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general224 2012-12-26 11:13 PM

MTS Ultimate and Slingbox
Hi folks, looking for some help here. i am trying to set up a sling box 350 with my MTS Ultimate TV and having some trouble. When I go to the Slingbox site I get a message that " We can't find a Slingbox"

"We're searching for a Slingbox, but can't find one on your Network, or in your Sling Account"

I have gone into the 2wire and created a pinhole for the Slingbox. What I am wondering is if anyone has had success getting the Slingbox to work and if there are further settings that I need to adjust.

Thanks for your help.

general224 2012-12-28 10:40 PM

Just an update I was able to get it working it will be nice when away from home

Mozza 2012-12-29 12:33 AM

Were you able to get it to change channels remotely?

Dr.Dave 2012-12-29 11:15 AM

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It would be interesting to know what you changed to make it work, in case someone has a similar problem.

general224 2012-12-29 03:11 PM

Yes full functionality can change channels select from pvr pull up guide.

general224 2012-12-29 03:26 PM

I was not able to make it work through my switch I had to connect it directly to the 2wire rg

CoryB 2012-12-30 08:12 PM

Sounds like a port is blocked somewhere between the switch --> 2wire --> Internet.

SomeRandomGuy 2013-01-02 10:16 AM

I hooked one up last year to my MTS service. it works great, but you need to set it up in a slightly different order than what the Slingbox instructions say.

Once you add the Slingbox to your router, you have to manually go to the router, and add a port forward (Slingbox shows up as a pre-defined option), then you can follow the installation instructions.

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