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Ouser 2013-08-13 07:59 PM

Im sorry to say so, but by admitting you opened the box and exchanged the drive, you did void your warranty. Saying nothing and switching back the original drive before the switch would have been best practice.

moehunter 2013-08-13 08:07 PM

You should accept this matter as a Big Lesson Learned,

I know of no manufacturer or service provider that you can take your equipment and augment it against their stated warranty and then call them and tell them what you have done and expect service or replacement.

The 630 is more than likely good as new, but now that you have put yourself on the spot I would re & re the OEM drive and use an external with fan and up to a 2TB drive, re-install, input your settings and move on.
Good Luck!

SomeTech 2013-08-14 02:51 PM

How in the hell can you be mad that you voided the warranty? I'm sorry, but that is quite foolish. I don't even know how to react to this, to be quite honest...

smp01 2013-08-15 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by SomeTech (Post 1741898)
How in the hell can you be mad that you voided the warranty? I'm sorry, but that is quite foolish. I don't even know how to react to this, to be quite honest...

This is how I reacted. I just shook my head and wonder this guy was thinking

SomeTech 2013-08-15 11:52 AM

Ah well. It's not my concern. I'm all for modification within the law - but I would never do it to something that I could not afford to replace out of pocket.

In any case, to each their own! As long as I am never a CSR, I'll be good to go! Hah.

caryt 2013-08-31 06:03 PM

Any try a 2gb internal yet?

thefox 2013-09-22 04:03 PM

630 issues
New to this forum. I read through pages 1-9 of the discussion on the motorola hd630. Mine has been acting up. It was working fine for over 2 years now then last week it started power cycling. Sometimes I could watch a show before it would cycle,other times it just got into constant cycling,as soon. As it came back on it cycled. So far from reading in herein have tried:
1) every combination of ports on the dish (getting sick of climbing that ladder)
2) plugged in the receiver on its own outlet.
3) tech support told me to disconnect coax and power then connect coax, wait a few minutes,then connection power.
4) factory reset (which was hard because of the cycling)

Anyone have any other ideas?
I read on this site that you can swap out the hard drive. I have a 1tb, with64 cache. Has anyone swapped the drive and seen an improvement with the issues I am having? Or is swapping the drive just a capacity and guide speed improvement?

Should I just be asking for a replacement unit?

Any help would be great.

moehunter 2013-09-22 04:47 PM

I would contact Shaw-Direct on Facebook, easy, great Tec Support and can set up an installer to come out if necessary. or provide an RMA (Return of equipment) I would not open the unit as it Voids the warranty & its no longer needed as external Hard drives are easer to hook up and larger externals give more HD space.

Everyone has 630 issues, I have one that goes down once a day, not so bad but if it became a bother or a constant issue I would just contact Shaw on Facebook and very nicely inquire what to do next. I now use every companies Facebook page for all issues,. instant contact with people who can effect change.

takeaim 2013-10-14 07:44 AM

as per scary bob's post awhile back, has anyone tried a western digital red drive in their 630? if so can you report how well or poorly it's performed?

i'm getting pixelating on all pvr playback even though live recordings are fine and thinking about swapping the harddrive.

Sub Zero 2013-10-14 02:19 PM

I have no experience with using one as an internal drive, but I have been using a 2 TB western digital red drive (WD20EFRX) as an external drive for about 6 months now. I have no complaints. I will likely buy another of these drives for my second 630 when this drive goes on sale again.

However, online reviews seem to indicate that there is a higher incidence of "dead on arrival" with the red line. The manufacturer warranty typically covers this problem but there are shipping cost and the pain in the butt factor to consider.

With that said, take these reviews with a grain of salt: people with really bad experiences (and a DOA drive is such an experience) tend to post reviews more often than those with experiences that are within the norm (i.e., a reliable drive). Also, as one astute reviewer noted, these drives are suppose to be tested at the factory, so a DOA drive is more likely a result of the shipping process than the manufacturing process (although it does begs the question whether design may be an issue).

takeaim 2013-10-14 06:02 PM

thanks, I've never had an issue with other wd drives, so hopefully my luck would continue.

with an internal drive is the max size still 1tb or can you now use up to a 2tb drive?

Sub Zero 2013-10-14 11:02 PM

Post 117 of this thread suggests that you can do 2 tb internal drive, but I am not aware of anyone who actually did it.

With that said, are there 2.5 inch pvr suitable drives that big? At 2.5 inch, the WD reds top out at 1 tb.

The 2.5 inch greens do go that big, but: (i) are they suitable for PVRS (WD does not recommend them for this use); (ii) will they fit in the 630 box (these greens are not standard sized 2.5 inch drives); and (iii) given their price point, they may not be good value.

takeaim 2013-10-15 07:55 AM

thanks, i didn't research enough to realize that it has to be a 2.5" drive and can't take a 3.5", so you might be right that i'm stuck with 1tb max for a red.

tvmaster 2013-10-18 11:43 AM

has anyone tried using a 5400 rpm dive in a 630? The Seagate Momentus comes to mind

BrownBullhead 2013-10-19 09:46 PM

Read 9 pages of posts, but still some questions. NEWBIE ALERT. :(

1. Which "security bit" screwdriver to remove the 'screws' on back of the unit?
2. Does the new HDD have to be pre-formatted before install into the HD PVR 630?
3. Will a HGST (Western Digital) TravelStar 1TB 7200RPM 32MB Cache be suitable to replace the stock drive?

Any other "newbie" warnings for me?

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