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Jase88 2011-02-15 07:05 PM

It would depend if the digital channels are in clear (unencrypted) QAM or not. If so, you'll be fine.

Danno100 2011-02-15 08:49 PM

Well, you think the CRTC would protect customers and require cable co's going all digital to provide clear QAM signals. That would be nice and customer focused.

57 2011-02-16 12:38 AM

We have several clear QAM threads, so let's not take this thread off topic. Cogeco are supplying free STBs/adaptors.

travisc 2011-02-16 12:50 AM

These adapters tend to run in the $40-$50 range while a DCT700 (the cheapest Moto STB) tend to cost around $85.

crockett18 2011-02-21 04:38 PM

Windsor ?
A friend of mine talked to Cogeco in Windsor, about returning his Digital Box, and was told not to bother because by early summer all users will require a box. You will not be able to go simply from a wall plate cable directly to a tv.

Don't know if anyone else has heard about this?

CntdwnToExtn 2011-02-22 05:58 PM

Looks like the analogs are remapped to the 900's now.

CntdwnToExtn 2011-03-04 11:17 AM

Wow, I have noticed a HUGE difference in PQ. Not so much on the older tube TV's (27, 32") but on the 2 52" LCD's and 32" LCD.
Looking good so far and just might keep me from jumping ship now (as I was extremely close to satellite). Can't wait to see what's in store for the HD channels.

And just on a side note, seems it's clearQAM as HDHomerun picks them up, yay.

MrWisker 2011-03-04 05:06 PM

Now that Chatham has the 900's would I be able to pick up the all digital PACE DVR receiver? I want to purchase one and return the older Motorola to Cogeco as I am renting it. Or should I wait a few more weeks until the old analoge system gets switched to digital?


mcwoot 2011-03-04 05:26 PM

Yes. I bought the Pace HD receiver in Windsor back in December and as of a week ago I'm now able to receive channels 2-73 on it in Chatham.

TheNit 2011-03-18 10:00 PM

Analog versus Digital
With the conversion from Analog to Digital being announced (for sure), I am a little confused as to what we have already. On a digital box (Ancaster), what is the difference between channels 2-70 and channels 902-970? I believe I was told once that the 2-70 channels were digital and the 902-970 were analog but that can't be true because all US stations are digital and they show up in both areas and not all Canadian stations have both analog and digital yet. I beieve Cogeco just converts the digital signal to analog.

I guess one question would be, does it make a difference? Is the clarity of a SD station any better when it is a digital signal as opposed to an analog signal? Because I have a digital tuner connected directly to the cable, I will pick up digital stations and they don't seem any better than the equivalent analog stations.

57 2011-03-18 11:39 PM

1. The fact that the original channel is digital has nothing to do with whether the cable service provider gives it to you in analogue or digital format, so yes, the 900 channels are analogue.


2. The digital channels are typically of better picture quality and less affected by signal strength in that you either get them or you don't (except for a very small range of signal where picture breakup occurs). Digital PQ is affected by the amount of compression, so a much watched channel usually has good PQ while a little watched channel may have less bandwidth and more compression artifacts.

3. Getting rid of the analogue channels will free up a lot of bandwidth that can be used for better picture quality and/or more channels.

4. Digital channels are also better for PVRs because then the bits are recorded directly bit for bit instead of having to undergo a conversion to be recorded.

TheNit 2011-03-20 12:02 AM

57, not sure why you moved my post into a Chatham post because I'm asking about current service, not future service and not in Chatham. Someone looking through topics isn't going to answer my question because they wouldn't expect it within that topic.

You didn't answer the question as to the difference between channels 2-70 and 902-970 on a digital receiver. If they are both analog, why have both? Doesn't it use up broadband doing this?

I have a Pioneer Kuro with a QAM tuner to which I connect the Cogeco cable (separate from the digital receiver which I watch through component). When I do a scan I will get channel 3 (Global) and 81.3 (I assume Global Digital). It basically picks up any basic digital stations available with a digital STB (non-subcription, non-HD channels). Is there a difference between the two? Is the 81.3 channel a true digital feed? Could channel 3 be a digital feed that Cogeco converts to analog? It's strange because the US station such as WIVB in Buffalo (17 and 81.5) are all digital but 81.5 is sharper than 17 (on the QAM/ATSC tuner). Does something get lost when Cogeco converts it to analog to be shown on regular cable? I'm just interested in what Cogeco does to various inputs.

Talking about future service, if the cable is connected directly to a ATSC/QAM tuner, won't it pick up the digital stations like it does now? Realistically, if you have a HDTV, you wouldn't be using that kind of connection anyways, you would be using the component or HDMI connection from the digital receiver to get HD (unless the adaptor supplies HD). My wife prefers to watch TV through the tuner on the Pioneer because she is used to the stations as they are set up on the bedroom TV (no STB).

57 2011-03-20 01:02 AM

1. This thread is not Chatham specific, it's about Cogeco going digital, per the title - I will change the title some more.

2. Chanels 2-70 on the STB are digital, not analogue. They are analogue on an NTSC tuner TV without STB. These channels can be mapped to any number - the numbers are meaningless on the STB.

3. See the following FAQ on QAM. Note that different providers and different areas can get different channels and the unencrypted channels could be encrypted at any time.

4. Yes, any conversion is likely to lose you PQ.

5. Re "Future" see item 3 FAQ.

MrWisker 2011-03-20 11:29 AM

Just a quick note to remind people that as of March 21, most analoge channels in Chatham will no longer be available. Only a small subset of analogs will continue to be used.

PC21 2011-03-20 12:39 PM

Keep in mind that Canada is converting to all digital effective August 2011; similar to what the U.S. did previously. I recall there being a big push for analogue customers in the U.S to obtain a cable box or they would have no signal. I agree with some previous posts, it is likely that Cogeco is testing a few small markets regarding conversion before it becomes mandatory later this year in all markets.

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