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Mozza 2012-02-05 12:59 PM

Output question - composite/HDMI
Hi folks,

Quick question - I'm thinking of picking up a used Slingbox to stream TV to my phone with. Problem is - I only have one PVR-box in the house.

If I hook up the Slingbox with composite cables, while having HDMI hooked up as well, will it output to both sources simultaneous? I don't care if we are watching the same thing, I just want to know if I will get two displays with one box...

mtsguy 2012-02-06 12:50 AM

by composite i'm assuming you mean Yellow/Red/White cables. This comes up alot. all the outputs are working all the time, heres were things get tricky tho; If you have the box outputting in HD through component or HDMI the STB is goign to be outputting in a 720 format and if you use coax or composite or svideo its not goign to fit on the screen. some stuff will get cut off. if you are using HDMI you can try and have the TV at the other end of the HDMI shut off and see if the STB switches to 480 on its own.

SomeRandomGuy 2012-02-06 09:57 AM

I have a Slingbox, so here is what I can tell you.

As mtsguy said....

All the connections work off the back of the set top box at the same time.

Option 1
you can hook up the slingbox to the Composite (R/W/Y) but if your TV is in 720 or 1080, the picture is cut off on the sides, so you can use the menus or guide from the the Set Top Box. - not reccommended

Option 2
If you use the Component (R/G/B, R/W) for the Slingbox and HDMI for the TV, both the slingbox and the TV get an HD signal and it works fine. Sometimes I would get an unauthorized HDMI message on my TV. It would not happen very often but if it did, I would unplug the Component from the Set Top Box and it would be fine. Then plug things back in. - it works

Option 3
If you use Component for both the Slingbox and TV, it also works fine - I ended up going this route for my setup, but option 2 will work fine as well.

Hope this helps

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