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57 2012-12-31 04:14 PM

Eastlink Programming and Packages Discussion
This thread is to discuss programming and packages available from Eastlink

Use this thread if you are investigating changing your programming on Eastlink or investigating what is available on Eastlink.

Here's the link to an older thread:

denben73 2013-01-18 08:01 PM

Tonight on their FaceBook page,

Enjoy a Free Preview of NHL Centre Ice until January 31, 2013, PLUS Ontario Hockey League, NBA League Pass and US College Basketball!

NHL Centre Ice will be available as a standalone for $49.99 – as 3 monthly payments of $16.66 (with an added bonus of NBA League Pass, OHL and US College Basketball included at no additional cost). And for current Super Sports Package subscribers? Your monthly payment’s being reduced to $16.66 during the NHL Regular Season. Score!

jimbo42 2013-03-16 02:11 PM

Cartoon Network HD & NatGeo Wild HD Issues?
Anyone else getting a "Not authorized" signal from these 2 stations?

denben73 2013-03-16 02:14 PM

Can't help since NatGeoWild just finished its preview on the 13th. Both channels belong to the Kids pack, which I don't sub to.

David1953 2013-03-16 02:41 PM

My understanding is that National Geographic Wild is supposed to be in the "family pack", so I should be getting it, but you are right, jimbo42, it is not authorized for me either, and this is a very recent occurrence.

I have not been able to get CN HD for some time now, but that is fully understandable, since I don't subscribe to the "kids pack".

Ironically, I am still getting Animal Planet HD, even though that one is supposed to be in the kids pack.

I wonder if the people at Eastlink who are responsible for sending the box authorization codes, are mixing up Animal Planet HD and National Geographic Wild HD, or has the packaging of those channels changed without notification? Eastlink's website doesn't even show what package National Geographic Wild is in right now, and I am sure that it was in family before. One thing I do notice is that the family pack is smaller than it used to be, and the kids pack is bigger.

jimbo42 2013-03-16 03:07 PM

It's been so long since I changed anything on my acct with themes etc... I use to have all the themes except for 2 and now looking at the website their are a lot more themes now. I use to have pretty well all the SD channels except for a few with the packs i have but now looking at the theme options now i shouldn't be getting over half the channels I'm still getting what the hell???

My bill right now is over $300/mth for watch/surf/talk with TMN,Hollywood Suite & SC packs and 2 DVR rentals

If I'm to continue with the channels I still have I would pretty well have to get all 12 themes adding another $36 to my bill. I don't understand what's going on with all these theme changes yet I still receive mostly all the HD and SD channels and not subbing to the themes .

Hope you can understand what I'm saying here lol.

denben73 2013-03-16 03:44 PM

David, you are correct about NGW being in the family pack, sorry for the confusion. I could have sworn it was with the kids one.

jimbo....if you are still getting channels that you shouldn't be...SSSSHHHHHHH!!! ;)

I was around $300 a month too. I did not have SC though. I no longer have HS or TMN including the Supstations either. At least I'm not the only one with 2 PVR rentals. Had internet 40, downgraded to 20. Got rid of 3 theme packs, bill now around $230 a month with tax.

When I looked at what we watched, I came to the realization that most of what we watch are the Can./U.S. nets, A&E, History, Showcase, Discovery and maybe some sports like TSN and Sportsnet. TMN with the 2 Encore channels here is $23.95 a month since they "throw in" the superstations too. When you add tax to that, you're looking at $27.06 a month for what, two movies a month that we might watch. Sudbury (3 hours away) can get the supers all by themselves as a standalone digital pack. We can't, we used to be able to but not anymore. I miss those a lot more than the movie channels.

As for the break up of channels into various packages, I don't think it is 100% EastLink's fault. I'm sure Bell, Shaw and Rogers have them by the you-know-whats whenever any deal needs to be struck. I think what EastLink needs to really do is to make these packages AND pricing for them the same across the country. No wonder the CSRs are so bloody confused when you call them. :mad Don't get me started on the fact that PVR rentals are $5 a month more here....

