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pshine 2010-06-27 01:43 PM

My Observations and Experience on FibeTV
We have now had Fibe TV since Wednesday evening. The Bell installers called when they were supposed to tell us they would be working outside on the line. They said we would lose internet for about 5 mins. (was more like 15).. then they showed up at the door.
Three vans with three installers - there was some training going on here! They put on their booties so nothing would get dirty and then we went through a checklist of what they would be doing. Very thorough and explained everything.
I now have an HD PVR and 2 HD set top boxes (it seems all the boxes support HD). They all talk to the PVR. The PVR and one of the set top boxes are attached to HD screens, the other to one 20" Toshiba with Colour Stream. I did note that I could watch a HD recorded show on the Toshiba - it down converts.. nice touch!

The Menu system beats the crap out of the Rogers system - it's translucent and covers the whole screen(in HD).
It also allows you to customize the guide so you don't have to see channels that you are not subscribed to.
The PIP on the guide allows you to see what is in the other channel as you search through the channels.
I did notice that you do not have a "schedule reminder" which Rogers has (and I thought most able boxes).
Another observation is that you have to tell the set top box what HD format to accept for that TV (1080i or 720p). You cannot allow the signal to flow through to the HDTV which would then decide how to output the signal.

Still playing with everything..
I have to say that the installers were great and so far I'm pleased with the picture quality + sound.

Harryhoo 2010-06-28 11:42 AM

Push limits of system
I am wondering how much recording of HD can be done at once without crashing the system or causing problems. First how many channels can you record at once. How many of these in HD.

pshine 2010-06-28 01:12 PM

The manual states that you can control 2 HD and 2 SD streams concurrently. Haven't tried it yet.
i.e. watch 1 live program and record 3 others (again taking into account 2 HD and 2 SD)

Dr.Dave 2010-06-28 05:03 PM

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@Harryhoo, I've had Mediaroom running on a VIP1216 and VIP1200 with MTS for about 6 months. It's normal for me to record 3 channels at once while watching a recorded program on the PVR. The system works very well although it does pause once in a while for a second or two.

Brez 2010-07-13 02:21 PM

I'm hoping somebody who already has FibeTV can answer a question that Bell hasn't been able to...can you prevent one of the mate boxes from accessing the PVR functionality?

I have a tenant and provide them TV service but I don't want them to have access to my recordings, etc. Thanks.

Dr.Dave 2010-07-13 03:15 PM

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Brez, I'm using Mediaroom with MTS which is the same software as FibeTV. There is no way to disable that Mediaroom feature.

On a per-STB basis, you can lock out rentals and you have parental controls to lock out individual channels, but there no feature to prevent access to the PVR.

oshkosh 2010-07-13 09:14 PM

Brez it's not possible. Put it this way, if you were to put all receivers in a cabinet, you would have no idea which one you were using was the PVR unless you tried to pause, since the HD boxes can't pause, that's it. Or I guess if you went to the menu and system settings. The PVR doesn't have any extra functions or menus or anything. The settings are very basic and the same on all boxes. Here they are:

- Descriptive Video
- Digital audio ( to pick stereo or surround )
- On-screen language
- System information
- Need assistance? ( Just the tech support #)

- Customize channel guide (delete channels you don't want to show up)
- Favourite channels (there's a favourite button the remote, this adds them)
- Guide style (shows a grid vs one channel with all shows)
- Screen aspect ratio and HD (picks what resolution 4:3, 720p, etc)
- Closed captioning

Parental controls
- Parental locking (Just lets you lock specific channels or ratings)
- Rental locking

Restart System

That's it my friend! It's not even themed, it uses the bright blue Bell colour, but doesn't even show the Bell logo anywhere. The Telus IPTV and others always show the Telus logo. You only see it here when you reboot the system or on the settings page.

Brez 2010-07-14 10:14 AM

That's too bad! I guess I'll have to stop providing them TV...Thanks for the replies.

I do think it would be a good feature though...prevent my kids from filling up the PVR with Justin Beiber and whatnot.

