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Millstone 2011-02-17 05:28 PM


Originally Posted by Krydor (Post 1224245)
Nope, gradual roll-out. Mine hasn't been targeted yet.

I mean like if my unit ID was due last night, and I missed it, would that make the box not see a target going forward?

TJ77 2011-02-17 05:52 PM

No, it will continue to be targeted. That's is how it worked in the past anyway.

Krydor 2011-02-17 06:34 PM

Should also show the target of 4.06, so if it shows target 00.00, then don't sweat it

nathanp 2011-02-17 07:23 PM

My 630 was acting up all day yesterday, and I never thought of a update being the cause.

It "attempted" a recording at 9am (Feb 16th) but it resulted in a tuner freeze. The little red REC1 light was on all day. But I didn't notice until 4:50pm that it was on when it shouldn't have been.

At that point, I did my usual...unplug. The same thing I do on a very regular basis. Then I notices my "Upcoming" Recording list was blank. Going into the "Options" list I changed a few priories and the new list finally re-populated. This resulted in missed recordings throughout the night, frustration, and...the unit reset itself a few times during the "scheduling priories" function.

Hopefully it works well tonight. I will check to see if the firmware was updated, and is the culprit for the mess up and it has been resolved. I really don't want to get ANOTHER replacement!

Does anyone know if this issue was addressed: When coming out of a recording, your screen goes into the little corner view on the left. The rest of the screen being blue. It fixes itself when you press any button on the remote - its more of an annoyance than anything!

greatger 2011-02-18 08:46 AM

I have two 630's, and one of them was updated Thursday morning Feb 17, and the 2nd one hasn't been updated. It doesn't even show Target 00.01.
Why wouldn't both receivers be updated the same time. I assume the updates are sent out by region (area).

peano 2011-02-18 09:07 AM

My guess is updates are sent out by receiver number. It won't be by region. That would be impossible.

Krydor 2011-02-18 01:37 PM

Got the update. I have spent the better part of half an hour trying to crash it no luck. Saving changes takes seconds, not minutes.

So far, so good.

{edit part}

What the heck are OSS attributions?

rpokane 2011-02-18 01:56 PM

See post 20

canron 2011-02-18 02:55 PM

What a difference
I have 2 630's and have the update on one of them. It is very responsive, I can't freeze it up and it is very responsive. I have not encountered pixilation which was prominent before. I hope the update comes for my other one soon as it is in our media room.

takeaim 2011-02-18 03:45 PM

since it's been said that updates will occur in receiver order #, is anyone able to post a running tally of where we are at as far as # so people can kind of gauge when they might receive the update?

madmardigan 2011-02-18 04:48 PM

Hello SD 630 support,
Just wondering why the "gradual roll-out" of the update .There can't be that many 605's and 630's out there.
My 630 has missed many recordings over the last few days,and some are in the list and just won't play.
BTW,If the receiver is not targeted by friday,does that mean next week for the update?

Krydor 2011-02-18 05:32 PM

Just had the strangest thing happen: Had a nag screen come up saying the window to purchase show was closed. Was not watching a PPV, but a PVR'ed show.

Turned it off, and back on.

Ralph2 2011-02-18 11:09 PM

I am curious as well about the gradual roll out. Why? Is it so hard to send an update to everyone at once.. what is the process?

velix 2011-02-18 11:17 PM

JMHO, gradual roll out in the field makes sense if something unforeseen goes terribly wrong. You would not want to incapacitate every receiver at once if that ever happens. It's better to start slowly and if everything is right, then you can pick up the pace.

Sharper101 2011-02-19 11:35 AM

Sleep Timer....
I was really hoping for a 'sleep timer' of some sorts to be implemented through the update. I guess it's not high in demand. I'll cross my fingers for the next update! :cool:

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