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Wayne 2013-03-26 01:21 PM

US iTunes store - how can Canadians pay?
Anyone have any suggestions on how to set up a payment method for a US iTunes app store account (I think it is the same for music/video store as well)? Apple generally wants you to have a US based credit card to do this.

I had a payment method in the past which I think was a prepaid Visa Gift card from a US Wal-Mart but that appears to have either run out of money or expired.

I have an Entropay virtual Visa card which works fine with Netflix US but it won't work with the iTunes US store.

Paypal won't work since it wants a valid US funding source. I tried setting up a different Paypal account funded from my Entropay card but that didn't work either.

I am able to use my Canadian Amex with a US address for an AT&T prepaid SIM card but that doesn't work here either.

One option that will work is to buy a US iTunes gift card from an online sales source but you pay a premium of 12-20% (or more). Or you can buy an iTunes card when you are in the US but that requires travel and/or pre-planning.

Anyone have any other ideas that will work?

jshel101 2013-03-26 06:59 PM

To fund mine I rely completely on purchasing iTunes gift cards when I'm in the US. I have also had friends buy some for me and then email me the codes to enter into iTunes. I tried exactly all the things you tied to fund iTunes, but could never get any of them to work.

cooper83 2013-03-26 08:55 PM

+1 to jshel101. Load up on US iTunes gift cards when in the States.

toronto_guy 2013-03-29 09:16 PM

I have my CDN credit card working with a US PayPal account. I have confirmed this to work with my American Express and my Capital One MasterCard.

I came up with the idea to try this based upon a post that I read somewhere about using CDN credit cards to pay at the pump at US gas stations which require you to enter a zip code before you fill up. The trick is to use the three numbers from your postal code in order, and enter two following zeros. So, if your postal code is M1M 3C2, you would enter 13200 as your zip code. This trick worked for me on a recent road trip to Florida and back.

I discovered that I could adapt the trick to work with both a US PayPal account and a US iTunes account. Again, I did this with a Capital One Mastercard and an AMEX. Your mileage may vary if you try it with a card issued by a CDN bank.

I will also note that I did this trick with accounts that I already had open using conventional methods. I had opened the US PayPal account with an Entropay Visa as a back up funding source, and a US iTunes account with a Vanilla Mastercard. You may be able to open the account using the method I am about to describe, but I can't personally confirm that it will work. I simply updated by billing method on existing accounts, so my description will be from this point of view.

1. Go to the "account information" page in iTunes for your US based account and the click on the "edit" link beside your payment type, or for a US PayPal account go to Profile>My Money>Update Card.

2. In PayPal, you will select "add a card". In iTunes select your payment type from the icons to open up the account information window.

3. Everything is the same for both services from here on in. Enter your correct card number, expiry date, and CVV.

4. Enter your correct street address, and correct telephone number associated with your account (if prompted).

5. Figure out your fictional billing postal code by using the gas pump trick I described above. So, if your postal code was M3A-1C2, you'd start off with a zip code of 31200.

6. Don't enter that code into your billing info just yet. Go to:!input.action

Select search cities by zip code. If I enter 31200, I get an error message saying that no such postal code exists. Not good. However, if I enter 31201, I'm told that it's the postal code for Macon, GA.

7. Go back to your iTunes or PayPal billing page. Again, you want to enter your correct street address. However, your new city (in my example at least) would be Macon, GA with a billing postal code of 31201.

8. Click "submit" and you should be good to go.

It may take a few tries to come up with a real zip code. Just keep increasing the number by 1 until you come across a real zip code. It's important that you put in the matching city for that zip code in your billing information.

Again, I can confirm that this works for me. I have my Capital One linked to my US PayPal account, and I currently use this to pay for a US based Spotify account. Spotify uses PayPal to bill my Mastercard directly. NOTE: US iTunes will not let you bill this way. It wants a verified US PayPal account (linked to a US chequing account).

iTunes uses my AMEX to bill, but I've also used it with my Mastercard.

If you try my method with a CDN bank issued CC and it doesn't work, I'd definitely recommend that you consider opening up a Capital One or AMEX account. In the long run it's far easier than buying US iTunes cards, or Vanilla Mastercards, or relying on Entropay.

Wayne 2013-03-30 01:08 AM

Didn't owrk for me in Itunes - it said that the address didn't match the bank's records. I was trying a Canadian issued AmEx card with the correct street address and phone number but the "trick" zip code.

My postal code numbers are 113. It seems that 11301-11309 are not valid zip codes. But 11385 is valide for Ridgewood NY - I tried that but it didn't work.

tricky 2013-03-30 10:11 AM

Mine isnt a valid code either, I tried it just to see.

I can use my US bank account for mine but if needed I usually pick up a card when I am in the US

jshel101 2013-03-30 10:28 AM

Tried this with both my US MasterCard and my Canadian AMEX cards. I got a message that my payment doesn't match my bill address. Guess ill have to stick with the us iTunes cards for now.

toronto_guy 2013-04-01 11:01 AM

Perhaps I just lucked out by having a CDN postal code that resolves to a valid US zip code.

jshel101 2013-04-01 12:26 PM

My postal code matches up with a valid US zip code. I used zip code 36101. This zip code works for my AMEX and US MasterCard on the pay at the pumps down in the states.

Wayne 2013-04-01 01:50 PM


Originally Posted by jshel101 (Post 1537186)
My postal code matches up with a valid US zip code. I used zip code 36101. This zip code works for my AMEX and US MasterCard on the pay at the pumps down in the states.

Sure, but have you tried that with your Canadian credit card(s) and US iTunes which asks for a more complete address?

jshel101 2013-04-01 03:23 PM

No I didn't. I guess I'll just continue buying US iTunes cards.

EmmEff 2013-04-01 05:38 PM

You can also buy US iTunes cards on eBay from reputable vendors at a very slight markup if it's not convenient to go to the US. I've done this several times in the past

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audacity 2013-04-02 01:06 PM

It's interesting that 11385 didn't work for you, jshel101. I'm curious if that was because your card is a AmEx card - I've only tried the trick with a VISA card, but it worked every time.

Wayne 2013-04-02 01:55 PM

That was me - I tried that area code with both Amex and Visa. But when you say it worked, did this work with the iTunes store?

audacity 2013-04-02 02:10 PM

Now that I check, my iTunes account is actually a Canadian account. It's all my Microsoft account stuff that I have setup as though I'm in the US (e.g. the Windows Store account).

I think the reason why my Apple account is a Canadian account is because I initially used it (over 10 years ago) to buy hardware - and I wouldn't want it to go to some random ZIP code in that case. :)

For most digital services though, I frequently tell the provider that I live in the US so they don't give me the more limited "Canadian selection of content".

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