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57 2011-12-24 12:23 PM

Rogers Atlantic Programming and Packages Discussion
This thread is to discuss programming and packages available from Rogers in Atlantic Canada.

This is the thread to post in if you are investigating changing your programming on Rogers or investigating what is available on Rogers.

foggy182 2012-04-16 06:22 AM

minimum sub, sports pak only?
I own my SD box, and currently subscribe to the VIP package and the super sports pak. I am thinking about downgrading to the super sports pak only. Is this possible, or do I need a minimum sub?

foggy182 2012-04-17 06:16 AM

Anybody? Yes, I know that I could phone Rogers and ask, but b4 doing so I was hoping that someone could provide a heads up.

Kloraff 2012-04-17 10:07 AM

You need to keep a basic cable package in order to get any extra programming such as the super sports pack. Dropping VIP for digital basic would save you about 30$ per month.

foggy182 2012-04-20 09:09 AM

Thanks for the info. A few followup questions. Remember, I own my SD box.
1. I tend to watch the sports pak for only 7 months a year. Can I discontinue it for 5 months and then easily reinstate it? Can I do this online? (I looked, and I couldn't see how.)
2. Can someone give me a listing of the exact channels that are in the digital basic and digital plus paks? Again, I did look at the Rogers web site, but I couldn't find an exact listing.
3. Is Cdn and US timeshifting included in digital basic or digital plus packages?.

PokerFace 2012-04-20 05:55 PM

I don't know the answer to all your questions, but the Canadian Timeshifting channels appear to be part of Digital Basic (Note: I checked the Rogers website for only some of the various regions covered by Rogers).

In Ontario (at least in Toronto), I can get the American timeshifting channels (Seattle) by subscribing to the Premium Timeshifting Package ($1.99+taxes) ... it also includes the West feeds for some Canadian Specialty channels like Showcase and Comedy. You'll have to call Rogers to find out if it's available in your area (I don't see it listed online anywhere -- perhaps it's hidden).

For a fairly complete listing of the channels that the various packages contain, simply click the name of the package (listed in red: like Digital Basic) and then click the See more channels blue link that will appear. To change your region, simply hover your mouse pointer over the region that's currently listed near the top right corner of almost any Rogers page.
[The main Rogers packages ... select your region at the top right corner of page]
[Order Super Sports Pak]
[Note: If you see Newfoundland and Labrador listed as the region in top right corner of linked page, you can always change it to the region you want with your mouse.]

[Note: Call Rogers to see if they will set your Super Sports Pak to expire on a pre-determined date.]

foggy182 2012-04-28 03:39 PM

Another option that I am thinking about is to just discontinue my entire subscription (or put it in vacation mode or whatever they want to call it) for 6 months and then restart it again for the 6 months that I am in to heavy TV watching. Can I do this? I own my SD box.

woodsie 2012-09-01 02:52 PM

Anyone know which packages you need for some of these? Particularly HGTV HD? Seems me that I already have the SD version. AMC HD would of course be the best channel for me but this is good news nonetheless.

woodsie 2012-09-02 08:18 PM

What's funny is that I called Rogers tonight and asked why HGTV HD is coming up as a subscription is required in NB yet is included in DVIP in Ont. They told me the channel doesn't exist in NB nor do any of the others they added this weekend (Food HD, W HD etc).
Another case of the left hand not talking to the right again @ Rogers. I suppose they will sort it out in a couple of days. At least I hope so.

cjheeg 2012-09-04 12:20 PM

I am getting a msg telling me to subscribe to RDS when it is part of digital basic. HGTV HD is included with digital vip and I and also getting a msg about subscribing.

WFN HD and Wild Tv HD need a subscription to recive the HD feeds I assume.

woodsie 2012-09-04 07:17 PM

Just an update on this. HGTV HD is indeed included in NB's VIP. I just needed to reset my digital boxes from my Rogers Online overview page and HGTV HD came in within 5 mins. I figured it out because I remember having to do it one time before when they added new channels. You can also call and ask them to do it for you. Looking fwd to more HD channels soon...

CJ, your assumption is correct, WFN HD and Wild HD are part of a separate package.

cjheeg 2012-09-05 02:38 PM

I am just missing RDS now it looks like they took it away. But if there is no NHL I will not miss it. I watch the Habs on RDS.

bcornish 2012-12-21 06:25 PM

Aso looks like subscribers in Atlantic Canada lose again.
Rogers just added the Hollywood Suite in Ontario on channels 486-489
Free preview in Ontario only till March 31,2013

kirjtc2 2013-01-21 08:09 PM

So what package is RDS HD in now? Tried to watch it tonight and got a not subscribed message.

cjheeg 2013-02-08 01:38 PM

RDS is in a french package called variete or Franco Max.

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