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007SS 2011-10-27 06:29 PM

Hi all,
Been checking out things here for a while as a guest but saw some guys going down the wrong path and thought I'd share what I know.

@Sedg & HDTVFanatic
Don't waste your time on a 1TB Seagate Constellation 2. Looks AWESOME on paper but you would need to modify the power supply connection to make it work. That drive draws 12v to spin up and doesn't work for a plug & play in the DVR630. The 5v supplied doesn't even wake it up enough for the 630 to recognize it as connected in Diagnostic R.
I might just play around with the power supply to see if there is an easy way to draw 12v for that drive. If so, I don't believe there is a better possibility out there for these machines. If I can make it work I will share.
BTW, the 15mm z height for it JUST clears the case of the 630 without contact. Good thing the fan is right below the drive. ;-)

Not sure if you mean the Samsung that QCK opened the thread with but it is no better than the WD Scorpio Blue 1TB. Both are 5400rpm, 8mb cache drives. I found them to offer okay, but not premium, performance. Just like Sedg stated, the 8mb cache is part of the problem when working the 630/530 hard.
The best performance I've had to date is with either the WD Scorpio Black (WD7500BPKT) or the Seagate Momentus (ST9750420AS). Both are 750GB, 7200rpm, 16mb cache drives and have performed consistently in both the 530 & 630.

Thanks for giving me the idea to dig into my own receivers to maximize recording performance. It always occured to me then I finally got tired of waiting for Shawchoice to step up and deliver better hardware. LOL!
I've actually been able to lock up my playback temporarily with the 8mb cache drives. Record a couple of shows at once and and watch a half hour recording across a program shift to 2 more recordings. (i.e. two 1hr recordings at 7pm then two 1 hour recordings at 8pm while you watch your 30 minute recording from 7:50pm to 8:10pm)
I've yet to see it happen on the 16mb cache drives.
Not that this occurence is going to happen often (unless you have a bigger TV addiction than our household, LOL!) but when it does it can occasionally push the device into a reboot.

Hope that helps out anyone on the fence or unclear onthe HDD upgrade info.

ScaryBob 2011-10-27 07:06 PM

Thanks for the info. Another issue is that the WD Scorpio Blue 2.5" drives tend to be a bit noisy. Don't know if the others are better but I would guess that 7200RPM drives might be even worse. It looks like 8MB cache is too small. I might end up getting a 1TB drive with a larger cache when they become available. It shouldn't be too long until other models of 1TB 2.5" drives become available.

RodK 2011-10-29 04:55 PM

How would one of these be? I can get it local for just over $100.

Seagate 2.5" Momentus 7200.4 750GB 7200rpm SATA300 Notebook Hard Drive - 16MB Buffer

Manufacturer: Seagate
Mfr. Part #: ST9750420AS

ScaryBob 2011-10-29 05:09 PM

I wouldn't buy a Seagate 3.5" drive but haven't heard of any problems with the 2.5" models. It should be OK since, IIRC, some 630s were supplied with Seagate drives.

007SS 2011-10-30 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by RodK (Post 1343971)
How would one of these be? I can get it local for just over $100.

Seagate 2.5" Momentus 7200.4 750GB 7200rpm SATA300 Notebook Hard Drive - 16MB Buffer

Manufacturer: Seagate
Mfr. Part #: ST9750420AS

As I mentioned in my first post, that is one of the drives I've had the most luck with so far. Quiet & stable.

Dieselfoot 2011-12-18 05:48 PM

I'm curious, has anyone tried an SSD yet? I'm guessing that these may have a limited lifespan, especially with live record enabled as you would eventually hit the max read/write capabilities on these drives.

caryt 2011-12-23 10:54 AM

Expensive but I wonder if this would work...impressive stats:
Seagate Momentus XT ST750LX003 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache 2.5" SATA 6.0Gb/s Solid State Hybrid Drive -Bare Drive

Seagate ST750LX003

caryt 2012-02-16 11:25 AM

TTT ...any 630 is acting up..freezing etc HD playback just is impossible so will replace the HD..hoping to fix the problems..that worked on my 530..:o

7ninty 2012-02-17 03:12 PM

Momentus 750 XT's
Just received a couple of those to install in some laptops, so will try one on the 630 this weekend if I have the time and will post back results.

Had installed one in a laptop a while ago, boot time was about 1/3 of normal, and opening of programs was noticeably quicker/smoother.

caryt 2012-02-17 03:20 PM

Thats great thanks, looking forward to your update!

7ninty 2012-02-19 08:48 PM

Try of Momentus XT
Got this drive installed today, no issues on setting it up, 588GB of space on DVR (1Terrabyte drive is 745GB)

Haven't notice any real performance speedups, other than I think its a little faster on setting up multiple recordings one after another. Thats is while in guide push record on a program, hit right arrow to go to next program in guide and push record again I didn't notice any lag in getting to next program and the Scheduling bar that shows in top right side of screen going left to right seems to move quicker. As well I think the guide filled and loaded quicker after the Factory Reset, but not the sort of thing you can run a stop watch on.

Not a lot different than a regular 7200rpm drive I would say.

However these drives supposedly get faster as time goes on, but that's in say a W7 computer, perhaps things would change as DVR fills with recordings

I'll probaby keep it in for a week or so an go back an forth between my regular drive and this one to see if anything further shows up.

caryt 2012-02-20 02:09 PM

Thanks for the update.

zak88lx 2012-07-30 09:32 PM

Ordered my Seagate Momentus XT 750 GB (ST750LX003) drive yesterday.
Looking forward to getting this installed!

Does anyone know for sure if I will need to call Shaw Direct to activate unit after format?
Or can I just send a refresh to my 630 via web page?


ScaryBob 2012-07-31 02:24 PM

A web refresh will get the channels back. It will be necessary to call to reactivate PPV and, possibly, VOD.

zak88lx 2012-07-31 05:58 PM

Thanks Bob!

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