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Samsonite 2014-12-13 06:36 PM

MTS Email
Quick question I was hoping someone more enlightened then me could answer. I'm going to be moving out of Manitoba and going to have to cancel all my MTS services. I've been using the MTS provided email address for years and would like to continue for convenience. I know they moved from a in house provided email service to a MSN one of few years ago. Will I loose access to my email once I cancel my MTS services?

tux 2014-12-14 04:06 AM

Yes. / email addresses are only available to active MTS internet subscribers. You will lose access to your MyMTS email account the minute your internet gets cancelled.

Macman 2014-12-14 10:38 PM

Or you can tell them you want to keep that email address and pay $5/month I believe for "email hosting." My Dad is doing this, but they goofed up and his email account got closed some time after he cancelled his services, but they reversed it once he called. And hosting only allows one address, not 9 other optional email addresses or even aliases like full internet customers.

Mozza 2014-12-14 11:50 PM

I'd highly suggest you just migrate to a different email address. It's not as difficult as you'd think.

Samsonite 2014-12-15 01:21 PM

Thanks for your help Gentleman. Yes I'll make sure I migrate to another email before cancelling my services but was going to avoid doing that if I didn't have to. I'm certainly not going to pay them $5 a month for email hosting for something I could get for free. Cheers.

DSgamby 2014-12-15 01:25 PM

Start migrating as soon as possible in case of problems. I am in the process of migrating my shaw email address to my hotmail email address and I had a few problems with sites not switching.

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