David1953 2013-03-16 04:24 PM

I subscribe to 6 theme packs, as well as all the premium movie channels, and pay between $250 and $260 per month, tax in. I own my own PVR, so the only other fee is the $5/ month whole home PVR charge. I may need to add a couple more theme packs, and if H2 were to go HD, I would add the package that contains that one. Actually, H2's programming is better than the original History channel now, since a lot of the better programming on History has been migrated to H2. History now seems to be filled with Canadian Pickers, Pawn Stars, etc.

I will probably call Eastlink next week and find out what is going on with National Geographic Wild.

David1953 2013-03-18 10:42 AM

I did found out what is going on with National Geographic Wild. Apparently, it is included in the "new" family pack, which more or replaces the "old" family pack. The "old" family pack does not include National Geographic Wild, but includes some SD channels, e.g. BBC Kids, Nick, etc., which are not in the "new" package, and those channels have been moved to the Kids pack in the new system. The old pack will be grandfathered for some time, but the only way to get National Geographic Wild right now is to upgrade, or pay for the channel individually.

I did switch this AM, since I never watch any of the SD channels that I will be losing.

maritimer555 2013-03-23 03:27 PM

easlink wouldnt budge
I'm have surf & TALK AT @ $96

The competitor here (Alaint) offered a deal and I asked EAstlink to match it. they couldn't come close.

Ck the bell thread to see details.

sherwooddavid 2013-05-20 12:55 PM

Hello,I am currently with BA and have the the FibreOP Better Bundle @ $160 per month, I have 7 TV's and am presently getting the receivers for free but that promotion will expire soon.
Therefore I thought it would be a good time to check out the competition. I'm a big baseball fan and a little disappointed that BA doesn't offer the MLB Extra Innings and I'm thinking the Eastlink "Super Sports Pack" would be awesome.
Just wondering if I call Eastlink will they offer a deal like BA does to get my business or is the price the price ? I could probably get another promo deal to stay with BA if I called.
I've been trying to compare the 2 services and they seem comparable except that the BA internet speed is now 80/30 and I think its a little faster than Eastlink.
I'm a little concerned with the internet speed as I heard that Eastlink slows down as traffic increases and FibreOp is blazing all the time.
Any comments or additional info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Dave

maritimer555 2013-08-09 08:50 AM

Sherwood- did you make the move to Eastlink. they offered to bump me up to a higher level of internet speed for free when i was moving to BA. But the rest of the BA deal was too sweet for them to match.

Dr.Dave 2013-08-13 02:52 PM

Eastlink launch "Personal Picks"
4 Attachment(s)

Now you can complement your TV package by picking single channels from dozens of popular choices. Get even more value when you choose 12 or 20 channels.
Pricing Overview:
Single Channel: $2.95/mth
12 Channels: $15/mth($1.25 per channel)
20 Channels: $20/mth($1 per channel)

Note that you will still have to purchase at least a basic TV package. Also most of the more established specialty channels are only available in theme packs and not in "Personal Picks", so this is a long way from true "a la carte".

KeithInCb 2013-08-14 03:43 PM

Eastlink Student Bundles
Hi Folks

Just inquiring as to whether anyone has had any success in getting a package anywhere remotely close to the pricing/package available to students. In the Maritimes, a student can get 80mb/s internet (without data caps), Cable TV and home phone for $89.95/mth plus tax for 12 months. Deduct $5.00 if you do not require the home phone. This is an astounding price in this region of the country when you take into account the internet speed and lack of data cap. I called to see if there was anything comparable available for us post post education folks and was told there wasn't.

The rep was very helpful in explaining that you need a student ID from a recognized institution to qualify for the promotion. I currently have Tv with Bell and internet with Eastlink. He advised that if I were to combine my TV and Internet with Eastlink, they waive the data caps on the higher internet speed tiers.

I am wondering if anyone else has heard this.



Ellery 2013-08-14 07:43 PM

Eastlink goes Ala Carte
Eastlink goes a la carte. You can now pick and chose what channels you want to watch,

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