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nitrodigital 2012-03-13 09:58 PM

MTS Throttling speeds?
I recently had the experience of my consistent 5 mbps lightning speed connection suddenly drop down to a solid 3 mbps for no apparent reason.
After calling MTS tech support twice and trying the typical direct connect from the modem, i persisted until the young lady dug into my account and came back to tell me my account had been limited to 3mbps DL speed. When i asked why she couldnt give me an answer except it had a line problem and it was reduced to help the (town i live in) be more stable...when asking her if it is just me that was reduced or the whole town, she couldnt tell me. I told her i wanted to talk to her boss, and she told me she couldnt do that. When i asked her for her bosses name she told me she couldnt tell me! Now this is when i am starting to get really $%^#*& off. After she realized i am getting hot she told me it is just me that had my speed reduced, i demanded to speak to her boss. After waiting a while a pleasant lady by the name of Holly came on line. She explained to me that my line had dropped 24 times in several days (although it has been rock solid 5 mbps for years). I then said "so you just reduced it without telling me?" without an email, or a phone call ? I asked how long was this to last and am i going to get a reduced monthly rate? She told me she had to check with the technical guys. She came back and told me because the line was dropping the system automatically reduced my speed to 3 mbps. I told her my line never drops, i use voip and if it drops i would know about it. I asked her when they are coming out to fix the line? She then spoke to the tech guys again and then came back and told me they would put it back to 5 mbps and i should call if i have any problems. I also mentioned i cant talk on the phone and surf the net at 3 mbps so they screwed me up without even a notification as to what they were doing. That being said after 3 days of lightning speed light internet i am now back to the consistent normal 5 mbps connection. Holly was very professional and did her job well, and as of now i am back to being a happy mts customer. The reason i am posting this here is to share this experience and see if anyone else has had this same experience and do you believe the speed was automatically lowered because the line dropped several times?

Macman 2012-03-14 09:38 AM

Sorry to hear of your troubles. I just wanted to say that the speed reduction was probably automatic by the modem to compensate for line quality issues which arise from time to time on copper telephone lines from corrosion, damage, etc. I dont know why they didnt explain it that way. The speed adjustment happens quick enough that most people wouldnt know it unless they were using the internet at that time. The connection does drop for maybe a minute or less. If the line problem gets bad enough it will drop and reconnect often so consider yourself lucky that it is not that bad yet.

I hope they can resolve the line issue so you will stay at 5 mbps because if they just bump i back up to 5 manually it might start dropping the connection.

Good luck!

SomeRandomGuy 2012-03-14 09:40 AM

From what I know, MTS does not throttle speeds, but I am pretty sure I know what you are talking about, since this happened to me a number of years ago. Apparently their system (for lack of a better term) is "self-healing". If your getting too many errors it automatically adjusts to be more stable. That is likely why you never noticed a problem on your VOIP, as the system just fixed itself when it detected problems.

You would not have got an email or call, because it is not something that is monitored.

I asked them to do the same thing for me which was put my service back up to a faster profile manually, while they will do that, it was explained that at the faster speed my line would be more prone to errors and the end result is usually re-transmission of dropped packets and in effect slower speeds even with the faster profile. Sure enough, I ended up with more problems at the faster profile that I did with the slower profile that I was automatically switched to, and in the end I had them move me back to the slower profile to fix those issues.

Luckily it was short lived, as they upgraded my area for TV, and with it I got even better Internet service.

Mozza 2012-03-14 12:13 PM

When I was having line troubles last year, this happened to me at the start (it ended up being a physical line issue outside, took my whole range of services down for a week!)... they said it was an automatic process, easily reversed.

Don J 2012-03-14 02:08 PM

I've been tracking my speeds for a while ( Lightning ). Around Christmas it peaked at close to 11.0 Mbps but recently it's been down to between 3.0 - 5.0 Mbps.
I like 11.0 a lot better !

mbhydro 2012-03-14 04:07 PM

Now is the time it might start dropping as moisture gets into the distribution cables with the spring melt. U/G cables can be worse depending on how high the ground water is.

nitrodigital 2012-03-17 02:01 PM

Thanks for all the great answers! Sounds like others have had the same thing happen. I just wanted to confirm that this was indeed what they said it was and not just some speed reduction because i used up too much bandwidth as the first response i got was it was reduced to stabilize the connection for the rest of the town, as if my downloading was affecting my neighbors connection or something. I have overhead lines so it's not the underground moisture thing. Although i have no recollection of my line dropping i must admit though at 5 mbps my dumeter shows a graph with little spikeys as it variates from about 4.9 to 5.1 and occasionally up to 6.1. When they set it at 3.0 i knew something was up on their end because my graph showed a solid block exactly at 3.0 with not even one little spike higher or lower, that is how i knew it was limited. Yes i assume it was more stable at 3.0 but never have any problems at 5.0 and i sure notice how much i mikss those 2 mbps when they cut them off. Like i said everything is back to normal and i am a happy camper. However, if it happens again and i dont get it restored, i would be demanding a 40% reduction in my subscription fee to go along with the 40% reduction in speed. If that isnt possible and i am backed into a corner i would have to look elsewhere for my service. I dont anticipate any problems and if there is maybe they need to look at fixing the line outside because i have been running stable 5 mbps for probably 10 years now, things should be getting better , not worse in my opinion, unless there is a hardware failure. Thanks again for replies.

