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CenturyBreak 2011-07-08 07:20 PM

Just released today: the NASA app. :D I just downloaded it and happily, it follows current practice of auto-detecting a tablet or hi-rez display.

jcab 2011-07-11 04:26 PM

One that help me a lot: Wi-Fi analyzer. It tells you about the channels available and used in your sector. There is so many wi-fi routers nowaday, it makes a difference many times to go in one less crowded.

Veee 2011-07-15 10:34 AM

I just downloaded Zinio. It's finally available for Froyo and Gingerbread devices. Works very well on my Nexus One.

Moose57 2011-08-30 03:21 AM

App Capture Utility?
A few apps that work great on my LG Shine+ flag as incompatible with my ASUS Transformer. Any way to some how capture the APK and manually load it?

Is there some way to fake out the market, even when it says the device is incompatible?

With 3.2 and the auto enlarge, some of the older apps can still perform fine.

Or maybe I just need to look for some downloaded APK's, but do they exist if installed OTA?

I want to run Zoompass and TD bank on my 10".
ING has a tablet optimized app.

asif9t9 2011-08-30 08:22 AM

I recommend Changelog Droid by Cypressious. Something I never understood with Android is when you update an app, you don't have an easy way of know what was updated. Some apps tell you the next time you run them, but many don't. This app pops up in your notification bar after you load or update and app and it gives you a changelog in a well laid out format. Free, too.

Moose57 2011-09-09 01:16 AM

Playing MCE WTV Files
What app or technique can I use to play or stream MCE Recordings?

I can point MCE to store TV recordings on the WHS box.

Tikker 2011-09-09 10:59 AM

I just use tversity on the fileserver, and the native media player on my archos tablet to do that Moose57

redzone 2011-09-09 12:03 PM

i use vlc media player and vlc-- stream and convert

works great for playing stuff

asif9t9 2011-09-13 10:29 PM

Best program for streaming is Qloud. Not sure about MCE recordings but it's free, so try it out.

TKG26 2011-09-14 08:34 AM

Netflix is now working on all or more phones the its original release this year..

BGY11 2011-09-14 04:13 PM

While the app itself isn't available in the Android Marketplace in Canada yet, if you track down the .apk and install it, the app does recognize Canadian Netflix accounts.

TorontoColin 2011-09-14 07:43 PM

MightyText is one of my personal favourites. Paired with a Chrome extension, MightyText allows me to send/receive SMS messages via my web browser, meaning I can leave my phone sitting in it's dock when I'm on my computer.

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