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jamcan 2012-05-28 12:52 PM

Cogeco Whole Home PVR
Has anyone heard or know of Cogeco coming out with the possibilities of their STB's to work as a whole home PVR like Fibe TV offers? Cogeco is way behind in the times in regards to offerings from Bell (Fibe TV whole Home PVR) and Rogers (NextBox).

dr dave 2012-05-31 01:59 PM

Whole House DVR
Cogeco today announced new enhancement coming soon:

- Remote Recorder enables one to set up and manage recordings online

- Whole House DVR with up to 3 connected devices

No word as to hardware but hopefully it will consist of enabled Pace boxes

Andicus 2012-05-31 02:26 PM

That's great news!

Where did they announce it?

rickardsred 2012-05-31 02:56 PM

They still haven't got a firmware that works properly for the current PACE boxes, and the old Motorola boxes STILL have their share of bugs and glitches and those are what, a decade old now???

Let's just say I don't have high expectations....;)

dr dave 2012-05-31 03:03 PM

Whole Home DVR
Mailing today for Burlington/Oakville customers

rickyb 2012-05-31 10:20 PM

Hopefully it's this new Pace/Tivo model!:

Danno100 2012-06-01 11:36 PM

I have Cogeco but gave up long ago hoping they would have a whole home solution. For now, Media Centre and a bunch of Apple TV's (jailbroken) let me record and playback with 7 TV tuners (OTA HD, clearQam and analog) and 4 GB of storage. I wish Cogeco would provide that kind of functionality.

Zekes 2012-06-06 09:34 AM

Anyone have a link or a scan of the mailing they received I'd love to take a read! I didn't receive anything in Georgetown.

loracweb 2012-06-06 10:33 AM

From what I've heard, this will be enabled on the rng200n as a firmware update.

dr dave 2012-06-09 03:30 PM

Whole House DVR
I think you are partially right.

I understand that there will be an interface device( called jayhawk) which will incorporate a NAS and allow utilization of connected STB's tuners either by coax or cat 5/6. This device will "see" connected STB's tuners and assign/share free tuners to view or record as required( up to 6 recordings and 2 viewings simultaneously). All connected STB's will be able to play back and manipulate recorded data from the NAS.

The issue is none of the Pace STB's available through Cogeco are compatible with the interface other than the RNG200 which is strange since it is a stand alone recorder. So different(but existing)Pace Boxes will be required . Disappointing since many have purchased non-compatible 550d's ,for example.

HydrogenCyanide 2012-06-11 11:12 AM

I'd love more information on this. I'd switch from Bell in a heartbeat. Let's hope this available in some of the smaller locations as well (Ridgeway/Fort Erie) and not just in Burlington/Oakville.

dr dave 2012-06-11 01:11 PM

Whole Home DVR
While officially announced, there is no mention of the timing of introduction. In fact ,there is no confirmation that Cogeco will remain with Pace and it's related platform.

I am sure that the majority of Cogeco subscribers don't care about this or own equipment, but ambiguous announcements such as this only serve to create hesitation in the subscriber base. The announcement was probably meant to create exactly this hesitation and prevent migration to competitors who have these features.

Andicus 2012-06-11 03:22 PM

I asked about this at the storefront in St. Catharines last week. The rep said that they did plan to get it here, but had no information on dates.

HydrogenCyanide 2012-06-11 10:00 PM

It is very strange that they announce something with no dates or information. That is usually considered back practice. Very strange

loracweb 2012-06-19 12:48 AM

Interesting to note that the RNG200N is no longer listed on the BestBuy website, and only a few select locations for FS.

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