nitrodigital 2012-06-08 07:52 PM

They are at it again
Now my speed has dropped back to 2.5 mbps, cut in half.
Same as last time. Seems when i download too much stuff i get punished but they make up some bogus excuse. I am online on hold waiting for tech support again, i hope i dont have to get upset to get the supervisor to put my speed back to what i am paying for like last time. Im really getting sick of this and ready to switch over to shaw. Sick of the lies more than anything. Youd think i was dealing with a bank or something.:mad:

Dr.Dave 2012-06-08 09:21 PM

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I don't think MTS is throttling your connection. After some other ISPs (not MTS) were caught throttling, the CRTC developed rules that ISPs had to make their throttling policy public.

My guess is you are having intermittent line problems that cause the modem to back off until it can operate stably. The problems could be caused by moisture even if you have overhead lines.

I would request MTS do a line test and swap the line if there's a spare pair available.

mbhydro 2012-06-08 10:44 PM

As Dr. Dave says it may be weather related. Not sure where in Manitoba you are but there have been areas that have had heavy rain over the last few days.

If the problem goes away in a few days on its own after the sun comes out, or if you call and get the profile reset and then the speed lowers again after a prolonged rain or in the spring after the thaw you have a line problem between your modem and the DSLAM.

MTS may have to get a cable splice crew out as most service techs don't appear to have the right type of test equiptment to scope the lines on their vans.

Do you have any noise on your voice line? If so cracking or popping is an indication of a wet line and you may have better luck having MTS fix it for that instead of line speeds.

Macman 2012-06-09 08:23 PM

It could also be the line from the pole to the house, which might be squirrel chewed or something. That is probably a better scenario than the pair you are working on going back to the central office or street side cabinet.

I agree, have them remotely test the line and ask them nicely to send a technician out. A good tech will go over everything inside and out with a fine tooth comb.

If it's not done yet, they should install a central line filter where all your phone jacks terminate, install a phone block if the wires are all just twisted together, etc.

If you had a consistent 5 meg connection, something is wrong. DSL can reach 5km from the source (although anything over 3 I think will only work reliably on a lower speed like what you are getting now)

Anyway, good luck. Let us know.

nitrodigital 2012-06-30 12:26 AM

Still the same
Thanks macman, mbhydro and dr. dave,
I had them come out and check the lines, they left a note on my door saying the problem in inside the residence. For the last month i have been fluctuating between zero and 4 mbps and had to reboot my modem every 10 minutes or so because of disconnects. It is a super old speedstream 4200 siemens modem. So i i figured the modem is toast and went and picked up a new one today. The actiontec i just hooked up is stable but my speed is a consistent 2.0 mbps across the board. I use DUmeter and when i see a straight line like that on the graph i know it is limited from the source at that speed. Called tech support several times and told them about how apparently their system automatically drops your speed when often disconnects and asked them to set it back. The guy told me he never heard of it, but i told him i was told that by no less than 5 tech suppost people and their boss. Again he put me down for a service call if it doesnt get fixed soon but as of now i have a graph on dumeter that hasnt budged from 2.0 mbps download is 3 hours! Hasnt even moved .1 of a mb.
What really frustrates me more than anything is i cant recieve incoming calls on my voip i can only dial out, and MTS seems to be in no hurry to fix this.
This is the problem when you have a monopoly, crappy customer service, if there were more isps this problem would be fixed long ago, this is the way the world is going now unfortunately.

nitrodigital 2012-06-30 12:43 AM

one more
one more thing i forgot to mention is i have been an mts internet customer for about 10 years now with consistent , rock solid performance, but this last month and a half has been pure hell. This is not the way they should treat a paying customer and i really deserve a refund and am going to contact the CEO if i have to to demand a refund for the bad service they subjected me to. I also want to add i will never subscribe to their ripoff phone service again because my internet is slow, i will go with shaw, satellite or whatever just to avoid giving this company my hard earned money. For those of you that have a good internet connection i suggest getting a linksys PAP2T adapter and going with for your phone, you will be amazed at how good it sounds and and how much money you save. You cant tell the difference from a normal MTS phone 2 cents/

nitrodigital 2012-06-30 12:59 AM

I have decided i will give MTS 1 more month to fix this situation, if it isnt i am gone. I cancelled my phone and went with and have never been happier. If they continue to provide inadequate internet service i will cut the cord from these parasites indefinitely and im sure i will feel the same.

nitrodigital 2012-07-01 09:25 PM

Well surprise surprise, today my speed went back to the normal 5.0 mbps across the board (zero fluctuation). You know i really hate to badmouth anybody on the internet but i was at the end of myrope and i was hoping some MTS person might be reading my message and decide to do something about it. Whether it had anything to do with it or not i am happy to say for the first time in about 3 months i have my normal speed back, ;) This proves to me what i have felt from day 1 , MTS has the ability and will throttle your internet speed based on your connection and or modem capabilities at that given time. I just feel sorry for all the poor schmucks that dont run a DL meter and dont realize they are being ripped off of bandwidth without knowing it. For myself i will always run a utility such as DUmeter to see what is going on. Thanks for all your help guys. Nitro

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