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El Gran Chico 2011-09-05 10:22 AM


CBC executives will tell the CRTC that they won't be able to do it in a year, if ever, because they're not getting enough money from Ottawa.
Well, at least they are being more honest about it now. First it was there was no interest in OTA DTV (wrong! :mad:), then it was they'd rather spend the money on things like web content and 3D. Now they say what many on this forum have believed all along - it's all about getting more money from the federal government.

BCF 2011-09-05 10:42 AM

yes, always follow the money ;)

Although $1B+ per year is a lot of money, by anybody's calculations.

Now that the CBC has "come clean", we'll have to see what the CBC's decision is next June regarding London and other 'mandatory' markets/cities who were going to lose their CBC transmitters.

micah 2011-09-05 10:56 AM

Is june their license renewal

JamesK 2011-09-05 11:07 AM


Although $1B+ per year is a lot of money
Their claimed cost for conversion of the manatory transmitters is only 1% of that $1B. Also, as shown here in other messages, that cost is already somewhat inflated, compared to other broadcasters. If this had been a private company, they'd have been expected to put away reserves or make other arrangements (sell more shares or borrow) for the planned capital project.

Also, IIRC, serving all of Canada is part of their mandate, which means they cannot simply decide to not service those areas. Also they've already stated that the analog network is so old that the wheels are about to fall off. So, either way, they should have had an equipment replacement budget in place for several years by now.

Tzone 2011-09-05 03:04 PM

BCF 2011-09-06 07:26 AM

Somewhere in the CBC/SRC DTV Transition Status (closed) thread, there was mention that CBC's analog distribution network is coming to the end of its useful life in 2013.

In the July 2011 CBC proposal, the CRTC approved the CBC to continue analogue transmission in the 22 'mandatory' markets. I also remember reading that the CRTC directed the CBC to report back in June 2012. I guess we'll find out whether the CBC changed their digital conversion plans for the mandatory markets next June. (I hope so!)

If London and other 'mandatory' markets have their CBC transmitters shutdown, there will be huge CBC ota broadcasting voids all over Canada, in areas with large populations.

El Gran Chico 2011-09-06 08:12 AM

BCF, exactly my concern. Even if the transition wasn't mandated to happen, CBC would be facing a case where they'd need to do "something".

When the document below was written, there was no deadline set, but CBC must have known their infrastructure required replacing. I'm getting the impression they wanted special funding to implement this, but never got it, so they are playing this "game".

Humbar 2011-09-06 01:55 PM

Over time DTV equipment prices will come down somewhat. If they dont want to provide Canada wide coverage then they should have their funding cut appropriately. Remember CBC is mandated, unlike the private broadcasters. If the private sector broadcasters can convert and flourish on one source of income, that being advertising, then the CBC which has 2 sources of income can do it. This is all a sham, dont believe what the CBC is feeding you. The CBC lives a sub-culture of entitlement.

tvlurker 2011-09-06 02:17 PM

But the CBC lives in a different capital environment than private broadcasters. AFAIK, Crown Corps cannot borrow money for capital investments without approval of the Minister of Finance.

From the Financial Administration Act Section 127:

Particular borrowing
(3) No Crown corporation shall enter into any particular transaction to borrow money without the approval of the Minister of Finance with respect to the time and the terms and conditions of the transaction.

(4) The Governor in Council may, on the recommendation of the Minister of Finance, make regulations

(a) exempting a specified Crown corporation or a Crown corporation of a specified class from the application of subsection (3), either generally or in respect of any specified borrowing or any borrowing of a specified class;

(b) deeming a specified transaction or a transaction of a specified class to be, for the purposes of this Part, a transaction to borrow money; and

(c) specifying the manner of granting approvals under subsection (3) and the circumstances in which an approval under that subsection is deemed to have been granted in respect of borrowing by Crown corporations.

Limitations preserved

(5) Nothing in this section shall be construed as authorizing a Crown corporation to borrow money in excess of any limit established by any other Act of Parliament on the amount of money the corporation may borrow.

I know that the Broadcasting Act exempts the CBC from section 7 of the Fin. Admin. Act, but I don't know about any other regulations that may have been made.

downbeat 2011-09-10 02:45 AM

According to a viewer contact e-mail received by one of our members on the French forum, Radio-Canada is speeding up the move from Channel 12 to Channel 25 for CBVT-DT in Quebec City. This is as a result of complaints about poor reception on Channel 12 in certain neighbourhoods.

Trip 2011-09-10 03:30 AM

I didn't even know SRC was scheduled to move to 25 in Quebec. Had CBVE gone digital, I thought its assignment was to have been 25.

- Trip

downbeat 2011-09-10 11:54 AM

Indeed. There'd been insider chatter about this change for months. It was never noted in any CRTC or IC documentation. It finally showed up on CBC's DTV transition website, with the change scheduled for December. Now looks like it will be up much sooner. I'll share technical specs if I come across them ... Or perhaps someone else can dig them up first :)

Trip 2011-09-10 01:08 PM

So might they try to recycle the 12 gear for a CBVE digital signal then?

- Trip

downbeat 2011-09-12 06:15 PM

Further CBVT-DT news
According to a note in the French forum, Radio-Canada will turn on Channel 25 in Quebec City within a week or two. They are just waiting for the OK from authorities.
It will come on with relatively low power for now using the antenna for CKMI-DT (Global), until a higher-power transmitter/power upgrade is ready for the spring. Until then, Channels 12 and 25 will be broadcasting programming from CBVT-DT.

phannon 2011-09-13 06:09 PM

Has anyone here in the St. John's area noticed and / or have an explanation for CBC (CBNT-DT) having switched from "glorious" 720p HD to only pillarbox and windowboxed (4x3) in what appears to me to be 480 resolution broadcasts?

I noticed the switch a couple nights ago when nothing was widescreen (full) and the picture sure did not look HD. Did CBC just tease us for a while with HD or they having a problem? I assume they know the difference between the HD and SD feeds!

The news this evening (just over) was 4x3 and seemed to be SD in resolution.


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