downside is that Microsoft never released a software-based extender, and they stopped new development post-Windows 7.

The HDHomeRun software will be subscription-based ($30/year), but it comes with guide data, which costs ~$25/year from Schedules Direct. They have committed themselves to creating many different client apps, which is a big win over what Microsoft did with Media Center (and, frankly a big win over SageTV).

Really, the one and only issue I take with the HDHomeRun project is that while they're making a Windows client application, they've never stated that their app is going to be a Universal App. At this point, I think it would be insane not to make it a Universal App, but it concerns me that I haven't seen it stated anywhere that it will be a Universal App. And they talked about the possibility of creating a separate Xbox One app, which suggests that the Windows App that they're making isn't Universal. If the Windows App was Universal, I don't think they would be talking about it and the Xbox One app as two separate things.

ExDilbert 2015-05-21 11:49 AM


Part of me wants to go SageTV because Google is now somehow associated with it?
Google actually killed SageTV as a product so that's a reason to "stick it" to Google. It took a couple of years for Google to release the source code for open source development.

I see no reason to make HDHomeRun PVR an app at all. It's a PVR, not a player. It's best implemented as a service. The interface and player are a different issue. I'd rather see a Windows desktop interface first. That would make it compatible with all current versions of Windows, not just Win8 and Win10. Making a universal app interface and player would be a bonus.

j0dest3r 2015-05-21 12:21 PM

Thanks for the feedback, which reminds me, the other issue I have with the HDHomerun PVR Kickstarter project is that I found out the KODI Live TV plug-in for HD Homerun does not support my version! :( I am concerned the PVR is going to be the same.

That said, I would need a new WinTV USB stick for the Xbox One as well. I currently have the 950q and it requires the 955.

Perhaps now is just not the time to be worrying about this and that some solution will come together and be a no brainer!

#ifitaintbrokedontfixit (yet! ;)

audacity 2015-05-21 12:30 PM


Originally Posted by ExDilbert
I see no reason to make HDHomeRun PVR an app at all. It's a PVR, not a player.

Then who will write the front-end UI? Your comment is puzzling. If you point a front-end UI like Plex at your recorded TV files there are no provisions to view and schedule new recordings from a EPG for example. They've committed to making a handful of front-end UIs to go with their recording engine.


Originally Posted by ExDilbert
It's best implemented as a service.

I'm sure the recording engine will be implemented as a service on Windows and a unix daemon elsewhere.


Originally Posted by ExDilbert
The interface and player are a different issue. I'd rather see a Windows desktop interface first.

My guess is that most tech savvy users will be upgrading to Windows 10 for free during the first year. Why not take advantage of being able to write for a wide range of devices in one go? Besides, a desktop UI sucks on a HTPC, which is the primary use case.


Originally Posted by j0dest3r
I found out the KODI Live TV plug-in for HD Homerun does not support my version!

Yeah, I'm going to need to upgrade my tuner hardware as well. The HDHR3 doesn't support their new HTTP-based interface. I guess I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a NewEgg or Amazon special.

j0dest3r 2015-05-22 03:12 PM

@audacity Well if you come across one let me know.

Looks like I am upgrading my WinTV HVR stick from the 950q to the 955q as well. I really want to try the OTA thing through the Xbox One. I have a $10.00 in store card so I should be able to pick this up for $50.00

Apparently the HDMI port gets added to the channel list after you add the 955q to the mix. This looks like a good place for the Chromecast or the MS wireless display adapter.

Saintor 2015-05-23 08:27 AM

So far I haven't been able to replace WMC. :(

I use it on all out 3 TV connected to a computer. OTA, no cable.

Mostly as PVR. You just point and shoot on the TV guide to recorder. Love it.

Tikker 2015-05-23 11:20 PM

if you can get it to work, MythTV can be fantastic

it requires by FAR the most hand holding, and fiddling and outright fixing of any other solution

the linux guys will tell you it's simple, but if you can sit down with them and make them do it in front of you, they'll admit it's a ton of work to make it work

when it works tho, it's really pretty good

media portal was my 2nd choice after MCE, and it's not bad at all

ExDilbert 2015-05-24 11:19 AM

MediaPortal configuration has improved in the most recent versions. I still prefer KODI for ease of setup. KODI typically just works as supplied. Just point it at the media sources and it's usable. The TV backend does require the usual configuration but all that KODI requires is enabling of the plugin and an IP address.

j0dest3r 2015-05-27 03:31 PM

I tried Wild Media Server free trial to serve up my Windows 10 / WinTV 8 test recorded content. Played very well on the test PS3. (PQ on par with WMC) I couldn't get a proper profile setup for the Roku though. I may come back to testing this again at some point.

mike_in_van 2015-05-28 07:19 PM

I'm in same boat as you guys, starting the search for replacement of sweet windows media center setup. I've heard xbone (xbox one) has a beta out atm for OTA recording, not sure how/if that would work with any extendors, i personally prefer having a central pc/server to do the recording and streaming to various cheap (and quiet! Cant wait to get rid if my old 360 the fan noise is too much) extenders around the house so tried kodi only to find theres no actual pvr functionality (but i assume it will eventually, it has some cool plugins tho so not a complete waste) then tried mediaportal a couple weeks ago, tvs working and the interface is decent similar to what other folks are saying there doesnt seem to be an EPG offering "out of the box" for canadians, decided before i start tinkering with that i'd check some forums (led me here) im familar enough with scripting i figure might go that route (to scrape epg info from zap2it and convert to whatever xml format mp expectin) dont wanna commit to mp tho till i do some extendor research (or get the kodi plugin working, seems that its got a client for just about everything ie i might have found a use for my ouya after all! Kodis mp plugin didnt work on first attempt but i assume could be windows firewall didnt dig much). Anyway just thought i'd share my experience thus far in case it helps, will post back if/when i find a working alternative. looking forward to checking out mythtv when its back ive never used it but ties with google and fair amount of hype/shoutouts in this forum it sounds promising as well

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