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maia 2011-09-26 11:02 PM

Ultimate with 4 or more TVs on Cat5/6
Hello everyone

I have been reading this forum for a few weeks and must say, I have learned a lot here. With the wealth of information here I wouldn't have posted anything but I do have one question that was briefly touched upon by Mtsguy in another post and I kind of need a little more clarification.

The installers on this forum recommend running cat5 or cat6 instead of coax (rg6) to each TV but from my understanding, each TV must be on it own port on the 2wire. Because the 2wire has only 4 ports, how are 4 or more TVs hooked up using only cat5/6? Can I run one cat5/6 to the 2nd floor and then use an ethernet switch to split to two 1200's? Would this work or even be allowed?


Macman 2011-09-27 02:56 AM

It may work just fine, but it isn't something they support or have approved. So my guess is if you do it, and ever have a tech come out on a repair, they would want it set up the proper way.

I'd say do it on coax. As long as its done with compression ends and good RG6 cable, you wont notice any difference. That way you can split the signal further away from the 2wire

SomeRandomGuy 2011-09-27 10:25 AM

I ran CAT5 to all my TV's, From the RG, I ran one line to a GigE Switch from there I ran all my non-TV devices (XBox, Boxee, Bluray, Computers), But that left me only 3 Ports on the RG but 4 TVs. So I plugged in a 10/100 switch right beside the RG and plugged all the STB's into the switch.

Now as Macman said MTS doesn't support it, so they tested each STB connected to the RG, and I had to reconnect them to the switch myself after they left.

Been running that way for months with out any issues.

The beauty of my setup is that all my non-TV are in effect on a GIGE network and TV is on a 10/100, my non-TV devices only hit 10/100 when I access the internet.

Kritiker 2011-09-27 11:29 AM

So what is MTS' official way to handle more than three/four TVs using cat5e/cat6?

mtsguy 2011-09-28 12:10 AM

there is no official way to deal with more than 4 tv's on cat5. they are coming out with switchs that prioritize STB traffic over the LAN and in this case it would be approved. until then just use coax.

if it was my own house i would probably get a gigabit switch and just use that, as someone else posted they have it set up this way with no issues

in most cases i find mts is over paranoid to protect the end user's experience and ensure it is trouble free. but feel free to experiment.

maia 2011-09-28 08:59 PM

Thanks guys... your input was really appreciated.

I will go the route of coax for a couple of the stb's and then switch over all the stb's to a switch using all cat5e/6 on every stb as was mentioned.

I just wanted to confirm that this was possible.

again, thank-you

Dr.Dave 2011-09-29 12:21 AM

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There's no advantage to switch to Cat5/6 if everything works fine with coax. As Macman said, you shouldn't have a problem with RG6 coax and properly-installed ends.

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