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CrispyPotato 2015-01-27 09:00 PM

Shaw Direct's Next Technological Leap?
Hi All,

What do you think Shaw Direct's next great technological leap will be? Personally, I'd be hoping for whole-home PVR at a minimum, along with the ability to set / control recordings from an app.

Any thoughts?


NovaMan 2015-01-27 11:36 PM

The power to record up to 8 shows at the same time, store up to 83 days worth of shows, instantly skip commercials and take live and recorded TV anywhere.

Something like the The Tailgater which is ideal for tailgating, camping, RVing and even backyard BBQs!

Ideas found here on Dish technology site:

classicsat 2015-01-28 10:49 AM

With this hardware generation, most likely network DVR streaming, and more interactive features. including Shomi. But they promised all sorts of things, and delivered few of them.

Anything that requires new hardware won't be ready by 2020, and if anything, new receivers by 2018. They just got the 6xx series going more or less. I don't think they or the "normal" customers would stomach another change so soon.

What they could do is coax networking, and something akin to DirecTV's SWiM, and have a 4 tuner terabyte DVR.

But anything they do would have to suit a broader audience, not just enthusiasts/high end users.

I think G1/8PSK/MPEG4 as far as delivery goes, is stuck for another decade plus.

sawguyg 2015-01-30 03:05 PM

I think the next leap would be more of a gradual crawl to 4k TV.

Jocasta 2015-01-30 03:35 PM

A crawl to 4K would be nice but before that Shaw has a long way to go to get much of the existing content up to regular 720p high def. I'm not holding my breath for Shaw satellite delivery of 4k tv.

skifan 2015-01-30 05:03 PM

After having spent quite a few $$ on the 630's, I would be happy if they could get them to work without crashing and locking up regularly. I am very unlikely to invest further monies based on SD's past track record of beta testing at their customers expense.

Once burned...twice shy.

thundercraft 2015-01-31 11:59 AM

Have to agree!!! You have to learn to walk before you can leap and the HDPR 630 is a piece of crap! So let's perfect the hardware before you ask us to beta test yet another software upgrade or substandard Motorola hardware and then charge us another $3/mth for doing so!!

Cham 2015-02-01 11:26 PM

Just curious, maybe someone here can answer. Does G1 at 107 have Ka downlink capabilities? Might be where the 4k stuff would end up...

Leafs13 2015-02-03 09:31 AM

I spoke to a tech support guy last week and asked about whole-home-PVR. He was quick to jump in with, "Well it's a lot more difficult to do that with satellite. Much easier with cable."

Hopefully that doesn't mean we won't get one.

bigoranget 2015-02-03 09:53 AM

It can be done with Satellite. Either they need to manufacture a receiver with a built in multi-switch or provide an external one.

classicsat 2015-02-03 10:57 AM

They don't even need that. Just be sure they are properly connected to the same network.

sawguyg 2015-02-03 12:52 PM

Before the next leap I hope they up the HD content first and stop making us pay for standard when all we want is HD...don't want or need both.

classicsat 2015-02-10 10:09 AM

Wait for the Alacarte thing to happen. But that happening will be regulatory, not technical.

Momorider 2015-02-10 03:43 PM

There must be some serious quality control issues with the 630 because my unit has been very trouble free and basically does anything I ask it to do. I have been very pleased with this second unit, had to send one back that failed.

ExDilbert 2015-02-10 04:22 PM

I was fairly happy with the 630s I has as well. There were a few bugs, especially at first, but the later firmware versions didn't have anything too annoying or serious. One 630 was hosed by a firmware update. The VOD over internet worked fairly well. Shaw owned Global TV is too locked down on VOD but it's that way on other providers. The main technical omission on the 630s is a "whole home" feature that allows watching recorded programming on other receivers.

My main issue with SD was the lack of channels, especially HD channels. There were some serious omissions and odd priorities regarding what was carried in HD. For example, why two HBOs in HD when so many other channels were missing? SD added more HD after I cancelled but it was a much needed catch up addition to remain competitive. Now other BDUs are way ahead in HD carriage again. Channel capacity is a technical issue. For years, it was due to a lack of MPEG4 and satellite capacity. Don't know if some HD channels are still in MPEG2 (they were when I left) but they should all be in MPEG4. Maybe using H.265 would be a good next technological step.

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