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adrianjaye 2011-11-14 04:22 PM

Wind Mobile USB Internet stick
hi I'm a newbie here, and found the site by google, great lookgin site!

I have a wind internet stick and works fine on my win7 laptop

I have a few questions please.

1> Can anyone else "logon" or use my wireless stick when I am using the laptop, i.e in win7 I can see a list of networks, including the wind one I'm connected to , so can anyone esle do the same?

2> depending on the answer to q1, can I then setup a username/password to stop this

3> I also have a wifi samsung tv which I used with netflics, it has a usb port, but I coulndt get it see my wind stick and hence download netflics or use the other facilities on the TV

I;m sure I'm missing something here.

The wind stick is like a "cellfone"? i.e it has a sim and celfone number

cheers in advance for your help


hugh 2011-11-14 04:29 PM

1./ No, it's not a hotspot.

3/ It won't work with your TV. Your TV (if its WiFi enabled) can connect to a router.

TorontoColin 2011-11-14 05:46 PM

To elaborate on what Hugh said, the stick allows you to connect to other networks. Nobody can connect to you. It's not like wifi in that regard.

The USB port on your TV is almost certainly meant for connecting a USB storage device, not a network device.

TechGuy8 2011-11-14 07:21 PM

You can plug your Wind USB stick to a hotspot(Wifi) router. Your laptop and TV can share the same WiFi network if your TV has a LAN connection. You can use your laptop to feed movie to your TV over the network.

recneps77 2011-11-14 07:46 PM

To answer the last part, yes it's like a cell phone.
Voice calls are blocked, but you can still text. Check the software that comes with the stick to send/receive texts (costs $ to send, free to receive).
Or if you put the SIM in a wind/mobilicity(unlocked) phone you can text normally.

classicsat 2011-11-15 10:52 AM

Wind Stick + Computer with WiFi can be a hotspot if you set your WiFi in the computer as an ad-hoc access point, which I suppose you can secure and use with your TV or other WiFi devices. You can also use the Ethernet port on your computer directly, with Internet Connection Sharing.

adrianjaye 2011-11-15 01:46 PM

Hey Guy's,

wow, thanks for all the great support to a newbie.

(also very clear and concise)

cheers a lot
like techguy's idea, and that also makes sense (as now how and what the usb stick (i.e not a wifi spot)

yes the TV is wifi , so I can add either a lan hardwired or select a wireless (LAN/ROUTER/NETWORK)

might even just as this is temporary connect a long HDMI cable to the tv and do it like that,

but the techie guy inside me says.. go router :)

depending on costs and stuff may come back and ask about the wifi router solution


TechGuy8 2011-11-15 03:03 PM

My cousin got a Wind USB stick. He has an iPad without USB connection - just wifi. I had an Asus WL-520GU router doing nothing. This router has an USB port and is DD-WRT and Tomato compatible. I found a Tomato release with WAN support using USB stick.

I installed the Tomato firmware on my WL-520GU. Configure it to dial Wind network on power up. It has been working since May.
WL-520GU is around $30-$40. Tomato firmware is free.

You will hit the Wind 5GB limit very quickly if you download NETFLIX movies .

If you already has a wired ISP wireless router, you can get a DD-WRT compatible router and configure the DD-WRT as client bridge mode which serves as a wireless adapter for your Samsung TV connecting to your your main router wirelessly. BTW, Samsung sell wireless adapter for their wireless ready devices. But using DD-WRT router as wireless adapter, you can connect up to 5 wired only LAN devices such as Xbox 360 and you Samsung TV.

[Mod: If you think this post is off topic, please split it into a new thread. adrianjaye is interested with this approach. I think it is logical to put this info on this thread]

adrianjaye 2011-11-17 04:18 AM

hey hey woh there horsey.. a few too many bits of jargon, espcially at 3am :)

BTW I'm on wind unlimited.

I'll re-read your post later on , am sure it will make sense.

I have a 1 year old daughter who is tending to pull things off/apart or onto the floor. So any solution will need to bear that in mind.

I'm thinking I can plu something into the port on the TV, or VERY close to it. Then put the router with the wind USB somewhere else (this can be mains powered) then I can wireless my laptop to it anwhere in the house, and likewise, when the TV goes on, it gets a connection to the USB

if that makes sense, but I'll re-read your then get back to ya



TechGuy8 2011-11-17 01:11 PM

There is a limit for the unlimited plan. From Wind page, the $35 Surf-a-Ton has a cap of 10GB/month. Fair Usage Details

The plan, that my cousin has, is also unlimited. It has a soft cap of 5GB. Wind slows the download to 256kbps after he has used 5GB of data until the start of next billing cycle. Browsing at 256kbps is painfully slow!

recneps77 2011-11-17 06:27 PM

You just contradicted yourself :p

The top plans now have 10GB/mo before the throttling may be applied (I've been throttled once, and for only two days).

If you're using this for residential, it would make a ton more sense to get 5Mbps DSL or so. It will be consistently fast.
Mobile internet is meant to be used on the go or in areas without wired service.
And since you're in a Wind zone, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll have wired available too ;)

adrianjaye 2011-11-22 04:52 PM

hey there guy's,

once again loads of good advise.

Here's where I am at the moment and why

1> Wind mobile internet, just to get me out of a bind, its also pretty cool.
am on the unlimited, plan.

2> connecting the PC to the HDMI (used rthe existing connection didnt extend yet) and its a bit mank,, that is I cant use the other samsung wifi features, also the full screen isnt great.

3> The other features of the TV are so best controlled via the hand controller rather than the PC

4> I also have another pc which I use form time to time

so... its looking like I need to get either

1> A wireless/hub router for the wind stick and go that route
2> Go via a wireless/cable into the home

I think I will start another thread if thats ok, asking about comparisons.

(if thats ok MODS)

cheers Adrian

adrianjaye 2011-11-22 04:55 PM


To help our customers to manage their data usage, we will send them a text message (free of charge) notifying them of the application of the Data Fair Usage Policy after they have reached the data usage levels set out above and before we slow their speeds. Our customers can also take steps to monitor their own usage proactively. For example, our data stick customers can use the “Connection Manager” feature to determine how much data they have used monthly.

adrianjaye 2011-11-22 04:57 PM

upload download stats

up 269mb
down 22.72

up 358 mb
down 1.35gb

upload sp 227 kb
download sp 797 kb

tommy poverty 2015-02-17 11:26 PM

First, you don't need the wind software, you can create the connetion in dial up networking. Essentially that's all wind soft does anyway. Next, right click the connection go to properties and click sharing, select ethernet card. Run ethernet to router. Tada.

I enjoy very much, wish they'd offer a package with more data than 10 gig, it sucks when you get speed jammed, but 10 gig for 35 bucks cell data isn't bad. I might pay an upgrade on my buddy so that I can download with his too :)

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