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57 2011-03-20 12:04 PM

PC21: The switch to OTA digital has no direct impact on what cable service providers do, as discussed in the following thread. The providers may use the (OTA) change as an "excuse", but the two are not directly connected in any way.

TheNit 2011-03-20 03:04 PM

To summarize...

- 2-70 on a NTSC TV tuner are analogue (ATSC/QAM as well?)
- 902-970 are those same analogue stations on a STB
- 2-70 on a STB are digital
- 81.3, etc. are those same digital stations on a ATSC/QAM TV tuner.

Having 902-970 being shown on a STB doesn't really use up bandwidth because they have to be there for the NTSC TV tuner anyways. Once everything is digital, it frees up bandwidth for other digital stations that use less bandwidth and 902-970 would go away.

I'm not sure in which forum/subforum I'm supposed to find the "FAQ - #3" that you suggested for "future".

57 2011-03-20 03:07 PM

I said see item 3 of that post, not FAQ 3. The link in item 3 addresses what may happen in the future re unencrypted QAM. Post 31 now also contains relevant info.

TheNit 2011-03-20 03:35 PM


Originally Posted by 57 (Post 1237197)
I said see item 3 of that post, not FAQ 3. The link in item 3 addresses what may happen in the future re unencrypted QAM. Post 31 now also contains relevant info.

Your reply said "5. Re "Future" see item 3 FAQ." and I still can't find the appropriate forum/subforum/topic with an item 3 or 31 that talks about unencrypted QAM or has a link to the same. I'm sorry if I'm getting you upset.

57 2011-03-20 04:17 PM

In post 28 of this thread, there is a link under item 3. That is all.

Post 31 of this thread was added after post 28 (obviously) and it contains some relevant information in a link that you may wish to review.

Is that clear now?

TheNit 2011-03-20 07:30 PM

Got it, thanks for putting up with me. As you might determine from my username, some people consider me a nit-picker.

Nick44 2011-04-05 08:00 AM

Date of new HD Channels
Could someone please tell me the date the new HD channels will be going live in Chatham.

MrWisker 2011-04-06 11:08 AM

I asked that question to a CSR last night and did not get an answer. I in fact called about the lack of Sportsnet One in Chatham and why we do not have that channel yet. I would like to be able to catch a few Blue Jays games this year.

All I got was...the area is undergoing upgrade to allow for new channels.

MrWisker 2011-04-20 11:29 AM

Well the wait for more HD channels in Chatham has finally come to an end. I was happy to turn on the tube last night and see many new HD channels in the guide.

I did not however see the new HD channels recently advertised (Oasis etc. . .).

I also noticed for the kids that Teletoon retro has shown up as well. I am not sure though how many new SD channels have also appeared in the guide with our recent change to digital.

Keaters 2011-04-20 10:21 PM

I am curious in the CHM area if someone can provide the Full HD lineup that Cogeco has?? I am curious to know!

MrWisker 2011-04-21 08:46 AM

This is what I am currently getting as of this week:

701 CTV (CFTO) Toronto, ON HD
702 CBC (CBLT) Toronto, ON HD
703 SRC (CBLFT) Toronto HD
704 CITY TV Toronto, ON HD
705 Sun News HD
706 Global (CIII) Ontario HD
707 CHCH Hamilton, ON HD
708 OMNI.1 HD
709 OMNI.2 HD
712 ABC (WXYZ) Detroit, MI HD
713 CBS (WWJ) Detroit, MI HD
714 NBC (WDIV) Detroit, MI HD
715 PBS (WTVS) Detroit, MI HD
716 FOX (WJBK) Detroit, MI HD
717 ABC (KOMO) Seattle, WA HD
718 CBS (KIRO) Seattle, WA HD
719 NBC (KING) Seattle, WA HD
720 FOX (KCPQ) Tacoma, WA HD
729 TSN2 HD
731 TSN HD
734 Sportsnet (Ontario) HD
735 Sportsnet (East) HD
736 Sportsnet1 HD
739 Leafs TV HD
740 NBA TV Canada TV HD
741 The Score HD
742 Speed HD
743 Golf Channel HD
744 CBS Sports Network HD
752 MovieTime HD
753 History TV Canada HD
754 TLC Canada HD
755 A&E HD
757 Showcase Canada HD
758 National Geographic Canada HD
759 Bold HD
765 CBC News Network HD
770 Discovery World HD (CAN)
771 HDNet
780 M (The Movie Network) HD
781 HBO Canada HD - East
782 MExcess (M3) HD
783 MFun! (M4) HD
785 Mpix (PIX1) HD
788 Super Channel HD 1
789 Super Channel HD 2
796 WSBK (TV-38) Boston HD

Keaters 2011-04-23 01:26 PM

Thanks Mr. Whisker....Now I am wondering where TSN 2, Sportsnet One, Big Ten Network and NFL Network are??

MrWisker 2011-04-23 08:26 PM


TSN2 is on 729
NBAHD is on 740
SN1HD is on 736

I am not seeing Big10 in my guide yet though. I am not sure why those channels were missing from list though as I took it straight from the cogeco TV listing website using my PCode.

kingjoca 2011-05-03 10:10 PM

looks like its time to get the stupid adapter
hey guys looks like in my area they are moving forward to cut more channels of the analog lines of cogeco... June 3 2011 there will only be a hand about 25 or so left on analog,,, why do i need a box when my tv has a built in ,, its all about money..

SteveB 2011-05-04 11:56 AM

MrWisker, what area do you live in?


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