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sharkus 2011-06-11 03:07 PM

Hello all,
My DC730 turned up the other day. Wired it up this morning, and waited, and waited, and waited. Message on screen about a service interruption and to call service provider.

I popped over to, saw a mention of device activation in the My Account portal, so logged in and it had picked up the device, and there was an option to request activation, tapped that, 45 mins later it activated itself. Not sure if I needed to do that, but if anyone else is having problems, could be worth a shot.

As for channel line up, I grabbed the line up from their listing pages.:
Burlington, Waterdown, Freelton, and Wildan
North Bay

What does miff me somewhat is that on my Sony TV upstairs, which has a digital tuner in it, I could get higher channels, for example, TSN on 93/95 point something. I know it worked two weeks ago, tried this morning, said the signal could not be decoded :( I do still get TSN on 59, but I was convinced picture quality on the higher number was better (digital vs analog?). Guessing the regular 59 might now be what the higher number was. Anyone know for sure?

sharkus 2011-06-11 06:48 PM

[Digital Adapter] Loss of a few channels
Hello all,
I installed the DC730 digital adapter box and grabbed a copy of the channel lineup for Oakville. The list indicates I should be able to access CP24 on channel 42, and The TV Guide of channel 72, however they are not present on my lineup. I cannot access them by directly entering the number, nor if I go one channel higher / lower and try and go up / down to them.

There might be others I am missing, as I have not gone through the whole list.

Is anyone else experiencing this, or is it just me?

CamDAB 2011-06-12 12:42 AM


Originally Posted by sharkus (Post 1272448)
TSN on 93/95 point something

Numbers with points or dashes in them via cable are being received with a TV's QUAM (spelling?) tuner, and are often quite transitory in both numbering and availability as they are almost always encrypted by the BDU. The decryption is done by the STB that gets the authorization from the BDU for each channel that matches your account. For obvious reasons, the TV can't decode them.


sharkus 2011-06-12 07:31 AM

Thank you for the replay. Guess I have been lucky in getting the higher numbered TSN in the past.

sharkus 2011-06-12 09:12 AM

An update for you. After leaving it overnight, I still did not have the following channels when the Digital Adapter box was connected:

18, 34, 42, 49, and 72

I called Cogeco and they too were somewhat miffed that I did not have them. They said that it might be because the turn off is still a little while away (July 18th) it could be that all of the channels have not been enabled. She reset the device and we checked and it made no difference.

I double-checked analog and they channels are fine.

She said she would open an ticket and reference my issue as others may encounter it. Her suggestion was to switch back to analog until closer to the turn off date and then try again, and if the channels still are not present to let them know.

57 2011-06-12 10:00 AM

Here's the FAQ on QAM Channels. After reading the FAQ, there's a link in there to the Cogeco QAM thread - please discuss that topic in that thread if desired.

bigoranget 2011-06-29 09:32 PM

Hamilton and Stoney Creek is scheduled for August 22, 2011.

This for the main city of Hamilton and lower Stoney Creek.

The former Northgate and Western Coaxial systems (North Hamilton, Westdale, Ancaster, Dundas, Upper Stoney Creek) have not been scheduled yet.

sailmaker 2011-07-18 04:19 PM

I have had my box up and running for about a week and one gripe I have is that DVD or VCR preprogrammed channels no longer record. The timer fires up the recorders but all you get is static lines or a BSOD. You have to hit the record button "live" at the preset time. Kind of defeats the idea of recording a program for later viewing doesn't it? sailmaker

57 2011-07-18 04:22 PM

sailmaker - here are the FAQ instructions for using a VCR or DVD recorder with a STB.

If the STB only has RF-coax out, then you need to connect that to the VCR, set a timer on the VCR, Set the VCR to record channel 3 (or whatever the output channel is on the STB) and set a timer on the STB (or leave the STB on, on the correct channel if it has no timer feature) so that it tunes to the correct channel. After you've done all that, then it will record properly.

If you wish a hookup as described in the main portion of the FAQ, you need a "proper" STB and not an "adaptor". So few people record using VCRs or DVD recorders any more, that this has pretty much become a non-issue.

sailmaker 2011-07-18 06:25 PM

digi/anni set top boxes for analog TV's
57: Thanx for reply ... I will try that tomorrow (it's cooler in the family room in basement :p). I had called the Cogeco hotline number and the CR said it was a common source of complaint as more and more boxes were set up. It was the CR who said the record button had to be pushed at start of actual program. I only record a single one-hour program 5 afternoons a week so not a case for a legit set top box.