mapleleafs89 2010-07-15 09:24 PM

they issue firmware updates right? maybe it is possible to add it in the future

pshine 2010-07-24 11:56 AM

Observations on FibeTV (Programming)
OK, So it's been a month since they installed the service and it was time to tell Bell which theme packs I wanted and/or other programming (i.e. which plan, movie packs..etc)
I originally asked for the starter plan - this would be basic (including HD) and the Time-Shifting Pack. However, we decided on 3 theme packs as well (Knowledge and News, Entertainment and Variety). I phoned up the number they gave me and talked to a rep. who seemed to know all about this. Everything seems fine at the end of the call.
Waited 2 days until my free preview month was finished and tried to access Discovery HD (part of the Knowledge and News Pack) - no luck, not subscribed. Did some channel hopping and found that I was subscribed to National Geographic HD (part of the Learning and News Pack) . It seems the rep had attached to wrong "XXXXXX and News Pack". Maybe they should have News in only one pack so that the customer doesn't get the wrong one.
Called up Bell and mentioned I had the wrong News pack - very nice rep said that usually you can't change your packs within 30 days! I mentioned that the previous rep had given me the wrong pack to start. All was good - he changed it.
I then mentioned I was no longer getting CBC and CTV Montreal and Vancouver.. and it seems many other time shifting channels. He tried several times to enable them (with a reboot of my PVR ) - it's weird because I was getting Global Halifax and CBC Fredericton SD.
Finally he passed me over to a tech in Ottawa who took a look and fixed it saying that it was "Time-Shifting Ontario" and not "Time-Shifting Toronto" that I wanted. I didn't know there was a time-shifting for Toronto.
I wonder if there's a time-shift package for Montreal and Quebec (even though we are all in the same time zone!!)
Anyway, the end result being I have what I wanted - Basic + HD, Time Shifting and 3 theme packs but it was like pulling teeth!! with over 45 minutes on the phone.

The actual picture (HD) has been on par with Rogers. The PVR is fantastic (VIP1232) - I believe the 32 denotes 320GB HDD if I read my Motorola specs correctly. My wife loves the idea of accessing recorded shows from the other STB in the basement. The Guide is so much better than what we had with Rogers (it's translucent and 16x9)

Sorry to ramble on but I thought some people might be interested in my trials and tribulations.

wm_cheng 2010-08-08 12:44 AM

Considering FibeTV - do the new HDPVRs have eSATA to use an external HDD for add
Hi all,

Question to new users that have the new FibeTV HD-PVR boxes... do they have eSATA ports to add an external HDD for additional storage? I have the Vantec enclosure with a WD 1TB drive currently being used for the Rogers HD-PVR and would like to use it for the Bell PVR when I switch over. Any problems?

Secondly, there are a few programs on the HDD, will my Rogers PVR be able to access them when I disconnect the Rogers cable service? I'm pretty sure I'll lose the save programs if I transfer the HDD over to the new Bell PVR.

BTW they advertise over 100hrs of HD storage... what is that in terms of Mb space?

I get the impression that the interface is vastly superior to the Rogers UI, any drawbacks?

wm_cheng 2010-08-08 01:09 AM

Is there a eSata port at the rear for external hdd expansion?

How is the guide compared to Rogers? Will it extend recording times automatically if the program runs long or is delayed or runs 5mins late into the program like tivo does? Does it have the problem that Rogers had with titling the same program with slightly different titles like abbreviations or adding HD or 5.1 designations? Is it smart enough to only record first-run episodes from the current season at the earliest possible opportunity like TiVo?

Dr.Dave 2010-08-08 01:40 AM

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@wm_cheng, please don't post the same questions in multiple threads - read the rules on cross-posting. I've merged your threads.

The Fibe TV boxes do not have an eSATA port and do not support external storage at this time. The Fibe TV PVR has a 320GB hard drive. Fibe TV uses MPEG-4 compression which takes much less space than the MPEG-2 compression that Rogers uses.

The guide is accurate to the minute, if a program ends at 9:02, the PVR will record to 9:02. Actually the PVR uses soft-padding - it starts 1 minute early and end 2 minutes late. You can manually add extra time to the end of a program such as sporting events. If the schedule is wrong because of a earlier sporting event going overtime and throwing off the rest of the schedule, the PVR can't correct for that on the fly.

The scheduler doesn't use the program title. Mediaroom uses the Tribune Media guide data just like TiVo. It contains a unique program id for scheduling (which you can't see). If you schedule a series, all the episodes are put into a folder to keep them together.

You have a choice of "First Run" or "First Run and Rerun". It will not record an episode if it has already been recorded. However, if you watch an episode and delete it, it will be recorded again if it plays again in the same week as a "First Run".

If you disconnect your Rogers service it may be possible to watch recorded programs for a limited time such as 30 days. The best way to do this is to disconnect the coax cable from the PVR the day before the service ends so Rogers can't deactivate the box. The best place to ask questions about Rogers PVRs is in the Rogers forum. Here's a thread on the topic:

Cancelled Account: Access to 8300HD PVR

wm_cheng 2010-08-08 02:35 PM

Thanks so much Dr. Dave!

Sorry about the multiple threads thing, I posted the question first before I found this "Observations" thread, then thought it should go here more appropriately. Thanks for consolidating.

I really does look like a step up from Rogers - at least on paper. Does the TV ever go down? The Rogers cable never goes down, but my internet connection sometimes does - will this FibeTV be as reliable as the internet connection or is it more reliable?

Now if only Rogers will release me, I may have a 12 month contract - will have to check.

Dr.Dave 2010-08-08 10:09 PM

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@wm_cheng, I've never had Fibe TV or Rogers. I'm using Mediaroom on MTS TV and I had Shaw cable for many years. I find IPTV is as reliable as cable if not a little more reliable.

From what I've read about the Rogers guide, it's not as good as Shaw. Mediaroom is a big improvement over either one. It's not perfect, but I use it a lot and I really appreciate it.

Have you verified that Fibe TV is available in your area. Last I heard it's mainly available in the Beaches.

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