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TerryW58 2015-08-27 07:20 AM

I was also unable to get a replacement hard drive formatted by the 630. The drive was recognized as being present but the option to format it was not available.

To get around this issue I found that if a new drive was first connected as a second drive in an external E-SATA case it was recognized as a new drive and the 630 offered to format it. Once it had been formatted in this way I could then connect the new drive as the internal drive as intended and put the original drive away somewhere safe just in case I need it again someday. Once the new drive was working I tried connecting a different drive as the external drive and was offered the option of formatting it.

I don't know if I was missing a step or misunderstood the procedure but I was never able to get a fresh drive formatted by the 630 unless a working drive was already connected.

tvmaster 2015-09-23 12:35 PM

recent drive suggestions please
This thread is getting a little stale - if anyone has replaced drives this year - 2015 - can they post the drives they used, if they had any problems, overall satisfaction of that drive, etc.

just so we can get this internal drive thread a little up to date :)

scsi52 2015-09-23 05:31 PM

I replaced my DW320 with a WD750, model WDCWD7500BPKK but had issues getting it formatted. Thanks to TerryW58, I followed his suggestion of hooking up the new HDD as an external via eSATA. Worked like a charm. Put in new HDD and did a refresh from the website and all is good! :) Tools at the help desk for Shaw said it was not possible for the end user to replace the HDD. Bull, it's not rocket science.

tvmaster 2015-09-24 01:39 AM

was the drive you took out, aka the stock drive, 5400rpm or 7200rpm? is the new, WD 7200rpm running hotter?

scsi52 2015-09-24 06:29 AM

tvmaster, the stock drive was a WD3200BVVT (SATA II 3 Gb/s, 8 MB cache, 5400 rpm) and I don't find the new drive running any hotter than the old one.

tvmaster 2015-09-24 12:47 PM

any reason why you decided to go with a 7200 rpm drive?

GDMoore 2017-02-01 06:56 PM

Boy what an extended thread at this point! Just to add, unsuccesful so far in upgrading on my 630. Drive failing causing many issues if more than a few recordings on it such as fails to rewind live TV, recordings play in a stop start deal and menus can take a long time to load. A re-format always cures this until I get a couple of shows recorded and again same deal..

Anyway to the point, I bought a WD 500g drive to replace the 320g in the unit and no-joy. It sees it when I go into diagnostics, reports the correct WD part number but says it has zero capacity and the 'format drive' option not available in factory reset (says no drive found). Tried a standard fat format and a zero format, same results. Waiting on an e-sata cable to try the above suggestion. Worst thing is I thought I'd just use the WD in my laptop and use the laptop drive to see if the 630 sees it. Thanks Windows 10 upgrade, my laptop is a 'dynamic disk' and none of the free clone utils will touch it and I refuse to pay more for a one time use program than I paid for the drive itself.

I'll try to remember to post back here if the e-sata route worked. Thread isn't used much but I expect it searches a ton since there seems to be little info out there for doing this.

I suspect if I knew the format type used by Arris and could find a util to pre-format it for the 630, all would be fine. New drive that has yet to work is a WD5000LPVX, 8m cache, 500g, 5400. Old drive is a Toshiba 5400 320g

RuralRouter 2017-02-02 11:21 AM

TerryW58 had good luck using the E-sata method. I expect the same should work for you.
Good luck and it will be appreciated to hear back from you on this. :smile


Originally Posted by GDMoore (Post 2875914)
Waiting on an e-sata cable to try the above suggestion. ... I'll try to remember to post back here if the e-sata route worked.

moehunter 2017-02-02 04:31 PM

HAS Anyone attempted to use an [SSD] Solid State Drive to replace either the internal HD or as a powered External eSATA HD ?

TerryW58 2017-02-02 07:17 PM

I replaced the original internal drive with a SSD a couple of years ago. It is still working fine.

GDMoore 2017-02-03 06:48 PM

Pretty stupid machines! So yes, the e-sata trick worked fine. No other changes to the new HDD was needed. Plugged in internally prior to this it was shown and the correct WD drive but 0kb space and not listed in the 'format drive' option within the reset menu. Plugged it in the esata slot, powered up, it saw it and asked to format. I did so, moved to the internal location and the only error was the thing telling me my external was missing now..

It now lists the internal as the correct WD and the correct space etc.. So far I can rewind live and play it (it would play 5-15 seconds then kick back to current time live before).. Time will tell if all the other glitches are gone but I highly suspect they will be.

Thanks to the many past users in this thread that worked out most of this crap for the rest of us!!

moehunter 2017-02-03 07:15 PM

Hey Glad it workout for you GD. . . Its always a Hallelujah moment when something like this fix actually. . . Works

I was unable to find the post with the "e-SATA trick" your post was 161 of 161 Could you please either re-post the information OR provide the Post #
Again glad your up and recording again. . .

Sub Zero 2017-02-04 01:31 AM

e-sata cable trick
The post you are looking for is 151. (Big thumbs up to TerryW58 for discovering this work around and for sharing it!)

In short, you need to first connect the new 2.5" drive as an external drive to the 630 that you want to install it into. You will need an external 2.5" eSata Hard Drive enclosure. The 630 will then recognize it and offer to format the drive. Once that is done, install the new 2.5" drive (as described in this thread) into the 630 and you should be good to go. Goes without saying that this technically voids your warranty.

Also remember, to prevent warehousing content, a 630 is designed to work with a single external drive at a time. That is, if you replace the external hard dive, the 630 will no longer recognize the original external hard drive (i.e., the content on the original drive will no longer be accessible if you reconnect it). Therefore, by doing this trick, any existing external hard drive will no longer be recognized by the 630 since you now paired it with the new 2.5" drive. With that said, you will lose this pairing anyways when you replace the internal drive (I suspect the "pairing information" is stored on the internal hard drive).

For a 2.5" enclosure, I used a StarTech SAT2510BU2E.

The inability to format the drive in the box is a relatively new development. Likely an "upgrade" incorporated into one the last few software updates. Perhaps to discourage people from putting in a larger drive into the unit?

GDMoore 2017-02-04 06:08 PM

Note, I used the item in the link. Much cheaper than a housing but you'll need a laptop (for power on the USB only).. e-SATA doesn't provide power, just data. If you want to actually use an external, get the housing sub zero mentioned, if just a one time deal to get the drive formated, this is much cheaper way to do it.

arrows207 2017-03-20 03:27 AM

i have 2 dsr 630's.
1. working stock internal hdd with working external.
2. not working stock internal hdd.

can i create another internal hdd from using external hdd trick?
if so, after creating another internal hdd can i put that drive in box #2 then factory reset.
would that work in restoring dvr function to box #2?
southern sub within g1 fp.

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