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joelv 2012-07-25 08:57 PM

Dual satellite vs triple satellite LNBF
I'm thinking about putting satellite in my shop and have been looking for another satellite(too far to run cable). It's at the same address so it's not really account splitting. I have a dual satellite quad output switchable Ku LNBF. Input freq. - 11.023-12.223GHz Output freq.950-2150 MHz(non stacked)
vertical 10.5 - 14.2V horizontal 15.2 - 21.0V. It has the same model number as the triple satellite xKu model (SHAW60E-SKW 3112 298 04421) and the specs are all the same. What's the difference between the dual satellite model and the triple model being the specs(and model #) is the same.

46FD04 2012-07-25 11:33 PM

Later this year, Shaw is launching a new satellite, called Anik G1. It will be broadcasting all HD channels.

Customers who wish to view channels from this new satellite MUST use the new Triple Satellite xKu LNB.

Customers who do not want the new channels can continue using the Dual Sat LNB.

In your particular situation, you MUST use the same LNB on both dishes, because, Shaw sends down V-codes to your receivers, telling the receivers which LNB you are using.

All receivers on the same account must use the same LNB (either a Dual or a Triple).

If you are unable to find a used dish with the Dual Sat LNB, then install a dish with the Triple xKu LNB on your Shop. Then you will have to call Shaw and have them come to your house, and replace your current Dual Sat LNB with a Triple xKu LNB on the dish on your house.

I believe thay are charging $50 for this LNB plus the cost of a service call.

The Tech then calls Shaw and tells them to update your account to the Triple LNB, and within 15 minutes, all your receivers will be working.

Whereabouts are you? I have two Shaw dishes with Dual LNB's available.

joelv 2012-07-25 11:56 PM

So there is a difference. Why would they give them the same model number? Don't really matter I guess. Are the LNB's you have available the same as the one I listed? Dual lnb's can easy enough to find, it's just I need THIS one, which is proving difficult to find. I'm located about a 1/2 hour south of Owen Sound.

classicsat 2012-07-26 10:09 AM

The new XKu has an LO of 10.070 Ghz, instead of the standard Ku LO of 10.750 , and a larger aperature. That is it. Because of the LO difference,and hoe Motorola receivers work, you will need a V-code to match your LNBF.

As fot your shop, I would check things to be sure. Although your shop and home may have the same building address, each should have a sub-unit address, and therefore have its own account. Plus, being a commercial establishment, may require some sort of commercial account.

cableredneck 2012-07-26 01:56 PM

Does this mean if we don't have the triple satellite LNB, we lose the HD Channels (Anik G1 broadcasting all HD channels)?? What is the cost of a service call??

magnet 2012-07-26 05:51 PM

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Although nothing has been said officially, I believe all new HD channel additions will be on G1 with the current HD channels not requiring an upgrade.

One can speculate that the NFL and NHL packages may be the first to be moved to the new Satellite, just like the SD version of the channels were moved to MPEG-4 last year and required a receiver upgrade.

Of course it has been announced that the G1 satellite launched has been delayed, so it all remains to be seen.

Also you have to wonder how much new channel space will be left after they add all the local CBC/CTV/Global/ SRC/ TVA channels in HD.

cableredneck 2012-07-26 06:08 PM

I asked Jim through e-mail about this and someone phoned me back. I was told that I do not need a new dish or receiver and that around 22 channels will be free (DRTC ordered). The CSR told me that they don't know what channels will be coming (free or otherwise). He said I will get more channels.

kanic 2012-07-27 05:09 PM

I can't see them putting nhl or nfl packages on the new sattelite, as that would take away about 40% of there business to all the Canadians that snowbird south of Nevada as I understand that is a far as the signal will go.:confused:

46FD04 2012-07-27 11:10 PM

With all due respect to Classicsat, don't even consider a separate account.

It's absolutely not required. If you are the Primary Account holder paying the bill for your house, and your garage is at the back of the property, then install a Shaw dish on the garage.

If your house has the older Dual Sat Quad, then get one of these for the Shop.
Don't worry about the Model #'s, just concern yourself with what the label reads (Dual Satellite Quad or Triple Satellite Quad).

You stated the LNB on your house is a Dual Sat Quad LNB. These are the ones I have, and they are easy to find. Check Kijiji as I see ads all the time from someone near Owen Sound who occasionally sells Shaw dishes with the Dual Sat LNB.

Until the new satellite is launched and operational, which I hear has been delayed again til further notice, don't make it difficult for yourself.

Get the regular Model 60E dish and the Dual Sat Quad.

Don't bother with the Triple xKu LNB until you need one on the house.

When that occurs, just ask the Shaw installer if he will sell you another Triple xKu LNB for cash, and swap out the Shop Dish's LNB yourself.

It's very easy.

Jimsathome 2012-07-28 02:38 AM

I'd go in a totally different manner and simply dig a trench about a foot down and bury some plastic pipe and then pull a new feed to the garage. I did a run 350 feet with no issues, and another member here did a 650 foot run with one in line booster.

Just use good connectors (aquatights) and a single cable with no splices. :rolleyes:

joelv 2012-08-03 11:12 AM

I tried another dual satellite LNB I had laying around and it wouldn't work. I tried model # STAR60-ASC-001. The linear polarization is the same on the two but the input and output frequency's are different.

46FD04 2012-08-04 07:29 PM

That's a good question Dr. Sat.

In Aug.2011 when this new LNB was introduced, that is what I was told.

Things change, and Shaw just might add some local SD channels if they are having capacity issues with the other two sats.

DO we have any Shaw Techs out there reading these posts who may be able to shed some light on the Anik G1 satellite service?

HD only or HD and SD ???

ae_collector 2012-08-12 01:39 AM

If for some technical reason they wanted to put only HD on the new Satellite they could just move existing HD from one of the other Satellite's to free up a bunch of room there for new SD channels as well. They probably were just saying that the need for more HD channels is driving the need for a third Satellite.

46FD04 2012-08-12 12:07 PM

Of course they are.

Eventually, there will be no Std Def'n TV or channels.

By the time that happens, the current fleet of satellites will be retired, and all HD channels will be broadcast from the new G1 (not launched yet) and the future replacements of the two current satellites.

And when that happens, there will be no StarChoice/Shaw TV south of the border.

In my opinion, this is still a big mistake because of all the Canadian Snowbirds who flock to the southern USA and Mexico for the winter.

They're paying their bills, and would gladly watch Cdn TV, if Bell and Shaw provided the satellite coverage.

As of early July, there is NO BELL TV available in the southern USA or Mexico.

Shaw will follow with the new G1 sat and any future replacements.


Not being a satellite/computer/HDTV techy, I'm sure there's a good reason for doing this, I'm just not sure what it is.

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