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cinergi 2012-12-08 01:37 AM

Remote Control Discussions - Read Post 1.
Edit by 57, Slim Remote Programming:


I've set up the Bell Fibe remote to control my audio amplifier. However, I'd like the remote's power button to turn on/off the amplifier as well as the TV and Fibe receiver. Currently it only turns on/off the last two. The instructions on Bell's website seem to apply to a different remote that I don't have. At the link below, I have the remote on the right side:

The instructions on Bell's website seem to apply to the remote on the left.

Does anyone know how to program which devices the power button controls?


Dr.Dave 2012-12-08 02:34 PM

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I haven't been able to find a user guide on the Bell site for this remote. Is there a number on the back of the remote or in the battery compartment? I wonder if it's a URC62440.

norpan 2012-12-08 03:06 PM

I have the VIP2262 PVR and it uses the same remote. If you Google "URC62440" you will find info on your remote. Bell support was clueless on two different remotes which I have. They tried to give support on the one on their web site which I do not have. I have not set up the remote to turn on three devices simultaneously but you may find out how to do that via your Google search. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

cinergi 2012-12-08 03:52 PM

Thanks all. I followed the same thought process: I figured out that the remote is a URC62440 and found some documentation online. However, the desired feature (controlling the power for multiple devices) is not described therein. I then tried the URC support website mentioned below but my remote is not among the ones shown on the site. I even called Bell tech support, which was basically useless.

I'll keep looking I guess...


Dr.Dave 2012-12-08 03:52 PM

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I believe that's the same remote that Bell Aliant uses as the "Nova Remote". Here's a link to their manual:

It doesn't seem as flexible as the Motorola MxV3.

Edit: Posted the same time as cinergi, so this probably won't help much.

I wonder if you could get Bell to give you a Motorola MxV3 remote - they should be interchangeable.

cinergi 2012-12-08 03:56 PM

Indeed! The older MxV3 seems better. The new one is probably cheaper and that's why Bell switched.

I might have to buy a Logitech Harmony One :-)


Edit: Thanks anyway Dr. Dave! :-)

Dr.Dave 2012-12-08 04:03 PM

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The Harmony 650 also does an excellent job. I set one up to do exactly what you want, plus controlling other sources and switching inputs as needed.

ncancun 2012-12-08 06:37 PM

I agree with Dr. Dave, the Harmony 650 does exactly what you want.

slamtech 2012-12-10 04:24 PM

I have set up a remote once to turn on/off an amplifier and control the volume on it as well. It does do it. I think the amplifier was a Sony one and I used the codes in the pamphlet. In fact I believe I have done it on two different occasions.

cinergi 2012-12-11 11:52 AM

I ended up purchasing a Harmony One from Costco for $120 over the weekend, which I thought was a good price. It works great and I like the activity-based setup that automatically switches on only the required components and selects the correct inputs based on what I'm trying to do (watch TV, listen to Internet radio, etc.) It has enabled me to finally put away my 4 other remotes. Unfortunately it can't control my D-Link Boxee Box since its remote is RF-based. Oh well...


cabinboy 2012-12-14 10:27 AM

Only a few days with Fibe now but still haven't figured out the PIP or how to setup the Sleep command.

Dr.Dave 2012-12-14 10:52 AM

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PIP - You can press the up or down arrows to temporarily bring up a PIP window and type a channel number if you wish. Mediaroom also shows a PIP for the channel you're browsing in the guide while your current channel is in the background. If you're looking for full-time PIP, there's a customizable Mediaroom feature called Multiview, which requires Bell to develop an app. See this thread:

I'm not sure what the Sleep command is - are you talking about programming the remote?

17671 2012-12-14 12:06 PM

the sleep would be a function built in to your tv, as there is no consumer set top box that has the ability to turn off a tv right now. if there is, i have not heard of such atleast.

cabinboy 2012-12-14 04:15 PM

We used to program the sleep function on our Rogers 8300 with the remote....was hoping to do likewise with the Fibe unit.

SkiBunny 2012-12-27 12:29 AM

My Fibe remotes power on/off all 3 devices simultaneously (Fibe vip2262, Samsung TV, Yamaha amp) while in "Bell" mode.

The remote also controls the volume-up-down of my Yamaha receiver while in "Bell" mode (or in Aux mode).
This remote looks like the RHS one in your link (I am a brand new Fibe user with new equipment).

Here are the instructions for the NEW Fibe Vip2262 receiver take from its remote guide (not on the bell site).

- Press Bell key
- Press and hold Set Up until the mode key blinks twice
- Press Volume+ key
- Press the Aux key
- Note: The Aux key must already be programmed to control your sound system.

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