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Boodaddy 2011-11-08 03:33 PM

Western Digital WD TV Live 3rd gen (Streaming Media Player)
Would the new WD TV Live (2011) version with wi-fi do the trick? It would give you two USB ports.

Edit: This is the thread for the discussion of WD TV Live Streaming Media Player.

Product Number: WDBHG70000NBK (aka Live 3rd gen).

Product Info



bench988 2011-11-08 06:11 PM

You are absolutely right ! This unit is brand new. Solve the problem of the usb port. Couldn't find any store that sell this except $129.99 at WD web store though. It is $40 more than the Live Plus. I am not sure I will go for this. As indicated at my original question, I would like to find out what kind of material I can get streaming on line without subscription.

Boodaddy 2011-11-09 09:10 PM

In Canada, I believe only Netflix as a major subscription.

I bought the unit at Best Buy. Future Shop also have them in stock. Nice update over the 2009 model I owned. Other than AccuWeather and YouTube which worked I can not confirm if the other services worked here in Canada.

bench988 2011-11-10 01:30 PM

Thank you Boo...
Just check BB site and they have it in stock. It is only $20 more than the Live Plus. Guess I'll get this (hopefully it would have a sale sometimes before X'mas) although I would not use this streaming feature much.

jschall 2011-11-22 08:16 AM

On the new WDTV Live Streaming product, is Netflix available in Canada? If not, will it be in the future?

lucrob 2011-11-22 02:16 PM

WDTV Live 3rd. Gen at Costco

I just picked one of these up at costco for $94. Cannot open until xmas tho! :(

I think I am reading the info correctly that with the 3rd. gen box and a non canadian VPN I should be able to access netflix and Hulu on this equipment. Can anyone confirm this for me.

Nice deal at Costco BTW if true. Also comes with HDMI cable.

bench988 2011-11-23 04:46 PM

hi lucrob. which costco did you get this ? went to markham branch an hour ago. they do not have them except lots of live plus.

lucrob 2011-11-24 02:25 PM

Found them at Costco Etobicoke on the Queensway between Royal York and Islington. They had lots as of last weekend.

And yes this 3rd gen WDTV live includes Netflx and Hulu, etc. They (WD) are currently selling two models. WDTV Live and WDTV Live Hub. No more confusing Live. Live Plus, etc...

Model # on my packaging is WDBHG70000NBK-NECS. The "NECS" references adding the HDMI cable and Costco packaging. Check the WD site this is the latest model.

name777 2011-11-25 04:00 PM

Does the 3rd gen play ISO images of DVDs?

name777 2011-11-28 01:30 AM

Got mine today from Costco in Heartland Center, Mississauga (Britania/Mavis). They had them stacked right beside Logitech keyboards, and DVD-Rs. $94.99.

Spike4881 2011-12-14 08:58 PM

Just picked one up from memory express (99.00) and found it a little frustrating to setup until I updated the firmware manually (Although I had internet access it said there was no connection for a remote update). I got it to replace my O!Play HD2, which was freezing up lately, and after I finally tweaked it to my liking, I found it to be a superior device. The menu layout, browsing speed and online features blow the Asus completely out of the water.

That limp sync adjust is the shiz too.

name777 2011-12-19 10:25 PM

I found that my unit shows pinkish pixels in the dark areas that usually are a sign of a bad cable connection. After trying a bunch of different HDMI cables the issue has not disappeared, so I'm going to Costco and exchange for another unit.

Spike4881 2011-12-20 08:50 PM


Originally Posted by Zero G (Post 1365507)
I have no networking issues with both of my Live Plus units, but I also don't use the newest firmware. Still waiting for the next firmware to come out to see if it is any better than the newest one.

I've just downloaded the newest firmware and it has some nice new improvements:

But Hulu isn't even listed as one of my services. Any guesses as to why?

Zero G 2011-12-20 09:11 PM

It looks like it just hasn't been included for the Live Streaming player yet. I have no idea why. I know that it is only on the latest firmware for the Live Plus, but I found too many problems with that firmware in my setup. They'll likely add it in an upcoming firmware.

Boodaddy 2011-12-21 03:56 PM

New Firmaware and iOS App
Downloaded the new firmware today & also did a "restore to factory settings" because of all the new changes. Also downloaded the WD Remote app. Nice to have this on your iPhone. The keyboard is useful.

No issues so far... ;)

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