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DavidT 2010-11-26 11:22 AM

I've had our Harmony remote configured to turn off our 200N when not in use for the last week. I haven't seen the HDD full message.

Where did you read about people getting this error on the 200N? I haven't seen any reports of it yet personally.

I can tell you that the RNG200N is dead silent when it's on though. It is a very well ventilated box so the fan never turns on and the 2.5" drive emits no noise whatsoever.

@wabamun I've had that happen on the 200N, 777D and the 6416. It happens very rarely, but it is annoying. There doesn't seem to be any pattern either. My guess is it's the Cogeco feed that coughs during the recording. When it does happen, it seems to be recordings of the western HD feeds, which are far from reliable.

Goldberry 2010-11-26 12:07 PM

If the RNG200N is turned off does it turn itself back on if a recording is scheduled. I got in the habit of leaving our 6416 on all the time as when we first got it if turned off scheduled recordings didn't happen.

wabamun 2010-11-26 12:33 PM

I turn off the rgn200 when not in use and have not had the hddfull message. Perhaps I'll try leaving it on and see if that helps with my problem recordings.
FYI, I never had this problem with the Moto.

I did have an very rare hdd full message a few years ago. I left a 1 minute recording on the hdd just in case. By deleting that, if the hdd full message popped up, it seemed to reset and come up with the correct amount of space. Worth a try.

I called cogeco support this morning. They were having more problems with their system than I was. They suggested I call back later today. I suppose we all have days like that.

profets 2010-11-28 08:58 AM

I haven't had any issues at all with the 200n. I also have my harmony programmed to turn it "off" when not in use.

One thing I haven't noticed or payed attention to though, does the hard drive spin down when you turn the box off?

DavidT 2010-11-28 06:14 PM

I don't think so, not on this model.

It's a low-power 5400RPM 2.5" hard drive, it likely consumes very little energy anyways.

mbfrosch 2010-11-30 12:23 PM

I picked up the RNG200N last night from the new Milton Storefront. Walked in with my 6416 and asked to trade up. They said no problem.

Plugged it in, saw the countdown start. came back later and called to activate it it. and within 20 min, it was working. A little slow at changing channels, but it was still downloading the guide info. I'll check the speed again tonight.

So far I like it, I would like to change the Guide so it is not stretched to fit the whole screen tho.

I was reading comments above that folks had to leave the 6416 turned on in order to record scheduled shows, I never had that issue. always turned it off and it would turn itself on and off after the recording was done.


ActionJackson 2010-11-30 12:50 PM

OK here’s my story. I recently picked up the RNG200N and I have had no problem setting up the unit. However, the guide is unresponsive. Once I get the guide to open I can press the page up or down or the up or down arrows 25 times and it only moves once. Called support, they resent the configuration. No change. Called support, asked me to exchange the remote. No change. Called support. They sent me a new unit. I worked great. But I didn’t have the channels I should be getting. Called support. They tried to send the configuration. The unit wouldn’t respond, after that support wouldn’t discuss the problem with me but said it was on my end and they would have to send a technician to the house. 2 days later the tech arrives. Replaced a cable splitter and called support himself. They didn’t have my new box registered to my account. If only the technician took note that they sent me a new box and bothered enough to ask a few questions I could have told them the serial number. The tech left the house after not waiting long enough to see the result of the “fix”. And I am still having the same problem.

Any suggestions before I return the RNG200N and downgrade to the 6416?

57 2010-11-30 01:38 PM


Originally Posted by mbfrosch
I would like to change the Guide so it is not stretched to fit the whole screen tho.

I'm pretty sure the guide is 4:3 and either the STB or the TV or both are stretching the signal. You need to turn off the stretch in the STB and/or the TV. Here's a recent similar post.

See also the following useful post - FAQs, Search Tips, Optimization:

profets 2010-12-01 10:59 AM

I'm pretty sure the STB is stretching the guide and there's no way to really prevent it from doing so.

When viewing an SD channel, the STB is outputting the video content at 4:3, but when you press the guide button it shows in 16:9 scretched across the screen.

I went into the settings and tried both options:

-If Auto Pillarbox is set to On it outputs SD channels in 4:3, but the guide is always stretched to 16:9
-If Auto Pillarbox is set to Off, SD channels are 16:9, but I can use the TV to show those channels in 4:3, which also brings the guide back down to 4:3. But HD channels which are 16:9 also have the stretched guide at 16:9.

It's been pretty annoying on a large screen reading text thats large and stretched wide.

On the 6416 it was ok, the STB outputted SD channels & the guide in 4:3, and HD channels at 16:9 (and pressing guide while on an HD channel would bring it up in 4:3)

57 2010-12-01 11:26 AM

Thanks for the update. Sounds like you know what you're doing and the STB acts differently from the Motorola with regard to the IPG. Strange. Usually when this happens people haven't set their 4:3 override, or TV settings properly... But if you're getting 4:3 programming on SD, but 16:9 guide, I'm not sure if there's a setting in the STB to stop that. It might be worth going through the various STB user settings to see if there is anything, and perhaps other people using this new STB could confirm your findings, or have a workaround.

james99 2010-12-01 12:49 PM

I have the same issue with the stretched guide. Looks fine on SD and stretched on HD.

Couldn't find an option to change. Moto was fine in this regards.

DavidT 2010-12-01 04:44 PM

Maybe it's just me, maybe I've just gotten used to it... but I find the guide doesn't really look "stretched". It scales relatively well in 16:9.

That's not to say I wouldn't prefer a proper 16:9 guide finally (if there's one thing I miss from Bell ExpressVu, it's their guide.)

Goldberry 2010-12-01 07:30 PM

I find it is not at all good to look at and on the far right if you compare a listing on the 6416 as I did yesterday before returning my 6416 this morning part of the description is actually missing on longer titles.

Unlike profets I have full screen in SD and HD and have auto pillerbox at off and my Sony set to normal screen which shows SD in 4:3 and HD in 16:9

Goldberry 2010-12-01 07:34 PM

So began using the Pace full time last night and returned the 6416 this morning. Now noticed the series recording for Wifes Y & R is showing tomorrow with a red oval with a line through it and no red recording box for Friday but one for Monday.

Not sure whether this box has a problem with series recordings but can someone tell me what the red oval with the line through it means.

profets 2010-12-01 08:14 PM


Originally Posted by DavidT (Post 1187112)
Maybe it's just me, maybe I've just gotten used to it... but I find the guide doesn't really look "stretched". It scales relatively well in 16:9.

That's not to say I wouldn't prefer a proper 16:9 guide finally (if there's one thing I miss from Bell ExpressVu, it's their guide.)

I'm getting used to it, but still dont like it lol. I definitely don't mind putting up with it in exchange for having a much more responsive STB. Still can't believe how quick it is navigating through guide or menus compared to the motorola.

Of course, a proper 16:9 guide would be awesome.. but I guess we'd then be asking too much?

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