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PFD 2019-05-10 11:07 AM

Hey guys, bit of help before I negotiate the world of Rogers.
So last year I upgrade my Internet plan from an old grandfathered 80 Gig a month plan that I was over paying for, and the decent tech I chatted with sold me on year long promo that was called Rogers Ignite 60 Unlimited.
It's $85.99 but I get a $31discount. However they charge me $8 for Enhanced Home Rental modem rental for a total of $62.99

Now, as I'm almost to the end of my promotion term, I go online to see what promos I can get. I see that the Ignite 60 Unlimited is no longer available.
They have several unlimited plans, the lowest of which is almost cheaper than what I'm currently paying Ignite 75u $69.99 and includes modem rental.
I don't really know what those numbers mean (I think it's download speeds); but what I'm asking is is the Ignite 75 comparaable to the Ignite 60 Unlimited plan? Is the full Ignite 60 plan ($85.99) over priced?

57 2019-05-10 11:39 AM


Originally Posted by PFD (Post 3080055)
I don't really know what those numbers mean (I think it's download speeds); but what I'm asking is is the Ignite 75 comparaable to the Ignite 60 Unlimited plan? Is the full Ignite 60 plan ($85.99) over priced?

Ignite 75 is 75 mbps download and 10 mbps upload, unlimited, so it's a bit better than your 60.

I've recently switched to the Ignite 75 plan and get 95-100 mbps down and 10 up consistently. I was previously on a very old 30/5 with 125 GB cap plan. Internet prices have been dropping if you stay at roughly the same download speeds.

DonR 2019-05-10 04:24 PM

Same as 57, I am now on Ignite 75, but I get 95-100 mbps on a regular basis. I downgraded from Ignite 150 (to save money on a bundle with TV), and honestly 75 mbps is good enough, provided you don't have too many users at the same time. As for the price, with Rogers you never know.:rolleyes: Different people get very different prices all the time. You will typically get a better Internet price when it's bundled up with cable TV. For Internet only, I'd check other providers and compare their prices. That may give you a somewhat better negotiation position.

Gentleman 2019-11-12 06:14 PM

Maybe an act of desperation but a bona fide Rogers employee with identification came to our door the other day to try to win us back.

He had an offer of $40/month for 75/10 unlimited package. I couldn't find anywhere on the documentation he supplied as to how many months that $40 would apply even though the price had an asterisk beside it. Looking online, that package isn't listed on the Rogers website. My guess is this offer was only good for 6 months and then the price would likely double. On paper the deal looks good, in the long run, not so much.

Now, if they want to provide that package for 36 months or longer.........

ExDilbert 2019-11-12 06:25 PM

The door-to-door internet deal I got for Rogers was good for several years. It was a win back from a TPIA and I played hardball until I got the deal I wanted. When that expired I was able to get another discount. Just call when the contract is almost up. Rogers will often match TPIA pricing.

habskilla 2019-11-20 09:34 AM

Rogers has offered me many great deals to come back, but I can't. There is no way I can live with a 10 upload speed.

gdkitty 2019-11-20 09:42 AM

I guess with people who are trying to stream HD/4k.. a higher upload is needed.

But probably more than 3/4 of average internet users.. its more than enough.

Its funny that even less than 10 years ago.. like 256k was the norm/most you would ever see. LOL
(Heck, I was on the BETA for rogers high speed internet.. when the high speed DOWNLOAD was 256k)

57 2019-11-20 11:10 AM

10 mbps upload should be fine for the vast majority of people. I run just fine on my 75/10 plan which gives me actual speeds of 95/11 all the time.

For downloads, a 4K stream is around 25 mbps and HD is about 5 mbps. People pay for gigabit streams all the time when it's usually totally unnecessary and there aren't many websites that can even stream at that rate.

I guess if you're torrenting (up) or saving to the cloud constantly, it might be an issue.

ExDilbert 2019-11-20 08:58 PM


There is no way I can live with a 10 upload speed.
The Ignite 150Mb, 300Mb and 1GB plans all have upload speeds over 10Mbps. The upgrade price may be cheaper than what the Rogers web page suggests. I agree that Rogers needs faster upload speeds than is offered for people who require it. Some ISPs have upload speeds up to 1Gbps.

JamesK 2019-11-20 10:04 PM


Some ISPs have upload speeds up to 1Gbps
That depends on how you're connected. Gb requires fibre. If he's on coax, he limited by the upstream bandwidth, which is considerably less than downstream.

gdkitty 2019-11-21 09:39 AM

Coax, with full docsis 3.1 implemented, I think technically can do up to 1g or close...
But it will be quite a while, before thats fully implemented. Hopefully as it is, they will increase speeds.

Any ISP that does have 1gbps upload, is likely on a direct Fiber connection.
(which likely has a much more smaller coverage area comparatively)

JamesK 2019-11-21 10:30 AM


Coax, with full docsis 3.1 implemented, I think technically can do up to 1g or close...
That depends on how much of the cable bandwidth is allocated to upstream bandwidth and how many customers are sharing it. Back in the analog days, upstream was below channel 2, which started at 54 MHz. The entire cable plant was built to support that. I don't know the details of the new digital system, but unless all the filters in the system have been replaced, the available frequencies are still below 54 MHz. The amount of data that can be carried in that depends on the limits set by Shannon and Nyquist. And this is before we get to the fact that it's a shared medium. Even on Gb Ethernet, if there are more than one user, then the average bandwidth will be less than 1 Gb.

Don't forget there are other services on the cable that have to share the available bandwidth.

ExDilbert 2019-11-21 11:13 AM

Shared bandwidth has not been an issue since Rogers rolled out FTTN. In addition, lots of bandwidth was freed up with the removal of analog TV and the conversion of some digital TV channels to IPTV. I would guess that the limits on upload speeds are either due to existing equipment that is restricted to certain frequencies for upload or that it is a political decision to restrict consumer uses of cable bandwidth.

JamesK 2019-11-21 11:45 AM

If you're in an area with overhead cables, you can see line extenders (Linex, as the techs call them) hanging from the cable. These are large cast aluminum boxes, with multiple cables connected to them. In those boxes are amplifiers, one for each direction, filters to isolate the directions and splitters. The downstream traffic passes through the high pass filter and upstream through the low pass. Unless they've changed all those filters, the low pass cuts off below 54 MHz. There is no way you're going to get 1 Gb upstream from multiple customers as long as those filters are there. There are also issues with the method used to handle contention that further reduce available bandwidth. And yes, I know about FTTN, as I have worked on this system and others. There are many customers connected to each node, which where the fibre terminates So, have a chat with Shannon and Nyquist to see how you can get all that bandwidth, while also supporting TV, phone, alarms and more.

As an experiment, try monitoring the Ethernet connection from a cable modem in bridge mode. Take a look at all the ARPs to get some idea as to how many users there are on your segment. Since you're running pfSense, you can use the built in Packet Capture to do that.

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