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Macman 2013-03-13 06:00 PM

Planned outage?
I just got an email from MTS about a planned outage for upgrades in my area. Anyone know what specific upgrades are going on? I saw a tent up at the cabinet down the street, so I wonder if they'll be adding more streams or something.

CoryB 2013-03-14 01:16 PM


Originally Posted by MTS Email
Please be advised that between March 14th and 30th, you may notice a short interruption to your High Speed Internet and/or MTS Ultimate TV service. The service interruption will happen early in the morning (between 12am-6am) and will last for approximately 25 minutes. Please note that this is a one-time service interruption during this timeframe.

The purpose of the service interruption is to install upgrades to our broadband network so that we can expand network capabilities, and offer you exciting new services in the future.

When the service outage occurs it may impact your MTS High Speed Internet service, TV service, and PVR recordings. We are sorry if this interruption causes any inconvenience.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

Stan Kurtas
Vice President, Marketing

I am not sure what this upgrade is regarding, perhaps they are preparring the light-up the fiber that was installed in newer neighbourhoods and not turned on?

mbhydro 2013-03-14 06:20 PM

Or could they be expanding the number of ports in the local Dslam that is full to what was originally installed.

I remember somebody posting in the last year or so saying they could not get MTS TV because the facilities were not available, yet the neighbors on either side of them had it.

The MTS splicers are probably doing the prep work in the day to put in the expansion ports and then doing the changeover late at night. That would explain Macman seeing the splicers working on his Dslam during the day.

CoryB 2013-03-15 01:48 PM

While it may be correct that this is to address issues specific to a local Dslam why is there a range of dates given on the communication? Wouldn't it have made more sense to state that the change was occuring on a set date?

Also, Macman also reported receiving a similar communication suggesting it is likely going out to multiple sections of the city.

The odd piece of the communication is that both Internet and TV are affected in this outage suggesting it is for a change of the raw data feed and not just a software update for the tv side.

CoryB 2013-03-20 11:11 AM

We are now about a week into this change window. Has anyone noticed anything different yet or have any additional information on what is happening?

Mozza 2013-03-21 01:33 PM

I talked to someone in tech support - apparently there are no specific service upgrades, this is all about capacity.

Macman 2013-03-21 06:50 PM

So maybe by capacity, it is not about bandwidth/increased speeds, but increasing the number of ports available at the DSLAM. I think they are running out of ports, so they have to add more of them. Maybe they have to power down the DSLAM to remove the old ADSL cards

Mozza 2013-03-21 11:46 PM

Yeah - not increased speeds/services, but reliability and availability.

CoryB 2013-03-22 11:40 AM

That is disappointing. I was hoping for something more exciting like them lighting up the fiber that has been reportedly run for the last five years. I want FiOn and I want it now!

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