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islander_85 2013-02-13 06:24 PM

Firmware Version 09.15
Starting on February 12 (for HDPVR 630 units) and February 18 (for HDDSR 600/605 units), Shaw Direct will be deploying software version 09.15. Once targeted (as seen on line I in OPTIONS 4-7), your receiver will automatically update at around 2:10AM local time. It is not possible to force the update if you have not been targeted.

The overall look and feel is unchanged with this download, with the exception of updating branding.

This release provides increased VOD speeds, significant PPV enhancements, updated Closed Captions decoding and improved stability. Prior to 09.15, the last software download was 08.26 in late October 2012.

09.15 Release Highlights

Overall Stability Improvements
•General updates related to stability/reliability to reduce the chances of the receiver becoming "frozen"
•If an issue is encountered that the unit is unable to resolve, a reboot may occur automatically to restore normal operation.

Shaw Direct On Demand (VOD) Dual Streaming & Usability Updates

•Network and streaming drivers have been rewritten to enhance network throughput and VOD streaming performance.
•A substantial increase in average speeds has been experienced with our Field Trial and Employee Trial groups.
•If you previously had unexpectedly low Speed Test results, or issues streaming during local peak usage, an improvement should be seen with this release.
•Unsubscribed content on VOD should display "grey" consistently, rather than sometimes giving a W4 error.

Shaw Direct On Demand (VOD) Adult Content
•Support has been added for Adult content. Adult content is found in a separate VOD menu, which is hidden by default. A variety of Parental Control options are available to further limit access to this content.
•To enable access to the Adult VOD store, Parental Controls must be enabled. Then, press D to access the VOD menu bar, scroll to "VOD Settings", and enter your password. Change "Adult VOD" to "Enabled". Exit the menu, and press D again. You'll see a new button in the middle of the menu bar labelled "Adult".
•All Parental Control options (including Purchase Limit) will also apply to Adult content.
•As with Adult PPV Content:◦There is no free preview period on Adult VOD content
◦Coupons do not apply to Adult VOD titles
◦Adult VOD content features discrete billing.

PPV Order Enhancements
•PPV programs now feature an "Order ID" in the Guide. You can use this number to quickly place your order via the automated phone system (1-866-782-7778).
•Once your receiver gets the order, the "!" alert icon will appear. Pressing ENTER will display the Purchase History screen, which will list details of the title you ordered. The "$" sign will also appear in the Guide on the title you purchased.
•You must still setup an auto-tune, recording, or remember to tune in when the PPV starts.
•If you didn't receive confirmation of the purchase and the title doesn't appear in Purchase History, use the "receiver refresh" option via the automated phone system or Self Serve to send the purchase through again.
•In alignment with industry and studio standards, PPV movies recorded on the HDPVR 630 will be available for unlimited viewing for 48 hours, after which the title will automatically expire.

External HDD Updates
•Once paired, eSATA hotplug is now supported. However, unplugging your external HDD while it is connected is still not recommended. (Note that on initial pairing, you must still reboot the receiver to initiate the connection).
•Units with a large number of recordings stored on an external drive should see improved performance after bootup, in the PVR List, and with the playback of recent recordings.

This release also updates the Shaw Direct logo to reflect the new brand launched in late Fall

RuralRouter 2013-02-14 12:00 PM

Thanks, islander_85. I checked my 630 and noted the update. As you said, everything looks normal. The only change was the fav list which went to default "all channels", which is the usual thing when refreshed.

I hope this new update fixes the blank recordings and missed recordings.:)

ExDilbert 2013-02-14 12:05 PM

Same here. I don't really care about enhancements at this point. Stability and reliable recording/playback are the main issues.

rickh1954 2013-02-14 12:16 PM

I downloaded this version last night. I hope it solves the instability I've been living with since the last version. I had a box that was working perfectly until V8.26, since then it has been a series of nearly daily issues. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

GaryE 2013-02-14 07:30 PM

I noticed the channel number box now accepts 4 digits. They must be planning on using the thousands soon.

fatkev78 2013-02-14 07:51 PM

Any idea why they wouldn't activate the USB port on these yet?

Wendy MacKinnon 2013-02-14 08:46 PM


Originally Posted by islander_85;1482899[/B

PPV Order Enhancements[/B]
•In alignment with industry and studio standards, PPV movies recorded on the HDPVR 630 will be available for unlimited viewing for 48 hours, after which the title will automatically expire.

Does this mean that a PPV can only be kept for 48 hours and if you don't watch it in that time, too bad, it's gone? After we've been able to keep PPVs indefinitely for years, shouldn't there be a bit more formal notice of the rules changing that significantly?

Or do I misunderstand what that sentence means?

remanco 2013-02-14 08:51 PM

If Shaw calls a "Significant" update, the fact that PPV now display an order ID and some ! and $ symbols...... WOW this is some good ol Shaw propanganda...


Dam i'm tired of them...... If Fibe could show up in my neighbor......

studlygoorite 2013-02-14 09:22 PM

Well I am impressed, I can now pause and rewind live tv. Thanks for the update! My unit is much more stable.

ExDilbert 2013-02-14 11:20 PM

The standard has been a 48 hour for years. Shaw just did not implement it correctly. No change there. Customers may have been able to keep recorded PPVs longer but Shaw Direct would bill them for watching again after the 48 hour window. The PVR reports back every time a PPV is viewed and the billing department takes care of processing the data. If you watched a years old movie and didn't get billed, count yourself lucky. Shaw Direct's agreement with the studios probably only allows a set viewing window so letting customers keep and watch movies beyond that would contravene Shaw's licensing contract. PPV is very much like like renting a DVD, not purchasing one.

fatkev78 2013-02-15 01:38 AM

I've been renting UFC PPV's for years and keeping them and showing it to friends weeks later and have never been billed more than once.

JCM 2013-02-15 11:03 AM

Does that mean that the Esata port is going to be working on the 605 or just the 630?

ExDilbert 2013-02-15 11:20 AM

I was thinking of movies, not UFC PPV. That would most likely be a completely different licensing agreement.

johnnucleo 2013-02-15 12:22 PM

Not true. I asked Shaw Direct this question awhile back as per this other thread, and they confirmed, they don't "charge again". You can watch as much as you want. It might be now with the new firmware that the recording won't work after 48 hours. I have 4-5 PPV movies on my PVR that I've watched well after 48 hours and had no issues.

Keep in mind, not everyone has their PVR hooked to a phone line, but rather call in orders (hence the new ID update), so without being hooked to a phone line how would shaw direct know how many times you've watched a ppv or if it was after 48 hours?

ExDilbert 2013-02-15 01:33 PM

What Shaw does and what they should do are two separate issues. The 630 PVR does report every viewing of a movie. With PVR initiated PPV, it does not report when the movie is recorded but when it is watched. I've seen it in the report back list. Shaw's PPV system is such a mess that they probably just ignore repeated viewings. They should bill again for movie viewings outside the 48 hour window and it's been that way for years.

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