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ae_collector 2012-07-10 11:14 PM

Shaw Direct Channel / Transponder List
Where does one find a list of Shaw Direct Channels and the transponder they are on?

My father in law is getting a "Acquiring Satellite Signal" message mainly on certain HD channels. On the classic lineup these channels are working okay:
276, 277, 284, 285, 286, 287, 289, 290, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 298, 299.

These channels don't work ("Acquiring Satellite Signal" message):
257, 275, 283, 288, 291, 297.

He is using a Zinwell 4 x 8 multiswitch as well. All used to work okay but now there is a problem so I am wondering if it is the LNB (original quad type), Zinwell multiswitch, alignment issues or something else. All receivers (505 and 530's) are behaving the same.

Any thoughts?

majortom 2012-07-10 11:27 PM

in the below thread there is a link to shaw's channel charts / frequency plan.

Bayguy 2012-07-10 11:54 PM

major tom that thread went to and I found charts there but they dont match up with the channels on SD even though they say their from May. Any idea why?

majortom 2012-07-11 12:19 AM

sorry i can't help you there being south of the border we don't do shaw down here. I only remembered that was there from helping Danny001 with his Shaw install way up in Resolute Bay. Back then, it lined up from what I recall of his reports in that thread.
Maybe give Shaw a jingle and ask them why it's not lining up for you?
It's there website, their service and their documentation so they should know.

ae_collector 2012-07-11 12:57 AM

Bayguy: Are you allowing for the channel discrepancy between the classic and the advanced line up? I notice that the list that majortom pointed out is showing the old classic lineup which is what my father in-law has but if you are a newer Shaw Direct customer you quite likely have the advanced lineup with channels in the 0xx and 1xx ranges unlike the classic lineip which starts in the 2xx range.

Studying majortom's list I can see that my father in-law is not getting any of the F2 Horizontal channels that he is subscribed to. Presumably it could be any of the things I mentioned previously (bad LNB port, bad 4x8 splitter or 1 bad cable between the two. It probably is not a dish allignment issue if Verticle F2 works but Horizontal F2 doesn't work. Are these logical assumptions?

Bayguy 2012-07-11 01:45 AM

Oh I guess i thought since the list was new it would have the ADV lineup. You must be right its the CL lineup.

frenchophile 2012-07-11 07:14 AM


it's most likely either a bad switch or cable.

ae_collector 2012-07-11 12:53 PM

Thanks frenchophile. I think I tried swapping the LNB a few months ago and it initially seemed to have corrected the problem but while visiting yesterday I noticed the problem was back. This is my father in-laws place south of the 49th so I'm the "service guy". But then, I put it all in originally anyway. I have a spare Zinwell 4x8 from back when I was with Shaw D so I will give it a try next.

Does anyone know how the system works when there is a switch? Without a switch, the receiver tells the particular "port" on the LNB which Satellite and Polarity based on the channel selected. With a switch connected to the LNB does the Switch initially tell each of the LNB ports which of the 4 combinations of Satellite and Polarity to go to and then they stay there for ever. Then the switch interprets the channel change request from each receiver and switches to the LNB port that matches the requirement?

majortom 2012-07-11 08:14 PM

maybe go back to the thread I pointed out earlier (Danny001's thread). If ya read thru the entire thread and follow along what was going on, you'll find many useful posts from experienced installers in there that were helping him out. Lots of general and Shaw Specific troubleshooting steps were mentioned in there. Look for his thread main link in the upper right hand corner of the single post page. It's called After market dish for Shaw Direct, can't miss it. Some good stuff in there.

For some reason I think I recall readin in that thread sumthin about they need to know what type of antenna system your using in order for the channels to be mapped correctly???? Like I said earlier though Shaw Specific stuff is greek to me here since we don't use it anywhere.

classicsat 2012-07-12 10:07 AM

Ae_collector, yes, that is basically how a cascadeable multiswitch works, or should work.

The "telling" is continuous, not initial, with a 13V or 18V voltage (which also powers the LNBF and some multiswitches) to switch polarity, and a 22Khz tone to select the secondary satellite, that tone turned off if the primary satellite slot is desired (I say that, because the G1 satellite will be located with F1r, and the LNBF is designed to receive both at once- the receiver internall tuning frequencies from each as needed).

A cascadeable switch recreates or passes the 22 Khz tone for the second satellite, so the LNBF can switch to that satellite, and yes, locks the LNBF to those signals for the input of the switch.

Any yes Majortom, Motorola DCII receivers such as Shaw Direct uses, have what is called a V-code, which amongst things, set your receiver for an LNBF type. That V-code is set by the provider over satellite, so naturally your receiver needs to be receiving signal

ae_collector 2012-07-12 01:04 PM

Okay thanks for the info classicsat. It is good to have an understanding of what the proper operation of the switch and LNB is. So most likely the Zinwell (non powered) 4x8 is not properly setting one of the LNB ports for F2 Horizonatal on my father in-laws system. I'll swap the switch and see if that fixes it.

Jimsathome 2012-07-14 09:23 PM

275 Is Horizontal on Transponder F2 T21. You already know we are looking at F2, which is all 22 KHz so that means you've got an issue on the 18 V @ 22 KHz feed.

So if you swap that input to the multiswitch with another lead (it doesn't matter which one) and Channel 275 works, then you know the issue is with the LNB and not the Multiswitch. (Assuming all the cables are good.) If there is no channel then the switch is bad.

I hope this is helpful.

ae_collector 2012-07-15 12:40 AM

Thanks for the help Jim. Meanwhile, more developements. Before I was able to get my spare 4x8 switch to replace the existing switch, all of the F1R channels quit working, both Horizontal & Verticle. All that was left was the Verticle F2 channels. So I figured the switch had almost completely failed.

I bypassed the Switch and was surprised to see that there was no change at all. Still only receiving F2 Verticle channels. I had another old Quad LNB around so I swapped it out and that fixed everything. Even the missing F2 Horizontal channels are working now. So it looks as though the LNB was the problem though I was pretty sure that I had swapped the LNB out half a year ago or more trying to solve the missing HD channels problem.

Bayguy 2013-01-09 12:16 AM

hi has anyone ever found a list of Shaw xpdrs for the ADV lineup?? I found this page:

but when I looked at the EXCEl files none of the numbers made sense so I think it must be the CLASSIc lineup still. Why would they still have that? These EXCEL files were just made in November and they've been using the ADV lineup for years now right?

Anyway we have some flaky channels and I'm trying to find out whether their all on the same xpdr. Tnx!

57 2013-01-09 01:19 AM

Here's a link for Bell, is there something similar for the SD Sats? Instead of Shaw's website?

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