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Phage 2016-08-01 10:18 AM

reidw: Very interesting... please keep us updated.

Danster 2016-08-15 05:15 PM

Urgent help required!!!
I need some help. This is my setup:
I have a Yamaha RX-A3060 as the main amp. Since it doesn't do a "real" 11.2 surround sound due to amp limitations, I have to run my ATMOS ceiling speakers from my HTR-6190 also from Yamaha.

Going from the RX-A3060, if I am not wrong, I connect the front and rear presence pre-out to my HTR-6190 but where? I'm thinking the inputs of Center, Front, Surround Back and Surround. Is this right?

I really don't want to blow anything up. Any help is appreciated.

Danster 2016-08-16 01:14 PM

Never mind. The very detailed video install that is built-in the amp made it easy to connect. Compared to their manual, the amp has better information IMHO.

Did a few test with some ATMOS movies I had but never watched them in that format. For example, the Mission Impossible Rogue Nation had beeps and burps that I had not heard the first time I watched the movie. I think I will discover new stuff each time we watch an ATMOS movie!!!

Out of curiosity, which movie has the best ATMOS sounds so I can demo it to my friends?

Blackloz 2016-08-16 11:27 PM

For me Expendables 3 & Mad Max Fury Road have the best Atmos mixes also Man Of Steel (4K BD) has a great Atmos mix you can't go wrong with any of these.

Danster 2016-08-17 05:21 PM

One thing I noticed about my new amp. I can't just put a movie with DTS-X or ATMOS and expect it to change accordingly. I thought it would know but I am the one that has to change it manually. Been playing with different settings this afternoon and playing DTS-X and ATMOS demos. Both sound fantastic.

That amp and butt kcikers, my theatre is way better than going to the local movie joint.
@Blackloz , I'll check Mad MAx again as I saw it on normal 7.1 TrueHD and not ATMOS.

Blackloz 2016-08-17 10:19 PM

I know on most movies the Atmos or DTS X tracks have started as default for me except with the seasons of Game Of Thrones where I had to select Atmos from the audio options as the default was DD 5.1

Danster 2016-08-18 05:46 PM

What amp do you have?

Blackloz 2016-08-18 06:19 PM

Yamaha 3050. Soon to be either Onkyo RZ1100 or RZ3100 if I go 11.2. I do have the 3050 in straight mode though.

Danster 2016-08-19 07:24 PM

Oh so you have the version before mine. I was going to get the Onkyo3030 since it had all 11.2 amps working from the get go but ever since my Denon amp had died on me 2 days before Christmas in 2008, I went with Yamaha.
Denon had 1 year warranty and it blew 2 months after my warranty had expired.

After I got my HTR-6190, I had to upgrade to a RX-V1075 since it supported the 3D passthrough.
Now with the ATMOS scheme as well as DTS-X coming out more and more on movies, I had to get what I think is a good amp.

On your 3050, when you press surround, do you have 4 choices one of them being Neural-X ? That's what I have to put mine on for it to play DTS-X properly. If not, it is treated as DTS-HD master thingy.

Blackloz 2016-08-23 10:39 PM

I do have Neural X and have only played one DTS X disc that being the last witch hunter 4K BD which I borrowed, all my other BD's are Atmos ones but with the 3050 in straight mode it shows either Atmos or DTS X right away. The 3060 shouldn't be any different. I'm only using the 3050 as a place holder until the new Onkyo's are out. I own a Onkyo 1030 that I moved upstairs when I upgraded to 4K and borrowed a 3050 from a friend who bought a 3060 as well.

Danster 2016-08-24 06:31 PM

I wonder if there is a difference between a DTS-X MKV demo video and a BluRay movie made for DTS-X?

I do like how certain movies or even the Tragically Hip concert on CBC, was pumped in the ATMOS system. Gord was coming in through the center speaker but when the crowd cheered, it felt as if we were on the main floor and we heard people all around and above us. Cool effect.:o

Blackloz 2016-08-25 09:34 AM

For sure. I find that I watch everything that's not in Atmos in DSU.

Danster 2016-08-25 06:43 PM

DSU=Dolby Surround "Upconvert" ?

Blackloz 2016-08-26 10:25 PM

Correct. Dolby Surround Upmixer. I'm pretty much watching all things in DSU these days.

wildswing 2016-12-22 01:14 PM

Abandoned the Onkyo SKH-410 speakers & upgraded !!!!
Hey folks,

It's been a while since I last posted, and since I just completed an upgrade I thought I'd fill y'all in.

Remember, I'm dealing with a 7' 2" ceiling. I was never able to get the Onkyo SKH-410 speakers to give me that sound above me as I was expecting, unless I moved them closer to me, to the point they were in the way. Only then did I hear something, but ... meh. Angling them caused me to hear directly from the speakers. I tried countless combinations of location, angle, height, etc. I finally gave up and put them on a couple of shelves I built hidden in front of the ceiling bulkhead we sit below, still firing upwards. Finally I got the sound to come from above. It was better but still just ok. So it stayed that way (7.2.2) for quite a while using the original Denon AVR-X4100W, AudioSource AMP 100 amp and 2 Onkyo 410s. However, once I got a nibble of what sound above me sounded like, I knew I wanted more.

Note that I original bought 4 of the Onkyo SKH-410 speakers, but since I started with a 7.1 base, I could only use 2 with the X4100W. I sold one of the pairs to a chum at work. He's got a 9 foot ceiling and realy likes the speakers, so they're not junk. They do work. Just not in my setup.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago. I replaced the Denon X4100W avr with their new X6300H. Out went the AMP 100 aux amp and Onkyo 410s. The Atmos enabled speakers were replaced by 4 Polk Audio Atrium 4 outdoor speakers that I mounted to the ceiling, ~45° in front and behind the mlp, in line with the front main towers and rear surrounds, angled in and down towards the mlp. The new X6300H amp can drive everything in a 7.2.4 arrangement.

I also struggled to find a decent Atmos demo file anywhere. I tried downloading from various sources, but the files were either crap, corrupted, or took a lifetime to download. I gave up/in, went to eBay and bought the read deal 2015 Atmos demo disc. Ya, I paid for it, but now I have what I want without any more headaches. It realy does showcase the tech very well.

Let's get the inevitable question out of the way. "How does the tonal quality of the Atrium 4s compare to the Andrew Jones speakers?" Before removing the original avr, I set them up as zone 2 speakers with the subs off. Yes, I could hear a difference between them and either the Andrew Jones towers or bookshelves, but I wasn't expecting them to sound the same. Once I had all the new gear set up and audyssey calibration done, for what they are there for and the sounds that come out of them, I do not notice a difference. Sounds travel from front to back or side to side traversing above me without any noticeable difference in sound quality. The sound of rain, wind and such is now clearly heard from not just directly above, but from all around the space above me. I have yet to make it all the way through the demo blu-ray.

So, how's it all sound? Unfriken' believable !!!! The sound is beyond what I was hoping for. When "they" call Atmos immersive they're not kidding. This is really cool.

Until next time, enjoy whatever you call this part of the year. I'll just say Merry Christmas & happy new year to everyone. Play hard, but play safe. Keep your stick on the ice.

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