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Keaters 2012-09-09 10:01 PM

Well Jamcan, I hope your install goes well for you. I hope that Slimer's install this Wednesday goes well for him as well.

Slimer 2012-09-10 05:42 PM

Thanks for the good wishes, but I am preparing myself to be let down. HA! And I am taking the day off work because they gave me an "all-day" window for the tech to arrive.

We shall see.

Keaters 2012-09-10 10:16 PM

I have a forced in appointment from 12-5 on the 12th, so we will see if the second try works....I am leaving work for this appointment and then coming back.

Slimer 2012-09-12 10:32 PM

Well...Cogeco called last evening to tell me they had to switch the appointment from 12th to 14th......they had not received equipment yet. Do I think they will have it by Friday. Doubt it.

What about your appointment for today Keaters?

Keaters 2012-09-13 12:46 AM

Well the tech came today at 3:10PM and he had the equipment for my 2 TV Solution. It was the same tech who did my TV install on August 2nd. I was the tech who was scheduled to do my install on Sunday. Anyhow, after having to leave once to get an amplifier and 2 hours for the install, everything is up and running with no problems. I love the new remote as the button layout is similar to the PVR remote that Bell uses. I also received a call from the Area Manager to apologize about everything and said to me that he is going to look into the outside problems at the pedestal that I am still having. I needed the amplifier inside my house because the low signal on the outside Pedestal. I got told everything will be fixed and my line burial will be done in 2 weeks as well. Overall, with the credits and the Area Manager apologizing to me, I am pleased with the MAKE IT RIGHT that Cogeco has been doing!

yyzlhr 2012-09-13 01:58 AM

Do you know what kind of software cogeco is using for their whole home solution? Can you pause live TV on every TV?

WojtekZ 2012-09-13 08:09 AM


Can you please post a few pictures of what the PVR and GUIDE menus look like in the new system?

Piper77 2012-09-13 09:16 PM

My install was completed last Monday and from what I can tell the interface is exactly the same.

I can't speak to all the technical questions people ate asking but what I find frustrating is if that you can only see the future recordings on the actual pvr you have set it up for. So to me, the only thing that you can do that's networked is watch a recording. Also I'm finding that if youn are watching a recording on thepvr you did not originally record on youn can't use any other features of the guide. Ie you can't watch a recording and flip through other channels or set up new recordings.

I'm finding it useful so far, but then again I was able to get customer care to take 15 off my monthly bill for a year so even with the whole home I'm paying less than before

madmic23 2012-09-13 09:30 PM

How's the whole home DVR working out for everyone? I'm on the verge of switching my tv to Cogeco and am stuck between the whole home DVR and just the regular HD DVR.

I'd be replacing a Bell HD PVR with two outputs, which is why I'm leaning towards the whole home DVR, but I don't really like the idea of paying that steep rental fee.

Zekes 2012-09-14 08:15 AM

I'm in the same boat, would like to switch from bell. I have some questions for people who are now on this setup

!) Could some confirm whether it is 90 hours HD per box or that is the combined total of two boxes?

2) Are the component outputs active at the same time as the HDMI?

3) Is it possible to record some shows in HD and some in SD?

loracweb 2012-09-14 01:14 PM

1. It would be 90 hours total. There is just one unit that actually has the hard drive, and the clients talk to that unit.

2. Probably, but someone who actually owns a unit would need to confirm this.

3. There wouldnt be any reason you couldnt record in both HD & SD at the same time.

Early adopters should expect a fair amount of buginess given the history of previous Pace units on both Shaw & Cogeco.

jamcan 2012-09-15 09:48 AM

Well, my installation is today. Scheduled window is between 8am & 5pm. Thanks Cogeco...LOL. I'll keep everyone posted as to how it went and how the hardware preforms.

jamcan 2012-09-15 08:36 PM

Well, install was completed at 1:30pm and it's now 7:30pm and I have missing channels on all of my boxes and absolutely NO HD reception on my home theater TV STB. "NOT AUTHORISED" on channels that I should be receiving with my cable subscription package. Already been on the horn to Cogeco 4 times and now on for the 5th ...... STAY TUNED!!!!

Slimer 2012-09-15 11:22 PM

My install happened yesterday (Friday).

Everything went well enough. 3 TV setup was done in an hour and a half. No complications arose. I have all channels. Program guide did take a few hours to populate. I do like the new remotes. They control a few brands of TVs right away, which was causing the tech problems with my Samsung TVs. (They would keep shutting off when he was cycling power to the Pace boxes.)

The tech picked up on the fact I knew more about the equipment than he did. He said he and his co-workers had a 20 minute meeting about how to do the WHDVR installs. In fact, he had a co-worker show up to see how he had done it.

I do like the mDVR function so far. There are a few things that I noticed that are different than the conventional DVR unit.

There is a slight lag in pausing live TV. Not a biggie, I will get used to it. Also, he put the NAS unit on top of one of the cable boxes. I am not sure this is a great idea because it may cause heat issues. I am going to move it to the side of the cable box. Also, the NAS front lights are very bright green. Once again, I will deal with it, and likely not notice them soon. However, now that I know how the install goes, I should have had him put the unit in the office where the cable is coming into the house. There's no need for it to be close to a TV anyway.

I also have to say, I was very disappointed that there isn't a more up to date interface in the Cogeco software for these Pace boxes. I know I shouldn't be surprised. How hard is it to give us a proper UI that doesn't look like it came from 2002? Oh's the same UI from 2002! And it looked old then. Crap.

But other than those quibbles, the function of it is working very well. So far so good.

Keaters 2012-09-16 01:19 AM

Cogeco WHDVR Pics

NAS Hard Drive on top of the RNG 150N HD Receiver

The New CHAMPION Remote

Regular Guide that Cogeco says is revolutionary - NOT

The new mDVR Guide for the Whole Home DVR

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