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57 2011-07-30 02:57 PM

Videotron Analogue to Digital Migration (Area Specific)
I read in the OTA forum that Videotron has sent a letter saying that there will be a shift of some analogue channels to the digital tier. Does anyone have a copy of this letter or the exact details?

This is happening with all cable service providers as they need the bandwidth for additional services - VOD, more HD, etc. There are already existing threads on this topic in Shaw, Eastlink and Cogeco forums. So far there is no formal announcement at Rogers. Edit, it has been announced at Rogers Ontario and will proceed throughout 2012. There's a thread in the Rogers forum for those interested.

Most times the provider will (for now) keep a basic lineup of analogue channels shifting non-basic channels to the digital tier, sometime in stages, sometimes all at once. Sometimes they provide a free adaptor or STB to assist customers still on analogue, but who have more channels than basic.

Anyone with information on this process at Videotron is encouraged to post in this thread. This is not regarding the occasional channel that has been shifted to digital, but rather a series of channels - usually those over channel 30 or so.

I browsed the Videotron website and saw no mention of this - only the typical cable company line about cable customers being unaffected by the end of analogue OTA.

Please no CableCARD or clear QAM discussions - use existing threads.

nitra 2011-07-31 10:43 AM

Good morning 57, I did get a letter a few weeks ago, however it may not be the letter you're speaking about.
The one I got was exacty the same as mentioned on the Videotron website.
I am however only a digital client, so it's possible there's another mailer going out to analog clients.

57 2011-07-31 03:39 PM

A little birdie has provided some additional information (Thanks Birdie).

- This may affect some (low bandwidth) areas before others (Gatineau for example)
- Channels affected are those above channels 2-26, excepting 42, 58, 59, 65 and 70, which I assume are "must carry".
- Timing is roughly this September

Notices are being sent to affected analogue customers and the channel lineup may also have some other minor changes yet to be announced.

BerinG 2011-09-28 01:10 PM

I just found out about it now that the channels are gone. I think I have received a letter about it but I was sure it was about OTA not working anymore without a box.. but since we are not using OTA, I did not think it had anything to do with classic cable.

We have 2 STBs and 1 TV using regular cable straight to the TV in our bedroom. So essentially they are just removing the channels and thats it? Are they giving credits to users of classic cable?

Do I have to buy another STB, and have an installer come and make holes through my floors and ceilings to bring their own cable to our bedroom? (I already currently have a properly run cable through walls and attic.. but I'm fairly sure they don't use preinstalled cables) and on top pay an extra 2.99$ for the extra STB.

Not too happy about this.. I was under the impression that only OTA was affected by this change. Everytime they change anything, never really seems to advantage me and the more I think about canceling all services. Guess its my fault for not keeping up to date.

Apparently this is an issue only in the Gatineau area..

JamesK 2011-09-28 02:42 PM

This has absolutely nothing to do with the OTA change. Cable companies can drop analog when they choose. Doing it now is just bad timing, as some people will be confused.

BerinG 2011-09-28 03:22 PM

Yeah I understand.. I just meant I must've gotten the letter but for some reason I thought it had something to do with OTA.

Although it is not related at all.. we are still losing part of service with nothing in return.. only the cost of buying new STB, installation and then paying extra 2.99$ per box per month. I also get (or used to get) different channels on illico than classic cable.. I bet I'm not alone in this situation.

billpaidJr 2011-09-28 05:26 PM

don't forget the "digital access" fee that you must pay for that privilege you cant live without. You're welcome. :rolleyes:

TECHNOKID 2011-10-03 09:11 PM

Yes, I've been affected by this... Yet, I relied on the TV advertising that only OTA would affected and that if you had a provider the analogue service would still be provided.

On September 28th, I get home to find out I lost half of my service. On all of the faulty stations, Videotron mentioned the September 20th letter (which I never received, even took time to go back to my correspondence to make sure I didn't oversee such important letter). Next day talking with one of my client, same thing she never received the letter.

Finally managed to reach Videotron on Sunday (busy as hell)... Discussed the matter with the rep to be (politely) told what I was getting was not basic and had been getting a free bee. I was paying (for roughly 15 years) approx 17$ for some like 60 channels (2nd service) and he was now offering me a 10 channels package for 38$. :rolleyes:

I don't use HD for my TVs (only for HT) as they are both CRT TVs in excellent conditions and it would be nonsense for me to pay HD pricing so I politely asked the representative to terminate my Videotron TV service ASAP. He then asked me about my internet service, (wrong question ;) ) he shouldn't have asked, I told him to terminate this also ASAP! ;) I am now looking for avenues (will be looking at OTA, need to get my antenna out of retirement).
This gives me an excuse to finally get of the cable and see if OTA sastisfies me. I have yet to purchase a converter as most stores are either out or do not sell since they are committed to the service providers own equipment (IE: Brick, The Source and potentially Best Buy?). No biggy, our Canadian stores will not sell them? I will be patient and get one cheaper from the US!!! ; - )

Gatineau 2011-10-03 10:59 PM

Just like BerinG's, our second TV lost several channels last week, when Videotron went from analog to digital.

We broke down and bought a 2nd illico terminal (from Best Buy which sells them cheaper than Videotron), and got all of our channels back - and even a few more. Problem: our VCR no longer works. It seems that it is not compatible with the new terminal.

We called Videotron. At first, the technicians tried to help and suggested different ways of connecting the cables; but when it still wouldn't work, they told us that the problem was the VRC itself, which didn't "recognize digital signals", and encouraged us to purchase Videotron's digital recorder instead (I'd sooner cancel my account with them).

Still ....must I replace my beloved Pioneer 550 H VCR with a more recent model - even though it's only 3 years old? All suggestions welcome.

DSgamby 2011-10-03 11:04 PM

you hooked up the vcr to composite from the terminal and composite from the VCR to TV.

57 2011-10-04 12:53 AM


Problem: our VCR no longer works.
It will work just fine if you connect it per the following FAQ: A different VCR will not work any differently since you need the STB in the loop to record any digital channels since they are encrypted and they can't be tuned directly by any VCR.

expressmoria 2012-08-15 01:58 PM

Vidéotron no longer offering analog cable television service to new customers
From this article in the Gazette as of last week Vidéotron Ltd. stopped offering analog cable television service to new customers in the Montreal area.


Ending analog service will have an “enormous impact” on digital television and data service, Dessureault said. For every analog cable channel removed from service, Vidéotron can add two HD channels or seven standard-definition ones, possibly more. With the western side of Montreal having about 55 analog cable channels, that could mean more than 100 new HD channels being added to the grid that currently only has 71, or it could mean adding bandwidth to increase Internet service speeds.
For those of you, like me, who still have televisions connected directly to cable without an Illico box get ready to pay for new hardware in the near future.

JamesK 2012-08-15 05:17 PM

If Vidéotron is anything like Rogers, it will be quite a while from when they stop offering analog service to actually cutting it. IIRC, Rogers stopped offering analog a few years ago, but it's still on the cable. However, I expect it will be cut soon, as they're handing out "DTA" boxes, which can be used to receive SD signals on an analog TV. As I understand it, they only provide the channels that were available on analog.

Voodoocobra 2017-06-03 06:58 PM

Videotron analogue signal gone
Do we need some type of converter box to receive it again?

Phils 2017-06-04 08:09 AM


You need an illico box which you may get from them included for free. Alternatively from time-to-time, some people give away their old illico boxes on Kijiji as they move to HD or Fibe. I gave mine away about a year ago after I couldn't sell it for $10.

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