Can we please all go back to those 14 inch b&w sets with the channel selector on the front? Life was simpler then. We kept our waists in trim by always getting up to see "what else is on". sailmaker

sailmaker 2011-07-20 09:29 AM

57: Went by the book per your recommendations (I was already in that exact setup by the way) and still nothing but static or BSOD. The green light on front of box is always on but I did turn off TV the night before with the TV button and not the on/off button on small remote that came with set top box. Also left TV tuned to desired channel (40 in my case). All other options are working fine. As of two days ago I began getting a bunch of digital channels that I never had before such as 555, all Rogers sports channels East, Ontario West and Pacific (Not SPN1 etc). Several OWN channels (one is plenty thank you). Also channel ID now includes call letters instead of just 10, 21, 42 etc. The good, bad and ugly digital world has arrived on my analog setup. :cool: sailmaker

57 2011-07-20 09:54 AM


Also left TV tuned to desired channel (40 in my case)
The TV doesn't come into play for recording. You need to leave the STB on the channel you wish to record. You need to set the VCR to record channel 3, or whatever channel you tune the TV to to see what's on the STB (the STB output channel). Do not set the VCR for channel 40 for example. You should be able to test the operation "live" by tuning the STB to channel 40, the VCR to channel 3, the TV to channel 3 and you should be able to record. If you can record that way, all you need to do is set the timer on the VCR properly and you can turn off the TV, but not the STB.

drock1998 2011-07-26 06:58 PM

Hey Everyone, I just got this box and installed. Works perfectly, now my Windows Media Center does not work anymore.

I re-configured the tuner card with the new box plugged in but it simply will not change the channels
has anyone been successful setting up this unit on a media center?

From Oakville, ON



drock1998 2011-07-26 11:15 PM

Figured it out. Thanks guys lol

Was just the speed of the channel changing that was effecting the system.

mrvanwinkles 2011-07-30 12:30 AM

Some notes for COGECO in Kingston:


1. Analog TV still "ON" in Kingston - but I highly doubt you can order it anymore. ( up to about analog ch 70 still "ON")

2. Analog Cable FM in Kingston - seems to have been shut off recently, around early July 2011.

3. Clear QAM / un-encrypted digital / unscrambled digital - with your own QAM tuner or QAM box - yeilds quite a bit. No HD currently - but lots of standard SD TV. Several out of town radio stations, and lots of commercial free music (Galaxie?).

[and picture quality is surprisingly good using clear QAM - even if it is only SD - since it is sent "digitally" to you from the cable co.]


Cogeco Kingston - Analog FM over Cable has been completely off since early July 2011 - best I can tell. We did have some FM radio stations of interest on there. ex. CHIN radio from T.O. / Espace Musique 102.5 air Ottawa / CHEZ 106.1 air Ottawa + a few others.

So there - I would consider that there has been some loss of Analog service ... loss of analog "radio stations" on cable FM.

Close family member still has full Cogeco analog TV service in Kingston- up to about channel 70 - from long ago - still working today.

Grandfathered - I'm sure - because I don't think you can order ANALOG service in Kingston anymore.

But I don't think they've started to remove any major analog TV channels yet in Kingston (other than the recent loss of Peachtree TV channel - but that is another issue I think).

I hooked up my own clear QAM tuner - and roughly speaking - Kingston's got all the analog TV lineup on Clear QAM (in SD, but nice clear picture since digital) - plus more. But no HD channels on Clear QAM.

Also on Clear QAM in Kingston - a few good radio stations from out of town, and commercial free music also on clear QAM - quite a few of them - mostly Galaxie I think.

But clear QAM can "GO" at anytime. Get encrypted / scrambled.
Also - constant channel moves / numbering changes / re-assignments on Clear QAM are noted in Kingston on weekly re-scans and reviews.

I have no idea where the BDU is going with Clear QAM in Kingston (or anywhere else for that matter).

... I guess it's just watch, and listen ... while you can. And re-scan often.

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